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Biden is Back: He's Tanned, He's Rested and He's Ready

The search is over. George Stephanopoulos found Vice President elect Joe Biden the other day without a minder. As we've come to expect, Biden didn't disappoint as he sermonized to the ABC Clinton Boy Wonder:

"The economy is in much worse shape than we thought it was in,"

Say it ain't so, Joe. What was your first clue?

Then in trademark Biden style he delivers the whopper:

"Every single person I've spoken to agrees with every major economist."

In other words, he's been talking to himself since the election. Ignore for a moment the oxymoron "major economist" and look at the "every single person" +"I've spoken to" = "agrees" with the oxymoron (ok, that's my opinion). However, anyone that has passed within one hundred feet (according to major economists) knows that a room full of economists will not agree on everything, nor will they agree on anything or everything spoken among others about what they allegedly agree on.

But Joe knows. Welcome back.


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Comments (19)

Economists, from what I hea... (Below threshold)

Economists, from what I hear on the financial networks, are almost as bad as libertarians. Get three together, and you've got four different viewpoints on what's wrong, what should be done to fix it, and what'll happen if it isn't fixed.

Joe Biden: Mister Gravitas.... (Below threshold)
Mike G in Corvallis:

Joe Biden: Mister Gravitas.

Two thoughts:1. Rep... (Below threshold)

Two thoughts:
1. Reporters play their cards right, they can get a "Bidenism" a day for the next four years. We may be poor, but we'll be entertained.
2. Thanks to the idiots who voted for him (them), this guy is A HEARTBEAT away from the presidency.

HughSWhile Biden d... (Below threshold)


While Biden does deserve some fun poking for his famous overstatements I must wonder, did you ever poke fun at Bush for his famous and regular verbal gaffes?

Say it is so Hugh.

JFO,You support the ... (Below threshold)

You support the Fairness Doctrine?

And he is as dumb as ever.<... (Below threshold)

And he is as dumb as ever.

JFOI likely cringed ... (Below threshold)

I likely cringed when I heard President Bush stumble over his words. I left it to the legions in the MSM to poke fun at his gaffes, as they often did.

One major difference, JFO: ... (Below threshold)

One major difference, JFO: Bush knew he did it and even laughed at himself on occasion. Biden, on the other hand, will spend ten minutes blustering, bullying, and bullshitting to convince you that what he said was perfectly valid.


It's okay. Biden, and Obam... (Below threshold)

It's okay. Biden, and Obama this week, have said that it will take "years" to recover. They're thinking probably like ten years. So everyone shut up even if your income is halved, unemployment doubles, regulations triple, etc. This was our hope and change. This is good for us and the usa. It would have been so much worse under Bush.

It's the logic of jfo. By the way, let me use your logic on you as well. It's good for you if I violate your wife from behind. At least she doesn't get pregnant.

I guess now we'll see if ... (Below threshold)

I guess now we'll see if the lobotomy was a success.

Ja TeaThat's a rea... (Below threshold)

Ja Tea

That's a real hoot. We've had 8 years of nothing but bullshit from Mr Bush. Outright lies, in-your-face cowboy talk, bumbling, stumbling and ignorance. Want more? I'll take Biden's brain over the boob-in-chief Bush's any day of the year. He sounded like a moron almost ever time he opened his mouth.

Hugh SThanks for h... (Below threshold)

Hugh S

Thanks for honesty - a step above the "independents" like Jay Tea and the usual run of wingnuts around here.

nehemiah About all... (Below threshold)


About all you could violate is your own hand.

I think you'd be hard put t... (Below threshold)
Dave Noble:

I think you'd be hard put to find an American -butcher, baker, candlestickmaker, or economist - who wouldn't agree that our economy is in a world of hurt.

Yeah, jfo, ask your wife.</... (Below threshold)

Yeah, jfo, ask your wife.

First you say,
"Elect Obama"

then when the world of Obama goes to hell, you want to turn the topic to my hand. It's assholes like you that common, non-political families are having to suffer for.

nehemiahI know you... (Below threshold)


I know you're stupid, but even a nitwit such as yourself probably knows Obama isn't the president. As for Obama's world going to hell, I have no idea what you could possibly referring to as I'm sure you don't as well. Finally, remember nitwit you brought up the idea of "violating" my wife. I do agree however, that you are common. You got that one right.

This is for other readers. ... (Below threshold)

This is for other readers. I'm not interested in jfo's response, as I've been around here long enough to know what extended exchanges with the likes of brian, lee, and other idiots lead to.

obama isn't the president (wow, that's news). do we have to mention the obvious each time? what's the issue of this thread? it's that obama and biden are ALREADY making excuses to try to ward off any criticism for "years" (meaning don't criticize them for years on the economy). now, do we just act like jfo and say, yeah, that's right. or call it for what it is -- blatant irresponsible leadership that wants to avoid any blame. For all his speeches before the election (where was this talk of "years" before the election?), what we would expect is for obama to say that he'll take the leadership and responsibility to turn the economy around. Not "it'll be years" implying ("don't criticize me if things go to hell for the next eight years"). And isn't it convenient -- after a few years, guess what, obama doesn't have to take any blame even if our GDP ranks below that of Peru. Convenient and expected "leadership" from the likes of him. about what I expected.

"outright lies", hmmmm. </p... (Below threshold)

"outright lies", hmmmm.

Oh yeah, like "neither I nor any of my people had any contact with the gov"

OR maybe

"that's not the reverend I knew" (for the 20 years I sat in the pews)

OR maybe

"he was just a guy in the neighborhood"

But alas you're probably referring to WMD. I guess Clinton, Kerry, etal must have lied as well. Damn shame.

nehemiahAbout all ... (Below threshold)


About all you could violate is your own hand.

wow!.. what's he saying about his wife?.. hmm..*s*






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