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Save the Sea Kittens!

As if the lobster empathy center wasn't enough, PETA has unveiled their newest ridiculous campaign: Save the Sea Kittens!

(In case you haven't heard, sea kittens are what we're supposed to call FISH now.)

People don't seem to like fish. They're slithery and slimy, and they have eyes on either side of their pointy little heads--which is weird, to say the least. Plus, the small ones nibble at your feet when you're swimming, and the big ones--well, the big ones will bite your face off if Jaws is anything to go by.

Of course, if you look at it another way, what all this really means is that fish need to fire their PR guy--stat. Whoever was in charge of creating a positive image for fish needs to go right back to working on the Britney Spears account and leave our scaly little friends alone. You've done enough damage, buddy. We've got it from here. And we're going to start by retiring the old name for good. When your name can also be used as a verb that means driving a hook through your head, it's time for a serious image makeover. And who could possibly want to put a hook through a sea kitten?

They even have fun little stories for the kiddos, to get them on board with the Save the Sea Kitten movement. Here's an example of one:

Sally is a Sea Kitten with an attitude! While all the other Sea Kittens are washing themselves or chasing balls of yarn, Sally is busy swimming upstream to see where life will take her next.

Unfortunately, years of watching her friends and family being hooked through the mouth and dragged into a harsh, alien world above have driven her mad with grief.

Bitter and insane, she spends her days plotting revenge against the Land Kittens who live such happy lives in comfortable homes, free from the terror of being eaten.

The only thing smart about this campaign is that PETA has decided to market it towards childen, because no adult would ever take this seriously -- aside from the wackjobs at PETA, of course. So maybe if children grow up loving the Sea Kittens, they'll never know how wonderfully delicious salmon with a ginger-soy marinade can be. MMMM.


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Comments (16)

Kittens taste good.... (Below threshold)

Kittens taste good.

These PETA idiots even sugg... (Below threshold)

These PETA idiots even suggested that the Montana town of "Whitefish" change the name of the local high school.


Well, that's pretty much on... (Below threshold)

Well, that's pretty much on a par with the intellectual capacity of PETA, so where's the problem?

Well, if PETA can change di... (Below threshold)

Well, if PETA can change dining at the Y to smelling and tasting like kitten instead of Sea Kitten...

Meow, here pussy, pussy, pussy.

Kittens give Morbo gas [/fu... (Below threshold)

Kittens give Morbo gas [/futurama]

mmmmmm.......sea kittens! I... (Below threshold)

mmmmmm.......sea kittens! I like my catfish deep fried....

Mmmm! Kitten and chips!<br ... (Below threshold)

Mmmm! Kitten and chips!
The Japanese like their kittens raw.

That story sounds kittenish to me.

There's a reason why sea ki... (Below threshold)

There's a reason why sea kittens are so tasty.

This story made <a href="ht... (Below threshold)

This story made http://detentionslip.org ! Check it out for all the crazy headlines from our schools.

They still haven't gotten o... (Below threshold)

They still haven't gotten over the fact that their name is an acronym for "People Eating Tasty Animals" nor that they are being ignored by people with more that two functioning synapses.

The only thing smart abo... (Below threshold)
Steve Skubinna:

The only thing smart about this campaign is that PETA has decided to market it towards childen

PETA's been going after the children for a while, obviously believing they can mold public attitudes from the cradle.

A WACKO GROUP CALLED PETA,H... (Below threshold)
Spurwing Plover:


If I owned a restaurant, we... (Below threshold)

If I owned a restaurant, we would have a Sea Kitten Special every Wednesday.

Is it bad that I burst out ... (Below threshold)

Is it bad that I burst out laughing when I got to the third paragraph of the included story, or should I have burst out laughing sooner?

I've got a better name: AQU... (Below threshold)

I've got a better name: AQUA PUSSY!

How f***ing stupid is this.... (Below threshold)

How f***ing stupid is this. I wonder if all of the PETA people are truly vegetarian and never and I mean never eat anything that could be of beef, pork, lamb, fowl or fish.

I am concerned they may be eating vegetables. I can remember some other wacko group say that plants give off vibrations and can actually feel pain. Whoa, what a concept. Now what do we do. Can't dring water either because the "SEA KITTENS" live in water and we would not want to endanger their habitat too, now would we.

I get so fed up with these types of organizations that feed off of the poor, the weak and rich individuals who need a cause to live for. At some point and time this type of crap is going to destroy mankind.

I also wonder if any of the PETA people have actually been hungry. I wonder if they were starving and the only thing to eat would be a piece of fish or meat. Would they eat it and if other people who were around them at the time and knew they were PETA what would they do? Are they willing to die or starve for their cause? What a bunch of idiots. Why do animals have to come before humans. No, I do not abuse animals. I happen to have 3 cats and 2 dogs and they eat better than most people do and I have a freezer full of beef, chicken and fish. I don't intend to starve.






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