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Blagojevich Turns Up The Heat

Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich, caught red-handed trying to sell President-elect Barack Obama's Senate seat (among other things), turned up the heat on Congress and Obama by appointing former state Attorney General Roland Burris to fill the Obama's old seat. From the AP story...

Rep. Bobby Rush, an Illinois Democrat who was invited to speak at Blagojevich's news conference, urged Senate leaders not to block Burris. In fact, he almost dared them to try to stop Burris' appointment.

"There is no rhyme or reason why he should not be seated in the U.S. Senate," Rush said. "I don't think any U.S. senator ... wants to go on record to deny one African-American from being seated in the U.S. Senate."

He told reporters that Senate Democrats should not "hang and lynch the appointee as you try to castigate the appointer."

Honestly this thing just gets more and more fun to watch...

Apropos of nothing, the whole mess, as well as the Caroline Kennedy debacle and the Biden seat warmer makes me think there's a new tagline we should be hanging on Democrats; "Culture of cronyism." Goodness knows they (Democrats) had some success with "Culture of corruption."


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Comments (6)

I suspect that appointment ... (Below threshold)

I suspect that appointment will stand, once the Dems realize that a Repub COULD take the seat, if, as is proposed, a special election is held.

I will need a lot more popc... (Below threshold)

I will need a lot more popcorn for the next 2 years!

Even Harry Reid promised to... (Below threshold)

Even Harry Reid promised to refuse to seat a Blagojevich appointment because of the scandal. When even Harry Reid refuses to seat another Democrat, it's hard to ignore the elephant in the room.

Oh, WAIT! You say he's BLACK? You can't refuse to seat a BLACK replacement! That would be RACIST!

I'm gonna hurl.

Sheesh. Could the race dem... (Below threshold)

Sheesh. Could the race demagogues like Bobby Rush be any more heavy-handed with the tiresome plantation/Jim Crow metaphors?

God help us if we have to endure this kind of hyperbole for the next 4 to 8 years.

They've been able to blame ... (Below threshold)

They've been able to blame Republicans for their problems for 10 years.

Now it's put up or shut up time.

So far, they haven't done either.

But, assuming the country survives, it is fun to watch.

How come Obama can find tim... (Below threshold)

How come Obama can find time to make a statement on Blago's appointment, but can't bring himself to say one thing about Gaza?






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