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There goes the neighborhood

Early this morning I caught a link on Drudge but have been deeply immersed in preparing tonight's New Year's Eve BBQ feast*. It seems to dovetail in with Cassy and Michael's posts.

Conventional wisdom says Democrats are the friends of blacks and Republicans are striving for a return to Jim Crow. Conventional wisdom is a myth, but a myth widely believed among blacks. Blacks usually break 90% to 10% towards the person with a (D) next to their name on the ballot. In return for voter loyalty the Democrats fight for blacks' best interests.

At least until their best interests includes using federal housing vouchers to move into exclusive Bay Area communities:

As more and more black renters began moving into this mostly white San Francisco Bay Area suburb a few years ago, neighbors started complaining about loud parties, mean pit bulls, blaring car radios, prostitution, drug dealing and muggings of schoolchildren.

In 2006, as the influx reached its peak, the police department formed a special crime-fighting unit to deal with the complaints, and authorities began cracking down on tenants in federally subsidized housing.

Now that police unit is the focus of lawsuits by black families who allege the city of 100,000 is orchestrating a campaign to drive them out.

We were for federal housing vouchers before we were against them. We support a social safety net and Contra Costa County went 68% to 31% for Barrack Obama, so we're not racists. We just feel they would benefit culturally from a more diverse neighborhood. Like Oakland.

Violence in the inner-cities is a concern as well. So it makes sense to disarm law-abiding citizens with gun bans. If gun-toting thugs are blaring car stereos and walking mean pit bulls while they sell drugs, whore, and mug then concerned citizens can call the police. Hoping the police response time is shorter than an armed intruder's patience is a more progressive way to protect your family than the immediate deterrence a handgun might provide. You just relax and let the pros take care of it.

So while we trouble ourselves over an obscure Republican circulating an almost surely trite song parody mocking Obama a solidly Democrat neighborhood offers interesting insight into how best we can help uplift the black community. Not through vouchers and giving them a choice - because they might just choose to live or send their children to school in less than diverse parts of town. No, we must invest even more in public housing and public schools. We need to give them a hand-out, not a hand-up.

Leave it to the government to go and screw up self-segregation.

* Tonight's BBQ feast for those who care: a six pound bone-in rib roast, five-and-a-half pound boneless pork loin, and a three pound Angus chuck roast going into the smoker for ~2 hours at 350 degrees, plus six dozen yeast rolls. I don't know what everyone else is bringing and don't care as I will be going 100% carnivore tonight.

Merry New Year!


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Hope you are not including ... (Below threshold)

Hope you are not including choice of beverages in the carnivore part. A little fermented or not fruit or grain would be a good addition...

Never had a pork soda, epad... (Below threshold)

Never had a pork soda, epador? Most people think that was merely a Primus album title, but little do they know...

Ahhhhh....A six pound rib r... (Below threshold)

Ahhhhh....A six pound rib roast, a pork loin, and a chuck roast. Red Meat...Ahhhhhh.

Reason #2,651 why I'm glad ... (Below threshold)

Reason #2,651 why I'm glad I don't live in the Bay Area anymore. (I grew up in Oakland, no less.)

"Early this morning I caugh... (Below threshold)

"Early this morning I caught a link on Drudge..."

I used to have a Drudge habit until I realized the guy is a pillow head. Political humor blogs are more timely unless the news is dissonance-free, then Drudge wakes up and lays on the redundancies. He used to be useful for links, but the rightwing sites have assumed the fetal position and the good left links (Walcott, etc) somehow seldom work from his pillow head site. He needs to lay off the umbrella drinks.

It is unfortunate that you have to knock blacks on barbecue day. The first permanent settlers in the future US were escaped slaves who revolted from their Spanish masters during an Indian attack on their settlement near the Pee Dee River in SC in 1526. The Spanish soldiers and priests all high-tailed it back to Hispaniola leaving their pigs and chickens and cooks behind. Enter Indian smoke.

PS Yeast rolls? Cornbread means more leftover meat for you. Word to the wise.

bryanDIt is ... (Below threshold)


It is unfortunate that you have to knock blacks on barbecue day. The first permanent settlers in the future US were escaped slaves who revolted from their Spanish masters during an Indian attack on their settlement near the Pee Dee River in SC in 1526. The Spanish soldiers and priests all high-tailed it back to Hispaniola leaving their pigs and chickens and cooks behind. Enter Indian smoke.

I thought barbe a queue was a Carib creation derived from the French?

But maybe they weren't sensitive enough to foresee "Indian smoke" blown up our ass on "barbecue day".

Baron can speak for himself, but for what it's worth, I wouldn't lecture a Texan on the origins of real BBQ. Having been raised on Carolina and Memphis barbeque, I found , after living in Texas for thirteen years, that digging a smoke pit for a pig didn't impress the descendents of ranchers and cowboys.

Baron,The problem ... (Below threshold)


The problem in San Francisco is due to the inadvertent relocation of whole dysfunctional neighborhoods from one location to another. It has nothing to do with "integration." We are experiencing a similar trend here in Oklahoma City. About 15 years ago, blacks started leaving the older, historically black northeast side neighborhoods and moving into northwest side neighborhoods. They began buying houses that were being sold by empty-nesters and retirees looking to downsize.

Problem was, the northeast side residents moved out en masse and simply transplanted themselves into northwest side neighborhoods. And all the things that plagued their old neighborhoods -- poverty, drugs, high unemployment, gangs, street crime -- followed them straight into the northwest neighborhoods.

At the time of Hurricane Katrina, I made the rather politically incorrect remark that the abandonment of the New Orleans ghettos was probably the best thing that ever happened to the citizens of New Orleans, because it broke up neighborhoods that had become cultural centers for institutionalized poverty.

It's tough (and probably illegal) to purposefully scatter citizens from dysfunctional neighborhoods, simply because their plight makes them deeply and uniquely interdependent on one another. But if you want to break the cycle of poverty, it's what you have to do.

"I thought barbe a queue wa... (Below threshold)

"I thought barbe a queue was a Carib creation derived from the French?"

The Carib barbecued people, true. (So it's the provenance of the method, not the word that applies.) Fish and crabs were "grilled" using the same method. The French, etc. boiled everything to prevent waste and to stretch food rations. They were leery of native game and plants (which were scarce, anyway, thus the hobo stew routine).

As for the Spanish on Hispaniola, within months (by 1493) Columbus had turned on the Indians, enslaving and taking hostages, so Indian method of slow cooking + the european pig wasn't a priority with anyone, plus the ever-present famine factor which prescribed stretching rations, i.e. soup. Or burnt shishkabab (which is roasting). As late as the 1640s whole expeditions could still die for no apparent reason, such as certain English expeditions to Jamaica. So Europeans kept as much in their comfort zone as possible for years and years. White men didn't even like the woods until they began to "go native", as the Pee Dee Indian-Africans did much earlier, or if gold lay ahead.

So I stick with my thesis*. Blacks and Indians got along and mixed as fellow non-Conquistadores in South Carolina, with pigs on hand, raising them for years and perfecting things. They had the leisure time to apply low heat to the porker because the Spanish never returned but turned south to Florida and St. Augustine and war with the French.

*It's common knowledge among barbeque aficionados in South Carolina. Sure, it puts SC preeminent, so there's the ulterior motive, but the facts remain: the first Old World PERMANENT settlers in the future USA (as opposed to a malarial island hell hole where food is only a means of survival)were the escaped African slaves from the abandoned Spanish fort on the Pee Dee River in SC.

...and they had those pigs!... (Below threshold)

...and they had those pigs! That's key! The pig! And pigs dry out if cooked too fast, etc!

(I know your convinced now.)

"It is unfortunate that ... (Below threshold)

"It is unfortunate that you have to knock blacks on barbecue day."

Can you imagine the hue and cry if one of the regular conservative commenters here had employed such typecasting?

bryanDI was convin... (Below threshold)


I was convinced only for the brief period of time that Yum Yungs dominated the barbeque world.

bryanD,How did I k... (Below threshold)
Baron Von Ottomatic:


How did I knock blacks? I'm knocking the organized effort by a gentrified Bay Area neighborhood to keep blacks from using housing vouchers to intrude upon their living space.

In other news, the meat come out fantastic. Normally I'd throw down some brisket and ribs, but if you've never smoked a prime rib you're missing out. It cooks fast (1.5-2 hours vs. 12+ hours for brisket) and absolutely buckles your knees it's so good. I rubbed it with garlic paste, fresh rosemary, course pepper, and kosher salt. Awesome.

The pork loin - rubbed with garlic paste, fresh thyme, pepper, and salt - cooked in ~75 minutes @ 375 degrees. Ditto the chuck roast (seasoned with The Baron's own bbq rub). Chuck roast is a nicer cut of meat than brisket and can be served a little pink if that's your thing. Great beef flavor and cooks quickly.

Merry New Year!

Baronmy mouth is w... (Below threshold)

my mouth is watering.
yum yummy!

Happy 2009!

Baron,Watch your loc... (Below threshold)

Watch your local hardware store for an Orion cooker on sale. Basically a big, stainless steel dutch oven. Can cook 6 backs of ribs in 75 minutes. Does a Boston butt you can't beat.

You can make a great smoker... (Below threshold)

You can make a great smoker from the large tera-cotta planters at lowes/home depot/local store with an electric hot plate. They really make the food taste great. I call BS on the "first old world visitors theory". It's been proven by dna sampling that the native americans all came from the "land bridge" in the bering strait. We're all "old worlders", just a matter of who moved in first.






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