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Vote For The Best Conservative Blog

Since it's my contest I get to try the gadgets out first...

Below is the first instance of the embedded polls we'll be rolling out over the next day or two for The 2008 Weblog Awards. You can vote for your favorite conservative blog (aside from Wizbang) in the poll below.


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Why wasn't Wizbang nominate... (Below threshold)

Why wasn't Wizbang nominated here? DJ is as fine of a writer as you possibly find. I might not always agree with his opinions, but man is he a great writer and thinker. He soars miles above most of the best of these other sites by far. And the former Wizbang writer, Jay Tea, was a real treasure around here as well. I just loved it when we matched wits over at my Progressive Values site. You can be very proud of your Wizbang team effort, Kevin.

Paul:I wanted to t... (Below threshold)


I wanted to take the opportunity to tell you that I agree with you and that your comment was very classy. Kudos to you, that's a very nice and respectable thing for you to do. It would be nice if we could weed out the rude trolls around here and respectfully disagree. It is possible.

Wizbang was always excluded... (Below threshold)

Wizbang was always excluded from the Weblogs because since it is owned by the same guy who runs the awards, it could be seen as a potential conflict of interest. And it was a decision that I, personally, had no problems with.

Although I did grumble about it once or twice, it was never serious.


Looks great! But there is o... (Below threshold)

Looks great! But there is one thing I should mention:

The actual dimensions of the SWF file this year are 468 x 600 pixels. Last year it was 468 x 500, but I added 100 pixels to the height this year to accommodate more blogs on the ballot. I reckon I should have mentioned before, but you know how it is, in all the excitement...

Anyway, your embed code still says 468 x 500, and that's why the whole thing gets shrunken proportionally. If you change it to 468 x 600, the width of the ballot will line up with the width of the banner ad on top.

Sean that would have been g... (Below threshold)
Kevin Author Profile Page:

Sean that would have been good to know Monday morning before I built 48 polls :-)

I'll fix it...






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