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No Experience Necessary

What a difference an election makes.

It was not long ago that Democrats and their accomplices in the MSM field dressed Sarah Palin for not having enough experience to hold the office of Vice-President (By the way, where has Chia Joe been lately?), while disregarding the lack of experience of Obambi. My, how the tables have predictably turned.

Caroline Kennedy SCHLOSSBERG is now the front runner for one of the most influential, powerful political positions in the country, yet not a whit of discontent has been uttered by her slobbering pals in the Democratic party or the hypnotized media.

Sarah Palin was elected Governor to one of the most important states in the country. She was also Mayor of Wasilla City, and was appointed Chairperson of the Alaska Oil and Gas Conservation Commission.

And Caroline Kennedy-SCHLOSSBERG's credentials? {sound of crickets chirping}

Sarah Palin was elected by actual voters to her political positions. She campaigned and fought to win for them based on her beliefs and convictions, and she won.

Caroline Keneddy-SCHLOSSBURG will be appointed to her senate seat for one reason only: Her Kennedy name. No experience necessary. As Harry" the Mortician" Reid put it while appearing on "Face to Face", "I think Caroline Kennedy would be perfect." Color me surprised.

The abject hypocrisy of the liberals and leftist media could not be more transparent. Apparently, all the experience she needs is old footage of her fumbling around on Daddy's shoes for the cameras, milking the Kennedy legacy for everything imaginable.

New York already put a senator in office with star power, but no experience.

Wanna place bets it's gonna happen again?


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Comments (40)

Caroline Kennedy has 2 clea... (Below threshold)

Caroline Kennedy has 2 clear advantages
A.-She's a Kennedy
B.-She's a Democrat.

How could experience be a factor?

Look, Caroline K. is a memb... (Below threshold)

Look, Caroline K. is a member of the Camelot Utopia club. It's like the top clique club of cool kids in the pseudo-intellectual crowd of journos, social science profs, and idle wankers with more money than sense.

The only problem: upstate New Yorkers hate her.

hooboy... i smell another w... (Below threshold)

hooboy... i smell another wave of neocon guilt-by-association attacks comin on! shes a dem, shes a kennedy!! therefore: [insert insult here]

caribou barbie wasnt rejected by america because of her experience, shallow as it is. neocons made a bigger deal of experience than the rest of the nation, and mainly because the rest of the nation was questioning her intelligence due to her painfully obvious lack of it

THIS JUST IN: palins first out-of-teen-wedlock grandchild gets a drug felon in her early 40s for a paternal grandma. an impressive state of affairs. oh my word yes, a most impressive state of affairs.......

** palin 2012 - let freedumb ring **

It's OK Peabody, you're not... (Below threshold)

It's OK Peabody, you're not alone. Most liberal males are uneasy around attractive, self-assured women like Palin. We know you don't think Palin was qualified to be VP. Now instead of treating Palin like some girl from your grade school past who was always stealing your basketball, just let it go and tell us if you think Ms. Kennedy-Schlossberg is eminently qualified for the NY senate seat.

I wonder if she will take a... (Below threshold)

I wonder if she will take a page from her dad's book on how to lower or cut taxes to bring revenues into New York and the country. Probably not.

daveD - ah, that classic ne... (Below threshold)

daveD - ah, that classic neocon refuge from reason: fantasy-based mockery

but at least you asked for specific points, and hopefully youll offer some

to me the number one and two qualifications for public office are intelligence and temperament. a lot of other pieces fall into place after those. based on her professional life, which we can all read up on elsewhere, i consider her to have those qualities in good supply. by an overwhelming margin, america does not grant the same to palin. also important is being politically seasoned, and she has been involved in national politics for much of her professional life

i dont assume anything though. im not a supporter of further strengthening gun control laws like she is. and if she has not run aggressive campaigns for elected office or had her share of politically challenging experiences, she may be unpolished in terms of management skills

new york would be the judge when they decide whether to elect her to another term. im not a hillary fan but her selection of CK would mean something to me. i mean, its not like the bar is set very high these days in either party and i doubt there are any other ready candidates for the job that i'll feel better about

signing off for the eve

peabody, I believe that Car... (Below threshold)

peabody, I believe that Caroline has more intelligence than your Obamessiah. Sucks to be him these next 4 years when all of you nutroots discover with all of your intelligence that he is human.

I'm unaware of any preceden... (Below threshold)

I'm unaware of any precedent for appointments to temporarily fill vacated Senate seats to require experience or even competence.

All it requires is the appointment.

*Just as* being elected to the Senate requires neither experience or competence, only the election.

And I think that people getting all het up about Caroline possibly getting that seat ought to get over it before they sound to much like peabody.


Not that we ought to discourage peabody. Every time someone launches another baseless, vapid, breathless, personal attack against Sarah Palin and her children, that many more people see it for what it is.

And while I fully expect th... (Below threshold)

And while I fully expect that the attention span for fighting Sarah Palin will exceed the left's attention span for fighting terrorists... normal people, even liberals, are going to tire of hearing yet another salacious Sarah story long before the next presidential election cycle.

Experience by association c... (Below threshold)

Experience by association continues.

Caroline Kennedy pronounces... (Below threshold)

Caroline Kennedy pronounces "nuclear" like city folk do, the uppity cow; with her panty hose and fancy purse with its own box of Kleenex, mumble mumble!

wow. as a group, its really... (Below threshold)

wow. as a group, its really striking how much of your political thinking is informed upon vacuous spin, and how often you are dependant on it to attempt making inappropriate counterpoints. even though its useless to explain to you all how that is so... here goes!

for example, neocons can call obama The One, the obamessiah etc etc, but that only comes from a campaigning device that hillary and mccain drummed up in order to attack obamas strength as a very appealing figure. as much as you all would like to think that strength is what got him into the white house, it took a lot more to get his supporters on board

then theres palin. where to start.... why exactly do you think america has judged her so harshly? is it a vast left-wing conspiracy? is it because shes so "strong and self-assured"? did you guys listen to what she was saying to couric and others? did you actually buy that "gotcha journalism" line? did you actually believe that neighboring russia is a basis for foreign policy experience? hoo lordy, please PLEASE say you didnt. do you really think it doesnt mean anything if her granddaughter's paternal grandmother is a drug felon? dont forget, youre the guilt-by-association crowd right? and what about the prank call she got from the "president of france"? did you guys LISTEN to it? oh my effing gawd, it exceeded every expectation of stupidity i could have ever imagined from her. what about the relatively massive contingent of notable republicans who condemned her as unqualified, i.e. david brooks, peggy noonan, et al?

there is no saving grace for palin. she is an unredeemable nitwit and you will all be happier people as soon as you let go of the fantastical mental contortions that are required to repaint her as anything more than a total idiot. you will also have that much more of a chance of successfully rebuilding the republican party. since we're all stuck with a 2-party system, america needs a strong (but neocon-free) republican party. its utter failure has made the democrats so incredibly strong, and no good can come of that. i would hate to see the democrats turn into what the republicans did, but it could easily happen. power always, always, always corrupts

peabrain = the new jp2 = FO... (Below threshold)

peabrain = the new jp2 = FOOL

This article was a definite... (Below threshold)
Bruce Henry:

This article was a definite step up from your previous one on Caroline. At least this time you concentrated your argument on the "lack of experience" thing, which is legitimate, instead of gratuitous attacks on her uncles and cousins.
It might not be the red meat your last post was, so some of the commenters here may be disappointed, but I think it was more persuasive.
And your grammar and spelling were much improved.
Oh, by the way, Palin is still a fool, and so is McCain for choosing her.

What are we to infer from t... (Below threshold)

What are we to infer from the juvenile author's use of Schlossburg in all CAPS?

My pet dog is as qualified to be the VP as Palin was/is.

Peabody, try sipping the ko... (Below threshold)

Peabody, try sipping the kool-aid. See what happens when you take big boy gulps. Stop using Palin as your scapegoat and stay focused. Again, what are Caroline's qualifications? How do you rate intelligence? I most certainly do not rate it by being able to walk and carry more than one shopping bag at a time.

Let them have senator princ... (Below threshold)

Let them have senator princess, then dump on her complete lack of abilities, qualifications, intelligence and results non-stop till the next election. She is the perfect choice for cannon fodder and force fed turd sandwiches.

Broose Henrie,I m ... (Below threshold)

Broose Henrie,

I m vary glaad taht yoo feal mie posst es bettur.

Al hale Broose, Keng uf Trolz.

I haven't seen this much mi... (Below threshold)
troglodyte Author Profile Page:

I haven't seen this much mindless vituperation against an accomplished conservative governor since a fellow named Ronald Reagan sought the presidency. It brings back memories that are fond, indeed.

These fellows are right to be scared!

Caroline Kennedy is determi... (Below threshold)
Ken Hahn:

Caroline Kennedy is determined to join her father and her uncle in proving the "Peter Principle".

Wow, peabody's off the char... (Below threshold)

Wow, peabody's off the charts (or maybe his meds?) on this one.

Shawn: Yeah, you sai... (Below threshold)
Bruce Henry:

Yeah, you said that yesterday or the day before.
The mis-spelling on purpose thing is terrific.
I don't know if Wizbang told you this when you were hired, but some people on these political "blog" thingies will post responses to your articles you won't like. It's part of the job.
Don't get oo widdle feewings hurt.

Responses are one thing, Br... (Below threshold)

Responses are one thing, Broose, but feces-slinging is another..

Now go back to picking bugs off your fur.

Thanks for letting me know ... (Below threshold)
Bruce Henry:

Thanks for letting me know what I may and may not criticise about your posts, Shawn, but until Wizbang decides to ban me, I reckon I'll post whatever I want in the comments section. Since that's what it's there for and all.

let the record show: not on... (Below threshold)

let the record show: not one person had any counterpoints in legitimate defense of palin. very telling indeed........

deedle - i already gave my take on CK in my earlier post. her being someone who has been involved in national politics for most of her professional life, i think she would certainly hit the ground running

I don't care *what* Carolin... (Below threshold)

I don't care *what* Caroline Kennedy's qualifications are or aren't. She's attempting to walk into a Democrat seat for two years and essentially be a rubber stamp vote. Maybe when she actually has to run for the office the long knives can come out. Right now though all it takes is for Patterson to appoint her to it.

Nothing more, nothing less than a mere appointment position that *anyone* can be named to.

Save it for something that really matters.

Peabody -- I have plenty of... (Below threshold)

Peabody -- I have plenty of counterpoints. I live in Alaska, she looks very different to us up here. (She's controvercial, yes, but she's not the cartoon character you've chosen to believe in.) I just don't see the point of getting into it with you.

Broose,Last I chec... (Below threshold)


Last I checked, no one said you could not post to this blog, so take your strawman home and have a Wizbang time tonight!

Sleep tight under your bridge!

Heh.In order to ad... (Below threshold)


In order to address counterpoints to someone you have to start by agreeing on the color of the sky.

Why do I think that so many people reacted so strongly against Sarah Palin?

Bigotry against her accent.

Bigotry against her copious reproduction.

Bigotry against her religion.

Bigotry against her middle class social status.

Fury that she is reaping the benefits of first and second wave feminism while repudating third wave feminism.

Fury that she is so audacious as to think she is just as good as our elite betters.

Fury that she appeals to the people so many think that the Republican Party would be better off without... true conservatives, social conservatives, and neo-conservatives. The conservative party would be far better off without all those conservatives! And Sarah Palin's popularity may keep the needed purging from happening.

Synova:"Bigotry agai... (Below threshold)
Bruce Henry:

"Bigotry against her accent." Well, it is kinda annoying. Also, too, the winking thing was really lame, also.
"Bigotry against her copious reproduction." Yeah, right, the same people who loved RFK can't stand anybody having 5 kids.
"Bigotry against her religion." To be honest,and speaking only for myself, yes. I kinda had a problem with someone who believes in witchcraft, exorcism, and "praying the gay away" being a heartbeat away from the most powerful office in the world.
"Bigotry against her middle class social status." Umm, did you notice we voted for Obama and Biden?
"Fury that she is reaping the benefits...." Sarah Palin couldn't SPELL "feminism."
"Fury that she is so audacious as to think she is just as good as our elite betters." Well, when you aspire to the Vice Presidency, we like to think you do a couple of things our "elite betters" do. Like know what the "Bush Doctrine" is, or read the freaking newspaper once in a while.
"Fury that she appeals to....true conservatives." Not fury, but thanks, because if Palin is going to be the face of the conservative movement, progressives have nothing to worry about politically.

Wow broose, so you admit th... (Below threshold)

Wow broose, so you admit that your hatred of Palin is based on nothing other than not liking her accent and your insane belief that she is into witchcraft and exorcisms!! That's a new one. And tell me, since when are Obama and Biden middle class?!?! HA!! As for the Bush Doctrine, look it up broosie, charlie gibson is the one that didn't know what it meant, Palin did, and thats from the mouth of Krauthammer who coined the term. Keep on peddling your lies.


Is Caroline qualified? P... (Below threshold)

Is Caroline qualified? Probably since she is a Kennedy. Isnt that how it works...?

D-Hoggs: A remedial ... (Below threshold)
Bruce Henry:

A remedial reading-comprehension course may help you. See, nowhere have I posted anything that can be construed as "hatred" of Palin. Disdain? OK. Lack of respect? I'll give you that. But "hatred"? No.
Despite Krauthammer's excuse-making, most people who have paid any attention to politics the past 8 years have at least a vague understanding of the Bush Doctrine. I was watching the Gibson interview, and it was obvious to me, as it was to most viewers, that Palin had never heard those two words together!
The Couric interview only made her look worse.
I also didn't say that she is "into" witchcraft or exorcism. I said she believes in them, and she does. There is video of a witch-hunter and exorcist praying with her at the Wasilla church she goes to. Just Google "Palin Witch Hunter" and you'll find it. Hey, I got nothing against crazy religious fundamentalists--I just don't vote for 'em.
You may have missed, during the campaign, the 6 bajillion news stories about Obama and Biden having middle-class backgrounds, D-Hoggs, but I didn't. I even believed them, despite the fact they were on FOX. Biden is one of the few Senators with a net worth of less than a million bucks. He didn't "come from money" as we say in the South, and neither did Obama. So that's "since when."
Look, Synova made a comment positing why she (he?) thinks liberals don't like Palin. My post was an attempt to refute hers. What's wrong with that?
Look! Over there! Jane Fonda! Git her!

Dang Bruce, you really got ... (Below threshold)

Dang Bruce, you really got into Shawns head there. Poor guy is all verklempt.

Palin/Huckabee '12!

Whoa broose, you have GOT t... (Below threshold)

Whoa broose, you have GOT to be kidding! So Plalin gets blessed by a 'witch hunter' and she now is a believer in witchcraft?! And where do you even come up with 'exorcism'? Because lunatics like you describe the blessing as an 'exorcism'? You are truly deranged. Of course it's not like she sat in a church and listened to the guy every sunday for 20 years, had him baptize her children and used him as a spiritual advisor and family friend. And it's not like she served on a board with him or used him to help launch her political career. Because any of those things would be totally legitimate reasons to go after her, right broose?! HAH, you frigging hypocrite. As for the Bush Doctrine, clearly you know as much about it as Gibson does.

DHoggs:Shawn, I'll a... (Below threshold)
Bruce Henry:

Shawn, I'll argue with. You, not so much. You bore me. I'm not gonna get into a battle of wits with an unarmed opponent.

But Caroline can see people... (Below threshold)

But Caroline can see people with experience and qualifications FROM HER HOUSE.

"Never get into an argument... (Below threshold)

"Never get into an argument with an idiot. They'll drag you down to their level and beat you with experience."

Don't even ask why I haven't stepped forward to defend Sarah P because this story is about Kennedy and your lame attempts to derail it BH are just bloviations from a halfwit retard that couldn't argue his way out of circular argument without shooting his own ass off.

bruce: "You bore me. I'm no... (Below threshold)

bruce: "You bore me. I'm not gonna get into a battle of wits with an unarmed opponent."

Typical response from someone who's hypocrisy is so transparent, and argumentative skills are so lacking that they have nothing left to spin.

It is interesting w... (Below threshold)

It is interesting when one looks back at how the media handled different situations
for example: I knew who would be President even before they became President
eg Sr. Bush, Clinton, Bush and now Obama...
Seeing a pattern here?
How can we change the 'media' political influences, I am unsure? They are very influential and many are biased to push their own agendas.
I have tried boycotting them but newpapers have their biases as well.
I wish the media would just report the 'facts'.

Now if we watch or listen to identified 'liberal' or 'conversative' sites then we know what we are tuning into.
You know they are trying to stifle Rush and some others but yet keep the liberal ones in a 'monopoly'.

I am not saying anything bad about Caroline. I am just saying being a Kennedy she is probably a shoe-in.

As far as the media. I know there are good ethical people and like any other profession there are some not so much so.

For example: I would prefer one doesnt report on something until it is said and done. eg like if someone is on trial and they/their family are smeared/harassed to a few years later find out they had nothing to do with the incident (arent we incident until proven guilty?) we shouldnt be 'tried' by the public/media when all the facts arent known.
we (liberals, conservatives...) can make a difference by calling out the media when they do these naughties...

ok I am done complaining for now.
merry christmas everyone.






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