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The Coulter Watch

The leftist media and blogs are in an early morning sheet soaking sweat over the imminent release of Ann Coulter's latest book Guilty.

Coulter's book has already generated the expected DefCon One response from Media Matters and judging from the pre publication comments at The Huffingington Post (several hundred and counting) it is certain that Ann Coulter still knows what buttons to push on the Left to get the pavlovian response that continues to amuse us. The subjects of her books have been a veritable abattoir of liberal sacred cows ranging (pardon the pun) from a defense of Lucifer (Joseph McCarthy) to the intellectual emptiness of modern progressive ideology.

Coulter's iconoclastic approach reminds me of The Atlantic's description of the late H L Mencken's well known critique of media tactics in his day:

"(Their goal) was to please the crowd, to give a good show; and the way they sat about giving that good show was by first selecting a deserving victim, and then putting him magnificently to the torture. ....Always their first aim was to find a concrete target, to visualize their cause in some definite and defiant opponent. And always their second aim was to shell that opponent until he dropped his arms and took to ignominious flight."

This pretty much sums up Coulter's approach. She has utilized a well established legacy media tactic and turned it on its modern day practitioners and I enjoy it to no end. Does she occasionally get some facts wrong? Yes. Does she always irritate and irrigate the Left? Yes.

What is the measure of her effectiveness? Consider the netroots hue and cry every time she writes a new book.


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Comments (45)

Sorry man, but in the "far ... (Below threshold)
dr lava:

Sorry man, but in the "far leftist" world I live in Coulter is about as relevant, clever, controversial and funny as Andy Dick.

I wish our republican leade... (Below threshold)

I wish our republican leaders were as tough as she. ww

Ann who?... (Below threshold)

Ann who?

I really have to applaud An... (Below threshold)

I really have to applaud Ann for her early and unrelenting opposition to John McCain. With Republicans like John, who needs Democrats?

heh, posted at 8:26<p... (Below threshold)

heh, posted at 8:26

commented by first leftist at 8:40

she shoots - she scores

#5--Just some of ... (Below threshold)

#5--Just some of the love and affection shown by the 52%, bask in it.

Just watched the Coulter in... (Below threshold)

Just watched the Coulter interview on Hannity and Colmes. Colmes is getting frisky. He made Coulter scratch herself. Her smile left her. She looked old. I'd still do her, though.

bryanD, I don't thin... (Below threshold)

I don't think she would do you!

I wish our republican le... (Below threshold)

I wish our republican leaders were as tough as she. ww

Tough? As in having jerky-like flesh? DO. NOT. WANT.

"I really have to applaud A... (Below threshold)
daniel rotter:

"I really have to applaud Ann for her early and unrelenting opposition to John McCain."

And such effective opposition it was too, considering who turned out be the winner among the Republican primaries!

Coulter is an intellectual ... (Below threshold)

Coulter is an intellectual lightweight who makes emotionally disturbed assassination humor and other crazed comments usually only attributed to the mentally ill. Charles Manson could write material that makes as much sense.

Only in idiot circles will this book make any sense. Coulter has steadily written herself out of legitimate journalism one crazed paragraph at a time. I've owned two bookstores before, and believe me this isn't great journalism by any means. Conservatives have many far better intellectuals to look up to than this.

"Conservatives have many fa... (Below threshold)

"Conservatives have many far better intellectuals to look up to than this."

Quite true, but few as entertaining, part of which is watching how those she speaks about react to her.

Nobody makes the lefties we... (Below threshold)

Nobody makes the lefties wet their panties more than Ann does.

Her in 'your face style' provides laughter to her fans, as moonbats such as the (Breck girl) John Edwards has to have his wife cry/whine to defend him.

Ann is RIGHT on the issues from GLO-BALL warming cult bs, to McCain..
She just entertains/slaps some lefturds as she makes her points!!

"I've owned two bookstores ... (Below threshold)

"I've owned two bookstores before, and believe me this isn't great journalism by any means."

Someone want to explain to me how owning a bookstore makes you a judge of journalism?

"Someone want to explain... (Below threshold)

"Someone want to explain to me how owning a bookstore makes you a judge of journalism?"

Dude, you missed the point: He owned two bookstores!

I used to own a music store. I suppose that makes me an expert on the value of something which is really based entirely on one's taste or opinion.

Coulter is sharp tongued and unrelenting, a style she has honed precisely, but she's right more often than wrong. If she were nicer she wouldn't sell as many books and no one would care. She would pose no threat and her targets would deem her dull and uninteresting.

"Conservatives have many fa... (Below threshold)
Dave Noble:

"Conservatives have many far better intellectuals to look up to than this."

Quite true, but few as entertaining, part of which is watching how those she speaks about react to her.

Yes, indeed that's what America needs in these difficult times, entertainment over enlightenment. Bread, but more importantly, circuses. As the empire turns, let's fiddle as the city burns.

With regard to NBC <a href=... (Below threshold)

With regard to NBC cancelling Coulter's appearance on Today, we only need to consider the old maxim about the function of journalism: comfort the afflicted and afflict the comfortable.

But now, "comforting the afflicted" means washing the feet of their poor, suffering messiah Barack Obama, who has to solve SO many problems that are ALL BUSH's FAULT! And nothing should be allowed to detract The One from his holy mission.

"Dude, you missed the point... (Below threshold)

"Dude, you missed the point: He owned two bookstores!"

Thanks for the clarification, Oyster. NOW I get it. I used to own a parakeet--I guess that makes me an ornithologist, right?

Ann Coulter's book is not o... (Below threshold)

Ann Coulter's book is not outrageous. She is part of the neo-con, zionist machine. Her books are not controversial, they are neo-con wet dreams. Read a book that's actually been banned like "America Deceived", not a corporate-approved Coulter 'novel'. Don't waste your hard-earned money on Coulter.
Last link (before Google Books bends to gov't Will and drops the title):
America Deceived (book)

"If she were nicer she woul... (Below threshold)
Bruce Henry:

"If she were nicer she wouldn't sell as many books..."
Yeah, and if conservative book clubs didn't buy them in bulk to give away, and if Human Events didn't give a copy to every sucker who bought penis-lengthening cream, she wouldn't sell as many either.

Funny how progressives and ... (Below threshold)

Funny how progressives and muslims both dislike strong-minded, independent women. Back in the bag, bitch!

Yes, indeed that's what America needs in these difficult times, entertainment over enlightenment. ~ Dave Noble

Well hell, we got Chicago Jesus coming our way, and that's going to be a 24 hour infomercial snoozathon (I'll take the Obama plate for $14.99 AND the Obama coin set for $49.99, plus exhorbitant state and local taxes) covering such topics as 'Due to Barack Obama being elected president, the polar ice caps are today falling into his environmental line by thickening', or 'As a result of PEBO, Sol has decided to increase sunspot activity to help alleviate the dire global cooling taking place', or 'Illegal aliens From Alpha Centauri expect great things (like amnesty) from Dear Leader Obama'. I'll take entertainment any day of the week (and Chicago Jesus will be quite entertaining in a Marxist kind of way).

Coulter is an inte... (Below threshold)
Coulter is an intellectual lightweight who makes emotionally disturbed assassination humor and other crazed comments usually only attributed to the mentally ill. Charles Manson could write material that makes as much sense.

That's pretty funny coming from the party that just elected Al Franken to the U.S. Senate.

Load etcDidn't you... (Below threshold)

Load etc

Didn't you meany horny theologist?

"That's pretty funny coming... (Below threshold)

"That's pretty funny coming from the party that just elected Al Franken to the U.S. Senate"

Al Franken wrote comedy. Coulter writes unintentional comedy viewed as fact by your low-tooth-per-capita contingent.

Mark Steyn mentioned that h... (Below threshold)

Mark Steyn mentioned that he had brought up, again and again, the problem with allowing the left to parade forth liberal victims and claim that their opinions couldn't be contested. No one paid attention.

Then Ann Coulter said the famous "9-11 widows are enjoying their husband's deaths" remark and amidst the outrage, the job was done. Liberals no longer parade victims and claim they cannot be argued with.

Ann Coulter uses a razor sharp legal mind and impeccable research to make arguments that are so eloquent and clear that even brain-dead leftists understand them -- and cower, or scream in outrage.

She gets the job done. I admire her more I can express. How brave she is, to take the leftists smears, their rape fantasies, their hatred, and smile and respond with a barbed insult that makes them cry like the sissy babies they are. You go, Ann.

I've owned two bookstore... (Below threshold)

I've owned two bookstores before

Paul, you always seem so much more intelligent when you don't comment.

RickZ,And of cours... (Below threshold)
Dave Noble:


And of course you have no other options than to either passively imbibe the MSM or to be passively entertained by the political theatre of Ann Coulter, Rush Limbaugh, et al. Now Obama is to blame for your intellectual lassitude.

Dave Noble,Huh? I... (Below threshold)

Dave Noble,

Huh? I believe Obama will be comedy gold for the next four years ('I've been to, uh, 57 states'). And when you throw in his sidekick, Plugs, and now Senator Saturday Night Live, well, it will be a laughing through the pain type of thing. And it's going to be painful. I've been around for a while and I've never seen a presidential transition team with so many cracks and poor choices (much less their creating "the Office of President-Elect"). Panetta as head of the CIA? Obama's arrogance and affirmative-actionness will get me through the next four years. And you're going to begrudge me that? Geez, but you ChimpyMcBushHitler types sure are stingy.

With that <a href="http://z... (Below threshold)

With that impressive Adam's apple, it's nice that conservatives are finally showing some love to the bi-gendered community. However, this particular bi-gendered individual happens to be really f*cking stupid.

Keep trotting her out, by all means. She manages to make an entire failed ideology look even more laughable.

"Senator Saturday Night Liv... (Below threshold)

"Senator Saturday Night Live"? Is that supposed to be more laughable than "Governor Kindergarten Cop"?

hyperbolist,Not su... (Below threshold)


Not sure what you're point is. Ahnuld's done plenty of other roles than the one you cite (and it was a funny movie, unlike Franken's jokes, which are not). YMMV.

Fine. Twins, then.</... (Below threshold)

Fine. Twins, then.

Ohh, snap. :)

Well, I liked Conan, and Te... (Below threshold)

Well, I liked Conan, and Terminator, and Predator. What's your point? Ahnuld's got talent and Franken doesn't?

Good lord, everyone step ba... (Below threshold)

Good lord, everyone step back and look at these responses. Nearly every socialist asshat that posts on Wiz jumped out of the box and posted on this one!

Congratulations Hugh. The only way you could have gotten more of them faster would have been to offer free shit or announce a Jimmy Carter book signing.

Ann knows who she is and ho... (Below threshold)

Ann knows who she is and how to use her influence. She really changed the last election completely. Barack would have never taken the democrat nomination if Ann had not loudly and publicly endorsed Hillary over McCain.

Burt--have you ever met ... (Below threshold)

Burt--have you ever met one person whose vote was swayed by Ann Coulter's opinion of any of the candidates? If so, what Sesame Street character(s) were they sporting on their drool bibs?

If you get a strong, opinio... (Below threshold)

If you get a strong, opinionated woman, the left trashes her. So progressive of them.

Paul Hooson, is there a business you didn't have? Can you not keep a job?

Ann is tough and gives back to the likes of Carvel and Begala and Frankin, and Joy Behar, Rosie, etc. You lefties like to dish it out, but you certainly don't have the fortitude to take it. Predictable. ww

Clever comeback Rick - "Huh... (Below threshold)
Dave Noble:

Clever comeback Rick - "Huh?" Then you proceed with more lame jokes, larded with junior high nicknames, about what a hoot the Obama administration will be. You make my point about intellectual lassitude for me.

No wonder you find Ann Coulter entertaining. Hyperbolist nails it.

This is my favorite so far:... (Below threshold)
Bruce Henry:

This is my favorite so far: "If you get a strong, opinionated woman, the left trashes her."
This coming from the same people who absolutely ADORED Hillary Clinton throughout the 1990s, right? And Janet Reno? And Madeline Albright? Boxer? Feinstein? Steinem? Rosie? Ellen? Sheehan? Streisand?
Must have been their shy, self-effacing personalities the Right disliked about them.

No wonder you find Ann C... (Below threshold)

No wonder you find Ann Coulter entertaining. Hyperbolist nails it.

It's funny, but I've never read Ann Coulter, and I've only seen her rarely as I rarely watch talking heads. But it is interesting that I'm not allowed to poke fun at the Messiah. Yes, I think this administration will be a "hoot," but like I said, in a laughing to keep from crying kind of way. Obama is an intellectual lightweight (release the college transcripts!) mistaken on so many facts, but with an arrogance that does not allow him to admit to not knowing, or worse, a mistake. Obama has given himself the image I mock, and mock mercilessly. I didn't vote for the bum, but he's still my bum come January 20th. One of my rights as a US citizen, and a right Lefties grotesquely excercized over the last 8 years, is that I can criticize the President based upon his stated positions and a plethora of other criteria. I felt Bush did some things wrong, and criticized him for that, but over-all I truly believe History will be kind to him (freeing 50 million people will do that). But if you cannot see the arrogance and contempt Barry has for the Office and the American people, I don't know what to tell you. I was around for Jimmy Carter (it was the first election in which I could vote). I know what a disaster that dipwad was, and he was an Annapolis graduate in nuclear engineering. Obama carries no such real life credentials, or life experiences, into the White House. The only way Barry could be better than the Peanut Farmer is if he throws all his stated principles out the window. I don't see that happening, do you?

So Miss Culture has problem... (Below threshold)
Larry Linn:

So Miss Culture has problems with First Lady Michelle Obama for her sense of style? When I first saw Ann on television, I thought that it was a sequel to Absolutely Fabulous. However, I turned up the volume and realized that she was not as intelligent or as informed as those characters.

Hyper: Why yes, as a matter... (Below threshold)

Hyper: Why yes, as a matter of fact, my sweet, bleeding-heart, social worker, step-daughter changed her support on that day. For your information, she only wears the drool bib for fear that a passing landscape artist should suggest a bush in the front lawn. Further, at that time I was following intrade futures on all the candidates at that time. Barack got a nice bounce, McCain got a little bump, and Hillary took a dive the next day. If you will recall that was the time that Hillary stopped taking any primaries.

Hey, Rick,What do ... (Below threshold)
Dave Noble:

Hey, Rick,

What do you read/listen to? And I'm not being sarcastic. I'm really interested. You get props for taking my previous sarcasm without demonstrating the need to up the ante.

We all need to maintain our sense of humor, but IMHO we also need to seriously consider - given our available time, energy, and ability to understand a given issue (and mine is admittedly limited in many areas) - the issues of importance to America.

An earlier post seemed to celebrate partisanship. I have to disagree. We have devolved into a white hat/black hat mentality in our national politics. To paraphrase Jon Stewart's comment to the talking heads on the now rightly defunct Crossfire, "it's hurting our country." Politics shouldn't be a spectator sport where you root unquestioningly for your team and trash talk the other team. The issues facing our country are too important for that.

Continuing the sports analogy: It makes no more sense to call someone who was the editor of the law review at Harvard Law School and taught constitutional law at the University of Chicago Law School for 12 years an "intellectual lightweight" than it does to call an NFL lineman a "punk". To use a baseball term, Obama made it to "The Show" intellectually. Whether he will be another Jimmy Carter or not, remains to be seen, but his intellectual cred is beyond debate.

Dave,I have my fav... (Below threshold)


I have my favorite websites, and I would say leaning to the right. I cannot stand lame arguments consisting of talking points, which does seem to be the trend on liberal sites; posters also seem to write in a style I simply cannot read. I also have a tendency to go on a link walk, following links to other links to other links on things I never thought about but find interesting, and in places I never heard of (and often can't find again).

As for books, I mostly read history, with a few thrillers thrown in.

As for Obama being a lightweight, you mention two of his resume bullet points: The Hahvud Law Journal and the teaching gig. You claim his "intellectual cred is beyond debate." I beg to differ. Obama was appointed the President of the Law Journal; we have no written body of work from him while holding that title. Also, holding that position leads to clerkships with senior judges, but not so with Obama. We do not know anything about his college years (he has not released his college transcripts or records [what could they possibly be hiding, and affirmative action entry? registering as a foreign student, and getting aid that way? who paid for his education?]). I find it scary that no one remembers this guy at Columbia, and that everyone who attended Hahvud with him has been silent.

Now regarding the Constitutional law gig, again, no records of his classroom material has been released. While being an instructor, he wrote no articles on the Constitution. You have no basis to claim Obama's some sort of intellectual heavyweight, or even adequate. How could you know? There are no records for us peons to review. And to me, any "constitutional scholar" who makes the claim the Constitution is "flawed," and from the get-go, is intellectually dishonest. To think the Supreme Court should make law based upon redistribution of wealth is absurd.

Now how can any intellectual "heavyweight" make the blunder that he's campaigned in "what, 57, uh, 58 states"? C'mon. That's basic stuff, even if you've been sleep deprived for 4 days. And his without a teleprompter speaking is atrocious. And I don't mean mangling words, I mean hemming and hawing and stuttering like someone trying to put two thoughts together. I can see why he never practiced law in Court; juries would be turned off by his 'style' as there are no teleprompters in court.

Personally, I think Obama has been in a cacoon his entire life. He has never heard anyone tell him the truth, just self-aggrandizing BS, and he believes it. He is arrogant beyond any reason to be, as well as narcissistic. He never answers a question, in fact, he dislikes questions intensely, and prefers not to be questioned at all (can't I just eat my waffle?). I really think he thinks that if he looks and acts like what presidents would be in the movies or on tv, then that's the job. He has no clue how things really work (coming from corrupt Chicago politics will do that), he has never ran a business, or worked at a job where production counts (except for that first business intelligence job). He's a mixed race guy who threw one-half of his heritage away. He sat in a racist Black Liberation Theology church for over 20 years. (Why has no member of the media ever questioned or explained what Black Liberation Theology is? Do you know? Do you think TUCC was a 'black' church of a mainstream religion, or something worse? Why or why not? And how did you find out?) He has worked with a known domestic terrorist throwing tons of money at the Chicago public schools, and with what as a result? We hear nothing about any specific concrete improvements that money bought. Obama is an enigma, a cypher, and presents only what he wants himself seen as, with no dissent allowed. Seriously, you don't think someone, somewhere from his past, has something to say about him, good or bad? No friends? No colleagues? No personal history. Obama has never had to answer questions about his actions and decisions (like listening to reverrunatthemouth). I skimmed through one of his books, and it is incredibly racist. Yet no talking head ever interviewed him about those books, while having a copy close to hand. Why? How many presidential candidates in the past have written two books about themselves before they became president, having achieved next to nothing? Kennedy had "Profiles In Courage," his WWII memoirs, and a Pullitzer prize winner. But Kennedy didn't have two books written before running for office. Yet Obama did, and they were never discussed in any sort of depth -- at all. Nada, zero, zilch. Again why? Like I said, I've been around for a while, and I have never seen the adulation bordering on a sexual crush from the media like I saw the media have with Obama ('thrill up my leg'). When a free press goes into propaganda mode for a candidate and will not ask him any medium speed questions, just softballs, then the American people have a problem.

Based upon Obama's campaign rhetoric, his spotty voting records, and what little we know of his past, I cannot wish Obama success for in that success would be the seeds of our own destruction. Destroy the coal industry? Please. I have no idea if Obama has had any education in economics, but he has shown no comprehension of the basics. I've never worried about elections until this century. Prior, no matter what party won, so did America. With Obama, I can't say that with a straight face. And the Dems going to court over elections is disgusting. Franken's election shows how much they love power and winning, not content being mere political opponents. I have serious reservations, and fears, for this country. We are facing serious problems at home, and just as serious problems abroad. The jihadi war is not going away (it's been with us for 1400 years); Russia is flexing its muscles; China is more entwined in our economy that ever before, etc. Obama showed how little he knew when during the campaign, Russia invaded Georgia. He has knocked the American military, and now he's soon supposed to be their C-in-C. Whatever you may think of the military, and I think very highly of ours, these men and women -- these volunteers -- know fake when they see it. Just like they knew fake with Clinton. If our volunteer military suffers recruitment and reenlistment shortcomings because of Obama's positions and policies, will he bring back the draft (like Charlie Rangel says)? How do you command the very men and women you bashed? Is he that magical that he thinks service people don't remember what he said?

The best thing we can do is... (Below threshold)







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