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This is Begining to Look and Sound Familiar

The Obama administration appointment process is sounding less like a new symphony of hope and change and more like a Capitol Steps parody.

First there was Penny Priztker's conflicts with the sub prime mess. Bad timing, one might say, to appoint as Secretary of Commerce the principle owner of a failed sub prime lender. But an undaunted Team Obama doubled down on the Commerce appointment and nominated Bill Richardson who, it turns out, had his own Blogo type problem that doomed his nomination.

Perhaps all of this is just some bad Carville karma, however you have to wonder if anyone is paying attention at Obama Vetting Headquarters because:

"Sources tell ABC News that officials on the Obama Transition Team feel that before he was formally offered the job of commerce secretary, New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson was not forthcoming with them about the federal investigation that is looking into whether the governor steered a state contract towards a major financial contributor."

That explanation sounds eerily reminiscent of the preacher he didn't know and the Blago farce and still unanswered questions about the source of Obama's unprecedented campaign funding that was indefensibly opened to fraud.

Are the abovementioned Obama vetting and judgment failures the preliminary outline of a "pattern of deceit", a phrase embraced by The Washington Post in its eight year jeremiad against the George W. Bush administration? Given the legacy media's blatant cheerleading for Obama during the general election it should come as no surprise if the President elect and his staff show some mind bending blind spots on issues of integrity and character, both of which are traits that the press, even in its chaotic manner, usually fleshes out during an election.

The circus we are witnessing now served notice months ago that it was bringing its show to Washington, D.C. but the legacy media dutifully ignored the warning. Now that the Obama administration is tackling the often grinding and mundane matters of governance, such as vetting appointees and dealing with difficult State executives and legislators, we are learning if Barack Obama knows how to execute the fundamentals of governing.

These fundamentals, to borrow the baseball vernacular, are all about hitting singles, getting on base and fielding the ball. Obama can't afford any more Blago and Richardson errors because who knows what the confirmation process holds for his other appointees?


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Filling out the Obama admin... (Below threshold)
John S:

Filling out the Obama administration is bound to remain a chaotic process simply because a lot of politicians in both parties are thieving scumballs. The only difference this time is that the media aren't going after Obama with bloodthirsty intent and dumpster-diving every time a new name turns up. So a lot of these thieving scumballs will end up in the Obama administration. It's just the way Washington works.

Maybe if the "press" had ve... (Below threshold)

Maybe if the "press" had vetted some of the Dem candidates we wouldn't be having this problem. It looks like all the big dogs on the D side of the ticket had some huge problems while the press looked up any and all dirt it could in Wasilla AK. If the idiots in press had gotten over the party alignment and done their jobs there probably would have been a different set of candidates running for president in November. MPW

I think they're trying to b... (Below threshold)

I think they're trying to be squeaky-clean, trying to get their house in order before they get into office, to avoid the "culture of corruption" counter-charges. Ironically, it ends up giving the same impression.

Of course, Obama could be seen as giving the Dems a much-needed heads-up about some of the more blatant crooks, thugs, and thieves in their midst.

As for Bill, I wasn't expecting this, but I cannot say I was surprised. As a lifelong citizen of New Mexico, I've been dismayed by The Machine since I found out it exists.

Based on the reaction to Bl... (Below threshold)

Based on the reaction to Blago, I almost expect Obama to say, "I've never met Richardson before. I've never even been in the same city, state, country, galaxy or universe as him."

First off, nice use of the ... (Below threshold)

First off, nice use of the word "jeremiad". Seriously, that is awesome. I had to look it up.

President Obama is purging his office of anything even remotely resembling any type of a kind of inkling of some sort of hint of corruption, as this case causing the ouster of Governer Bill Richardson is.

Which is great, in my opinion. President Obama is appointing Nobel Prize winners and other great minds to his administration, not flunkie cronies like Scooter Libby and Harriet Miers.

Sucks for Richardson to be axed for whatever this is, although he will be cleared of any wrong-doing, I'd bet $1,000 on it.

MPW, the "press" didn't hav... (Below threshold)

MPW, the "press" didn't have to look up dirt on Palin, as much as they tried. They looked and found her daughter was pregnant, big deal, America didn't care about that.

Then Sarah Palin started to talk, and America made its decision on her.

End of story.

Chicago Jesus (the first af... (Below threshold)

Chicago Jesus (the first affirmative-action president [who is actually half-white, but that part of his heritage went under the bus a long time ago]) will have the most corrupt administration in US history since Warren Gamaliel Harding or Ulysses Simpson Grant.

Hope and Che'nge. Just bullshit words from a bullshitter extraordinaire.

Wait for Bill Daley to be n... (Below threshold)

Wait for Bill Daley to be nominated in Richardson's place, and you see the MSM spit out the talking points about how wonderful a choice it was.

I hear ALW is coming out wi... (Below threshold)

I hear ALW is coming out with a new musical, Phantasm of the Obama. Or maybe it was Fantod of the Obama. Oh well.

Obamalala will send up anot... (Below threshold)

Obamalala will send up another Mexican/American. He cannot afford to alienate more of his base that is already screeching at him over his unfulfilled campaign promises.

Looking more and more as th... (Below threshold)

Looking more and more as though competency in any facet of an Obama administration is above their collective pay grade.

The problem is corruption. ... (Below threshold)

The problem is corruption. With Rethugs, it's 100 percent. With Democrats, it's about 70 percent. Corrupt, that is.
We gotta lotta work to do, folks.

"We gotta lotta work to ... (Below threshold)

"We gotta lotta work to do, folks."

We? Oh that's right - Allen wants us to all just get along now.

this DOES all sound familia... (Below threshold)

this DOES all sound familiar!

it sounds just like all the other weak guilt-by-association tactics that have turned the neocon movement into a bubbling puddle of manure

real republicans need to start working FOR america again!

There will be absolutly no ... (Below threshold)

There will be absolutly no change in the reign of EMPOROR PALPATINE OBAMA its going to renain the same as usial CORUPTION AND CRINIMAL MISDDEDS GALORE

Right, as usual, Spurwing.<... (Below threshold)

Right, as usual, Spurwing.






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