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He laid an egg

What can happen to you if you give poor advice to Kim Jong-il-

North Korea's pointman on South Korea, who was earlier said to have been sacked for misjudgment, is said to be undergoing what sources called "severe" communist training at a chicken farm, sources here said Sunday.

Choe Sung-chol, once a vice chairman of the Asia-Pacific Peace Committee, the North's state organization handling inter-Korean affairs, was reported to have been dismissed in early 2008 for what sources called his misjudgment on South Korea's new conservative administration under President Lee Myung-bak.

With North Korea suffering from another of its periodic famines, I'm surprised there are any chickens alive in the country. Then maybe they're needed for food like this.

Hat tip- R. Elgin at Marmot's Hole


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Comments (6)

Mmmmm... kimchi bo-kin-bap.... (Below threshold)

Mmmmm... kimchi bo-kin-bap... ma-ji-sah-yo.

Thanks for reminding me. I ... (Below threshold)

Thanks for reminding me. I have some in the fridge.

Three negative votes?! Why,... (Below threshold)

Three negative votes?! Why, because you can't get Korean food at Denny's?

Looks like his chickensssss... (Below threshold)

Looks like his chickenssssss are coming hooome TO ROOST!!

Tho the ep doesn't stand fo... (Below threshold)

Tho the ep doesn't stand for epicurean, I gave you a thumbs up on #1 hb. I think the spelling you are using must be a Canadian variant, however...

Before I met my husband he'... (Below threshold)

Before I met my husband he'd spent several years in Korea in the AF. He told me how kimchee was made and I was afraid to try it.

Then, my Filipino son-in-law who spent several years in Korea in the Army finally convinced me to try some.

It's wonderful!






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