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A Christmas Gift

Mike's post above about Christmas traditions inspired me to share one from my family.

Coming from a family of prodigious eaters (ours is an odd combination of southern meatpackers and Tennessee and Kentucky's unique kitchens) I was introduced early in life to some very good food. My late father (the meatpacking side of my family) often remarked that he thought he knew what good food was until he met my mother's family.

Below you will find the best recipe for chocolate sauce in the world.


Two 1 oz squares of Baker's unsweetened chocolate (Don't use semi sweet chocolate, it ruins the taste).

One stick of real butter, lightly salted (don't even think of using margarine, which didn't exist when this recipe was created).

One Sixteen oz package of Dark Brown Sugar (Do Not use Light Brown Sugar)

Half Pint Whole Cream (Do not use half & half or milk. If you are worried about your health this is not an appropriate sauce for you).

Place all of the ingredients in a double boiler. Keep the water at a low simmer, not a rapid boil. Cook for four hours. Left over sauce does not keep well because the sugar crystallizes and for some reason the flavor changes.

Serve over vanilla ice cream. Some family members suggest sprinkling crushed pecans over the ice cream and sauce but I suggest trying the sauce and ice cream only your first time.

If you like the sauce, then try it on ginger bread cake. Awesome


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I am a choco-holic. There I... (Below threshold)

I am a choco-holic. There I admitted it. I need it almost intravenously. After one day without it, I get the D.T's. This recipe will get me through. Thanks. I'll start my "Twelve Step" after the New Year or maybe Valentines Day or maybe my birthday in March or maybe..........






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