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Here's mud in your eye

US troops in Iraq can really enjoy themselves while the Super Bowl is played.

American troops in Iraq will be allowed to drink beer without fear of court-martial for this year's Super Bowl -- an exception to a strict military ban on drinking alcohol in combat zones.

In what is sure to be a major morale boost, the top U.S. commander in Iraq Gen. Raymond Odierno issued a waiver Wednesday paving the way for troops to participate in the popular American football tradition.

Super Bowl XLIII will kick off on Feb. 1 in Tampa, Florida, but it will be 2 a.m. in Baghdad when the live broadcast starts in Iraq. Troops will gather in dining halls on military bases nationwide to watch the game.

A copy of the waiver said the consumption of alcoholic beverages will be limited to Feb. 1-2 and service members can only have two, 12-ounce beers each.

Soldiers deserve to be treated as grownups and expected to act responsibly. If any soldiers abuse this exemption for the Super Bowl, they should be disciplined on a individual basis. In other words not penalize many for the sins of a few.

I never served in a war zone, but while working at Bethesda Naval there were two instances of medical personnel who drank on the job. The most serious of which was a doctor. He got court martialed and eventually lost his license to practice medicine.

Update- I meant to include the end of the AP article when I originally wrote this post.

Violence has declined dramatically over the past year, and the Americans are involved in less combat, focusing more on their training and advisory roles.
Why would good news get buried at the end of a story on Iraq? Hmm......


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Well that's kinda cool. You... (Below threshold)

Well that's kinda cool. You can bet he wouldn't have done that in '06, but it's a sign of the times, I guess. Importing boxes of chicken wings too, or is that too much to ask?

I defer further comment unt... (Below threshold)

I defer further comment until the rate for non-battle injury is reported.

Cool news, but yes who woul... (Below threshold)

Cool news, but yes who would possibly care that violence is down 95% since early 2007? Fracken AP.

Soldiers deserve t... (Below threshold)
kbiel Author Profile Page:
Soldiers deserve to be treated as grownups and expected to act responsibly.
It is my understanding that the restriction on alcoholic beverages in Iraq and Afghanistan has to do with some Pentagon PC hand wringing over offending Muslims who are restricted from drinking alcohol. It has nothing to do with treating our military members like children. Heck, once stateside, 18 year old members can go buy a case of beer at the PX and get blitzed on base even though it would be illegal outside of the base. Of course this bureaucratic rule is brain dead as there are plenty of liquor stores in Iraq and Afghanistan which are frequented by non-Muslims and Muslims alike (from what I have been told by those who were over there).
Man, they roll this out and... (Below threshold)
Big Country:

Man, they roll this out and play it like it's 'new' news. Let me tell you... it's a load of crap. They ALWAYS do this. I've been here for every Superbowl with the exception of last year, and every year, they serve 2 Beers... Bud, Bud Light or Bud Ice and it's the same old same old. They distinguish the people who get brew by marking the back of you hands with permanant marker, like you were in a club with a big black "X"... Every year, they end up having so much beer left over, that they have a few 'extra nights' of suspension of General Order #1 to get rid of it, because the majority of the troops can't be bothered with staying up at 2am, not if they're running mission. Another case of trying to put a 'smiley face' on military stupidity. I know this firsthand mind you as I'm sitting typing this in my hootch in Baghdad, so trust me, nothing new here. They need to get rid of the booze restriction, and let these kids have an outlet besides the gym to work out the frustrations of working 7 days a week.

Surely this is a sign that ... (Below threshold)

Surely this is a sign that the Iraq war has essentially been won.

When I was in Afghan... (Below threshold)

When I was in Afghanistan as a civilian, basically a tourist, and heard that our military had declared there would be a ban on alcohol in that war zone, I realized that they were serious about winning, and felt gaining the respect of local leaders was worth the dry bases. Same thing held in Iraq and win they did.

I am not sure 2 cans of beer is worth breaking that principle. Not sure it will do much damage either. I think the US Army has already made their point about being serious.

Hi, Bill. I hope you enjoy... (Below threshold)

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