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Monday Night 24

Sorry to be late to the party, but I am now caught up on tonight's first hour through my DVR and am watching the second hour live. This is the old 24 I loved. Tony and Chloe are back. (Yea!) I knew Tony was still alive. I have been predicting his return ever since he was fake killed off, but almost gave up hope of it actually happening. I am going to go enjoy the end of tonight's episode now.


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No Spoilers for those of us... (Below threshold)

No Spoilers for those of us on PST.

Bah. I watched most of las... (Below threshold)

Bah. I watched most of last night's episode and about 1/3 of tonight's, then gave up. Worst hack writing I've seen in years. Anyone who worked on these scripts should get their WGA membership revoked. Characters back from the dead, double and triple agents, every single government agent or businessman in sight is corrupt, blatantly stupid and counterfactual things as essential plot points, and only Jack and his handful of loyal friends can Save The Day, with no more equipment than a handful of obsolete laptops with which they can somehow penetrate computers that aren't even open to outside access. I haven't seen TV writing this sucky since I gave up on Star Trek: The Next Generation.

wolfwalker wrote: "every... (Below threshold)

wolfwalker wrote: "every single government agent or businessman in sight is corrupt"

I am almost to the point of believing this is the case with all our elected officials. So it may not be as foolish as it seems.

"every single government ag... (Below threshold)

"every single government agent or businessman in sight is corrupt"
Yup that's the realistic part, the technology part has always required the "suspension of reality", so bad it makes me cringe. But yes the plot has so many holes already, the action is good but in the end all that matters is Chole's pretty face on my screen.

BTW even if you go with the reality of the plot, WTF is the big deal, move the carrier force back for a couple days, and patch the firewalls (they said it could take a less then a week), then move it back, if people gotta get slaughtered in the mean time then so be it, wouldn't be the first time. Seems pretty cut and dry to me. eerrr then again come on it's only a tv show.

I'm also going to be real g... (Below threshold)

I'm also going to be real glad see new January episodes of BONES as well. This show offers a cool and yet playful, quirky answer to the CBS hit, CSI. I can watch BONES at 8 on Thursday, then Switch to CBS at 9 for CSI and ELEVENTH HOUR. I'm a happy guy. My Thursday nights are set.

season 7 looks to be yet an... (Below threshold)

season 7 looks to be yet another "white government guys are the evil ones" season of US Government bashing ...
sad ... plenty of real world bad guys available for story lines but they have to gin up this nonsense ...
the handycam cinematography is horrid ...
and the new "madam president" is so butt ugly that I have to divert my eyes everytime she's on screen ...

I thought "madam president"... (Below threshold)

I thought "madam president" bore a more-than-passing resemblance to Maggie Thatcher. I suspect she was cast back when everybody thought the Bitch Queen was going to be the Donkey Party's nominee.






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