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The New York Times Buries the Lede (and Truth) Again

The New York Times has a history of ignoring one of journalism's basic principles: don't bury the lede. However, given the Times coverage of the GWOT (and Israel in general) there are more ledes buried on these issues than in Saddam's killing fields.

It's no surprise that in its Week In Review column this week the newspaper again ignores the elephant in the room so it can conveniently insert its own editorial political points which continue to masquerade as news reporting.

The Times notes that:

"The campaign may succeed, experts here and in Israel say, but it could also backfire. Either way, the political consequences could reverberate throughout the Middle East, all the way to Iran, and help determine the ability of President-elect Barack Obama to pursue his stated goals of calming the Middle East through diplomacy."

Never mind the inherent demagoguery in the comment that President elect Obama wants to "calm" the Middle East through diplomacy. The question is, what will actually help President elect Obama as this Israeli action unfolds? The Times saves that point for the last two paragraphs of a twenty plus paragraph article and still misses the point:

"It is likely that the immediate fighting will have ended by Inauguration Day. (emphasis mine) If so, President Obama will be able to capitalize on the cease-fire to renew a push for a permanent settlement. He once suggested throwing American weight behind regional talks that would include Hamas, but that may no longer be a possibility. Mr. Bush fiercely resisted any accommodation with a group the United States and European Union classify as a terrorist organization.

"He has one advantage: that this is happening now," (emphasis mine) said Mr. Asali of the American Task Force for Palestine. "The passionate reactions, the emotional reactions, the hatred, et cetera, et cetera, will be directed at the present administration rather than the next one. But that is a slight silver lining."

The benefits that accrue to Obama as a result of the broad time frame of regional events, including the recent Israeli response (the ground invasion began today), are far greater than the Times cares and wants to admit. Some historical reality and perspective is called for to actually comprehend the events of the day as they relate to future "diplomacy" that Obama might pursue.

For example, whatever diplomatic course Obama chooses to pursue, he will be able to do so with an advantage given to him by President Bush at incalculable political cost and military sacrifice. No other U S president since Harry Truman has enjoyed such a negotiating advantage.

1) The U S will have several hardened bases in Iraq that provide a force projection threat that will not be ignored by interested parties...such as Iran and Syria. (Long forgotten are the difficult times of Middle East negotiations when the extent of force projection was stationing the USS New Jersey off the coast of Beirut and risking a Marine detachment at the Beirut airport).

2) These bases are contiguous to the two countries that have sponsored Hamas and Hezbollah activities in the region, Iran and Syria.

3) Another sponsor of foreign terror and regional destabilization, Saddam Hussein, has assumed room temperature.

The Times could write this piece another way but that would require a level of journalistic and intellectual honesty, as well a demonstration of character and integrity, that they long ago traded in after their sellout to the leftist mob.


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Comments (13)

"The Times could write this... (Below threshold)
retired military:

"The Times could write this piece another way but that would require a level of journalistic and intellectual honesty, as well a demonstration of character and integrity"

Yes and Hamas could recognize Israel as their best friend and start lobbing rockets into Iran and Syria.

Come on. You are talking about the NY TIMES here. Might as well wish for pigs to fly.

The NYT and reality have no... (Below threshold)

The NYT and reality have nothing in common. On the UP SIDE, the NYT may not be around this time next year. I'm sure all of Pinch's relatives are happy with what he's done to the company and their stock value.

The NYT the official journa... (Below threshold)

The NYT the official journal of Obamalala La La land.

I might add that the truth ... (Below threshold)

I might add that the truth is a stranger at the Times also. Half truths and outright lies are more commonly found on the front page.

Point 3 could better be des... (Below threshold)

Point 3 could better be described as 'ground temperature'.

Point 3 could be better des... (Below threshold)

Point 3 could be better described as "a well deserved dirt nap".

NYT is getting some karma, ... (Below threshold)

NYT is getting some karma, In WWII they knew about the concentration camps and refused to publish the stories. Yet they love to publish anything negative about Israel often without checking the facts. Jayson Blair published how many false stories for the NYT ? However we must believe the times in the Paper of Record. NYT routine endanger lives and intelligence operations by publishing stories about our methods on the war and terror while at the same time wax poetic about how Valerie Plain identify must be protected. Finally they talk of how Wal-Mart kills small business while at the same time they have NY state use eminent domain to kill 55 businesses on 8th avenue so they can have their headquarters there.

Let us bury the Old Gray lady.

10 -1 the NYT will get bail... (Below threshold)
retired military:

10 -1 the NYT will get bailout money in the next 6 months. The dems cant let their propaganda wing go down the tubes.

"It's uhhhh in uhhhhh uhhhh... (Below threshold)

"It's uhhhh in uhhhhh uhhhh all parties uhhhh uhhhh ya know uhhhh best uhhhh hold on now uhhhh interest uhhhh to uhhhhh (applause) thank you uhhhh be uhhhh calm uhhhhhh. And now uhhh a word uh from the uhh the new uhh senator from uhhh New York."

"Like thank you. Ya know I read in Time that ya know Hamas isn't ya know that ya know bad. Uhh lot's of uhh thier kids ya know have suffered. Ya know I've worked ya know all my ya know life for kids. Ya know so I'm an expert ya know on the middle east....or west, ya know it really doesn't matter, kids ya know are in danger so ya know we should bring ya know all the jews ya know back to New York....lots of campaign bucks.....and give ya know the arabs Israel. Like everybody would be ya know soo happy."

And the NEW YORK SLIMES won... (Below threshold)

And the NEW YORK SLIMES wonders why its losing reader and subcribers looks like their turkeys have come home to roost

If some schmuck in some off... (Below threshold)

If some schmuck in some office somewhere in Washington thinks that the Israelis will stop this on Jan. 19th just to allow the orgy in the Capital to go smoothly....well...ha ha ha...!

Schmuck--Yiddish word best defined as "man who gets out of the shower to take a p*ss!"

Regarding the media. Jus... (Below threshold)

Regarding the media. Just had this discussion at lunch today...
If there was some organization that had the money to take over one of the 3 popular networks
and provide unbiased facts the viewership
would increase. Same for the Northern biased magazines/newspapers. May be too late now though...

It's no wonder, SPURWING PL... (Below threshold)

It's no wonder, SPURWING PLOVER. They lost credibility when they stopped with the journalism and acted as stenographers for the Bush Administration during the run-up to the Iraq War.

The media is complicit.






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