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This is Not a Good Start

Surely the Obama campaign anticipated a more auspicious start to its term:

"Every president for more than three decades has had to talk with federal prosecutors at one time or another. President-elect Barrack Obama may have set a land speed record by giving his first interview to investigators even before taking the oath of office."

The release of the Craig Report (a familiar name, hmm?), which was an Obama administration self investigation wherein Mr. Craig interviewed the attorneys of President elect Obama's team, had the effect of beginning, not ending, the slow trickle of follow up questions we are now hearing.

There is unquestionably an expectations game being waged here and Bob Bennett, no stranger to such investigations, offers this:

"Here the guy hasn't even gotten his tuxedo for the ball yet and already there's a prosecutor who wants to talk him," said Robert Bennett, one of Washington's most prominent lawyers who has represented members of Congress, cabinet secretaries and even former President Bill Clinton in all manner of politically charged cases. "It's the era that we live in."

The expectations game, as it is waged in the realm of domestic political consequences, is extraordinarily dangerous in this day of international threats and multi theatre security risks. It serves this nation no good to have an executive assume office under a cloud of suspicion and having to answer to a prosecutor with the history and reputation like that of Patrick Fitzgerald.

Our country faces real enemies and if the Obama administration is required to divert resources and effort defending itself from domestic political prosecutors at the expense of our national defense and security policy then we are in for a long and potentially costly four years. I'm certainly on record criticizing Obama and Biden. Their political philosophy is anathema to my values. But it is in no one's best interest for the Obama administration to be perceived as weak by our enemies at this juncture.


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But it is in no one's be... (Below threshold)

But it is in no one's best interest for the Obama administration to be perceived as weak by our enemies at this juncture.

Is it?

Suppose the worst happens: there's enough fire under this smoke to completely destroy the new administration's credibility and political strength, but not enough to justify forced removal from office.

What happens next? To be blunt about it, what difference would it make?

Is this going to be listed ... (Below threshold)

Is this going to be listed as another "first" for Obamalala's presidency. You can't make this stuff up. When Obamalala was starting his dance to the W.H. I "aksed" people who were all agog over him."Come on, he's from Chicago. You can't get anywhere unless you bow to "the Machine". His meteoric rise there should have aroused at least a few questions. It didn't. It may be that Obamalala's "chickens have come home.....to roost!"

Karma. Payback's mo... (Below threshold)
DJ Drummond:

Karma. Payback's more-subtle sister.

Payback for what? Running u... (Below threshold)

Payback for what? Running up the score on your guy in the election?

So, which is it? Are... (Below threshold)
Bruce Henry:

So, which is it?
Are you in the "questions swirl" camp ("a familiar name, hmm?"), or are you in the "not being perceived as weak" school of thought?
You can't have it both ways. What's the point of this piece?

Poll: Obama is man American... (Below threshold)

Poll: Obama is man Americans admire most

"Obama's rise is matched by Bush's decline. The president's support has ebbed nearly every year since 2001, falling to 5% this year."


Heh heh. Karma indeed.

NO, Bobby! The era we live ... (Below threshold)

NO, Bobby! The era we live in dictates no such inconvenience for leftist democrats (excuse the redundancy.) They have to pull something which truly reeks outloud before anyone thinks about questioning them for the record. But here we have a Chicago thug about to ascend to the White House without even be required to prove his constitutional bonafides! Now THAT'S the era we live in!

Well max, people that stand... (Below threshold)

Well max, people that stand up to be counted and do what they think is right in the face of opposition usually take a beating in goofy polls like this. I am surprised Bush is even second. The way the press has fawned over Obamalala it is no surprise what so ever he came out on top. He hasn't done anything yet. Interesting that Sarah Palin was runner up to Billary with such a short exposure. Oh yeah, ahead of Oprah.

"...goofy polls like this."... (Below threshold)
daniel rotter:

"...goofy polls like this."

How is the poll Max cited "goofy?"

FasciSSocialist Psychosis's... (Below threshold)
Brian Richard Allen:

FasciSSocialist Psychosis's Perpetual Poster Person and that psychopathology's probably most prolific poster, Parthenon, asks "Payback for what?

"Running up the score on your guy in the election?"

"Our guy," oh ancient home of Greek ... um ... activities?

In the wildest and most delusionally fantasized rampages of what passes for "imaginations" among those too damned stupid to know they're being lied to and/or too damned mean-spirited and/or too damned greedy to care, the criminally alien, the felons, the clinically insane, those in their dotage and/or in their nonage -- and America's fascists and crypto-fascists ('collectivist'-ally, AKA the "Democratic" potty's "base") -- was the (chosen-by-the crossover "Democrats" and by their uniformly-Goebbelsesque one-party propagandist posing as the "press" polemicist pals) permanently PTSD-drugged-up McRainman, "Our guy."

Any more, come to that, than the Stalinist Saul Alinskyistic self-and-own-culture-loathing un-and-anti-American mobbed-up Marxist murtadd Muslim Manchurian/Arab-African, B Hussein bin B Hussayn bin Hussayn Muhummad zerO (AKA NMF'ingP!) is his own, "guy."

Let alone yours, even -- or America's.

For he is your enemy, too. The difference between us being only that we are intelligent, honest and diligent enough to have taken the five seconds or so it, on average, took us to figger him out.

Brian Richard Allen
Los Angeles - CalifZEROcated 90028 - & the Far Abroad

Brian:Have you tried... (Below threshold)
Bruce Henry:

Have you tried Ritalin?






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