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Ex-Senator Craig ends appeals of his guilty plea

Pardon the pun, but I hope this story will now shuffle off into oblivion.

Former Sen. Larry Craig has ended his effort to void the guilty plea he made following his 2007 arrest in a men's toilet sex-sting operation, his lawyer said on Thursday.

The Minnesota courts have denied the Idaho Republican's appeals asking that he be allowed to withdraw his disorderly conduct guilty plea, which was processed by mail much like a traffic ticket.

Another appeal to the Minnesota Supreme Court would have been fruitless, because the case did not raise significant or novel issues, Craig's attorney Thomas Kelly said.

The three-term Republican's term ended this week, and he has returned to Idaho, Kelly said.

Craig was arrested at Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport on June 11, 2007, by an undercover police officer who said the lawmaker peeked at him repeatedly through a crack in a stall door, sat down in the stall next to him and used hand and foot signals to indicate he was soliciting sex.

Craig, 63 and married, denied he was trolling for sex or was gay. Part of his explanation, which became frequent fodder for comedians, was that he was a big man who needed to spread his legs while sitting on the toilet.

First of all, being married doesn't preclude the possibility a person is gay. Many homosexuals are or were married.

Second I don't care what a politician's sexual orientation is. All I wish is they would keep their sex lives to themselves aka behind closed doors.

How Craig ever thought his arrest and guilty plea wouldn't become news is beyond me. He apparently doesn't have much brain matter between his ears.


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His 15 minutes are up-he ne... (Below threshold)
Pretzel Logic:

His 15 minutes are up-he needs to go away.

This is among the reasons t... (Below threshold)

This is among the reasons the Republicans are no longer the majority party. This reprobate was going go resign his seat until he had the brilliant idea that he should stay and fight the plea that he entered into. What a moron! But, now he is gone and now the GOP can get back to business and get people to run for office for the right reasons. To get a small government.

I would imagine that gay me... (Below threshold)

I would imagine that gay men have the same problem as straight men. Trouble always seems to come when the little head starts thinking for the big one.

M J goluskin - "This is... (Below threshold)

M J goluskin - "This is among the reasons the Republicans are no longer the majority party. This reprobate was going go resign his seat until he had the brilliant idea that he should stay and fight the plea that he entered into."

And surely you hold the same position on the Blogo matter.


In totally unrelated news: ... (Below threshold)

In totally unrelated news: Barney Frank is still in office.

Another politician with ano... (Below threshold)

Another politician with another 'stimulus plan'.






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