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Blagojevich Says "I Am Not a Crook"

Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich says
I will fight, I will fight, I will fight
, a reaction that some folks in politics wish had been Jeri Ryan's response to her husband's suggestion to a night on the town.

Blagojevich appears to have at least a defense to the charges brought by Patrick Fitzgerald, chief among them being, according to the CBS affiliate in Chicago, "scheming" which is local news speak for conspiracy law violations. The real news from the governor's Nixonesque press conference is that he has drawn a line in the sand, so to speak, and signaled that he won't be shamed out of office.

Being stupid and greedy and vain is not a crime. As Charles Krauthammer just said, "In the name of entertainment I'm in favor of his staying in office."

So am I.


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Guess I got out of there ju... (Below threshold)

Guess I got out of there just in time, although anybody who's been paying attention could have seen this coming for a while.
I hope this behavior doesn't catch on in the near by formerly red states, but you hope in one hand and have a byproduct of digestion in the other and see which hand gets filled first. Drat.

I actually worked for Presi... (Below threshold)

I actually worked for President Nixon as a 17year old youth worker, so I was naturally very disillusioned by Watergate and Nixon's outrageous defenses for the conduct of his administration in the wake of that scandal.

Every Democratic senator has asked Blagojevich to resign. President-Elect Obama has asked Blagojevich to resign. But the Illinois Attorney General has been thwarted by a decision by the Illinois Supreme Court that would have removed Blagojevich. The state legislature probably needs new legislation to force corrupt officials out of office. But you know that Governor Blagojevich won't sign such legislation into law. The citizens of Illinois are unfortunately stuck with this situation for the time being.

The way I see it the rotten... (Below threshold)

The way I see it the rotten SOB's are gifts that keep on giving even if their pals in the media continue to suppress the information. Sadly, the Republicans keep looking gift horses in the mouth and do little to nothing with the facts they were handed on a silver platter.

My only interest in the aff... (Below threshold)

My only interest in the affair is in hoping that the neocon Rahm Emmanuel is implicated in something. If I'm petty, I'm focused.

On the other hand, I agree with gmac's assessment of the Republican response to the affair. Even the highly paid right wing noisemakers got themselves all distracted with accusations that Blogjevich's hair is in reality a wig. I dunno...that's one impressive hairline graft if it is.

They've also veered onto the Daley Loop despite Blogjevich being a counter-machine trans-municipal preppie. "Illinois" would have sufficed nicely. It's like the Bushites get aged steaks in the mail and then choke themselves to death on it amidst a candlelit table setting of their finest china.

Avoid cliches like the plag... (Below threshold)

Avoid cliches like the plague.

Blagojevich cares!!! yeah... (Below threshold)

Blagojevich cares!!! yeah right...about himself only!!
He doesn't know right from wrong! He certainly can't learn that from his wife!!! Who must put a stop to this? More crooked politicians? Duh!

"The state legislature prob... (Below threshold)

"The state legislature probably needs new legislation to force corrupt officials out of office."

No they don't, they can impeach him.

When I saw the clip of Blag... (Below threshold)

When I saw the clip of Blago... his speech... his mannerisms... I see Johnny Carson...

Blago is okay. He doesn't ... (Below threshold)

Blago is okay. He doesn't charge as much as a Republican governor does for senate seats.

Blago has a better hairdo t... (Below threshold)

Blago has a better hairdo then all the other dems. He's just not a nappy headed ho, so He has to go.

Rod, you're pathetic. But ... (Below threshold)

Rod, you're pathetic. But you don't even realize it yet do you?






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