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Just how dumb is the New York Times?

Apparently this dumb:

The New York Times admitted Monday it was duped into publishing a fake letter claiming to come from Paris mayor Bertrand Delanoe that criticized Caroline Kennedy's senate bid as "appalling" and "not very democratic."

"What title has Ms. Kennedy to pretend to Hillary Clinton's seat?" read the letter, printed in Monday's editions of the leading US metropolitan daily.

"We French can only see a dynastic move of the vanishing Kennedy clan in the very country of the Bill of Rights. It is both surprising and appalling ... Can we speak of American decline?" read the letter.

Later Monday, the newspaper published an editor's note on its website stating "this letter was a fake. It should not have been published."

Delanoe's press office in Paris confirmed that the text was a hoax.

Anyone who has taken Journalism 101 knows how to avoid this kind of embarrassment -- verify your source BEFORE you go to print. Sheesh.

And one more thing. Remember how stoooooopid Sarah Palin was, because she fell for a prank phone call from "Nicolas Sarkozy"?

Yeah, Schadenfreude is a wonderful feeling.


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Pinch Sulzberger's famous f... (Below threshold)

Pinch Sulzberger's famous fact checking department seems to have been hijacked by Blutarsky.

The Times is on a roll.

In this case someone at the... (Below threshold)

In this case someone at the Times was at least as dumb as Sarah Palin. Which makes me wonder, just how dumb is wizbang? Let's see, Ashley Todd, $30,000 Obama ring, whitey tape. I'm sure I'm missing some.

But hey, whatever gets you off, man.

NYT? I thought they went u... (Below threshold)

NYT? I thought they went under. Did the Democrats give them a bail-out? After all, it is the parties organ.

How any intelligent person ... (Below threshold)

How any intelligent person can take the NYT seriously anymore is beyond my comprehension.

actually no, this doesnt ma... (Below threshold)

actually no, this doesnt make any NYT personnel as dumb as palin. if you listen to the entire prank call, it is a mindbending and surreal experience considering she was on the presidential ticket

make sure you hear it!


** palin 2012 - let freedumb ring **

Actually, yes it does.... (Below threshold)

Actually, yes it does.

Sarah Palin was caught off-guard and had to handle the situation as best she could. She couldn't very well ask "how do I know you're real" over the air, could she?

In both cases, someone thought they had better be courteous to someone else, because that "someone else" was an authority figure and deserved their respect. Only in the case of the NYT, it wasn't a live correspondence. The NYT had plenty of time to contact the mayor's office and verify that the email was from him. Try sending a letter to the editor of your local newspaper. If they print it, they will contact you to verify that it is real. Unless of course your local paper is the NYT.

The NYT simply skipped this critical and extremely elementary step, which says alot about how smart the NYT staff thinks they are, and consequently how carefully the NYT checks its facts.

If Sarah Palin isn't qualified to lead, then the NYT sure as hell isn't qualified to tell Americans what to think.

no mike, listen to the call... (Below threshold)

no mike, listen to the call. not only is the prank caller making no attempt to sound convincing, but palin is as empty-headed as ever, making cring-inducing conversation with someone who is telling her "taking away life that is so fun!" and "from my house i can see belgium" among other gems

palin is effing stupid. listen to the call


If Palin is stoopid, whats ... (Below threshold)

If Palin is stoopid, whats that make the eggplant and the egghead?

Fauxbama has more dirty friends that Barney Frank, and Biden, rofl, they tried to hide him because he is such a pompous lying idiot.

It's funny how some const... (Below threshold)

It's funny how some constantly bash Ms Palin.
Get over it the election is over ... O won.
Now he needs to do something with his win.

Well, we know Palin will ne... (Below threshold)

Well, we know Palin will never be Abraham Lincoln.

(didn't Lincoln also spend Xmas in Hawaii?)

Whew, good thing we didn't ... (Below threshold)
Bruce Henry:

Whew, good thing we didn't elect some unnamed editor of the NYT to the Vice Presidency, huh? That person is EVEN MORE STUPID than Sarah Palin!

Isn't that really what you're saying here?

I don't really see the Scha... (Below threshold)
daniel rotter:

I don't really see the Schadenfreude here unless you can point to me to someone specifically at the N.Y. Times who said or implied that Sarah Palin was stupid for picking up that prank phone call.

Dont ever expect the truth ... (Below threshold)
Spurwing Plover:

Dont ever expect the truth from the NEW YORK SLIMES its nothing but left-wing propeganda

"Don't ever expect the trut... (Below threshold)
daniel rotter:

"Don't ever expect the truth from the NEW YORK SLIMES its nothing but left-wing propeganda."

Says the person in a thread responding to a post where the New York "Slimes" printed a letter criticizing a left-wing individual's qualifications for a job. I love irony.






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