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This day in history

Born today January 12th

Rush Limbaugh
Richard Moll(Bull on Night Court)
Professor Ann Althouse(One of my favorite bloggers)
Howard Stern
Herman Goering
Yours Truly

Yes I turn 48 today. I don't know if I will make it to 49. My cancer prognoisis isn't very good. I gave up correspondence chess in the last year which tells anyone the mental wear and tear I've undergone of late.

Then I could beat the cancer and readers here get to look forward to more posts on golf, Maureen Dowd, Knucklehead of the Day, Mark Steyn, screwed up immigration policy, bizarre news from Florida, Mark Krikorian and other topics all or most of which will drive some Wizbang readers to petition Kevin to take away my posting privileges from the only contributor here at Wizbang that I know voted for Barack Obama in 2008. It was the Florida democratic primary and the choice was him or Hillary. Not that it made any difference......

See what you got to forward to if you wish me well. I'm being sarcastic, readers here should be used to it. Have a great day, I will. I'm going to Olive Garden for dinner tonight.


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Comments (22)

You have my full prayers, B... (Below threshold)

You have my full prayers, Bill. You're a great guy and 49 is young where a great guy like you deserves many more good years. Hang in there. I Hope you have the good health to write forever.

By the way, I sure miss tall Richard Moll from NIGHT COURT. That was one of my favorite shows. It was an endless parade of goofy personalities as well as the outrageous abrasive sex joke chemistry between John Larroquette and major babe, Markie Post, who just keeps looking better and better with age. And I get a big kick out of the equally tall, Howard Stern as well. He's one funny and outrageous guy, although the prudish FCC isn't amused. But thank censorship morons for that.

I have it on good authority... (Below threshold)
Pretzel Logic:

I have it on good authority that Bill Clinton was boinkin' Markie Post.

Keep holding on there, Bill... (Below threshold)
The Exposer:

Keep holding on there, Bill. You'll have reems of material over the next 4 years too good to pass up.

Pretzel, well Bill Clinton ... (Below threshold)

Pretzel, well Bill Clinton would have at least shown far better taste in women to do as you claimed than what happened in his "interngate" scandal. But all joking aside here, you get well, Bill.

My prayers for you and a ve... (Below threshold)

My prayers for you and a very Happy Birthday!

Please let me add my humble... (Below threshold)
Dave Noble:

Please let me add my humble voice to the chorus.

You will be in my prayers, Bill.

Happy Birthday! We never kn... (Below threshold)

Happy Birthday! We never know when we are to go, but I am glad that during your battle you have continued to share with us, make us laugh, and then make us laugh more(Hillary Obama!)

I pray that you have a wonderful birthday, as you have always made my visits here at Wizbang a delight.

All the Best

Happy Birthday, Bill. Keep... (Below threshold)

Happy Birthday, Bill. Keep fighting hard and living life on your terms.

Pretzel -I wouldn'... (Below threshold)

Pretzel -

I wouldn't blame him. That Markie... wow...

Bill -

Happy Birthday, and may you have many more!

Looking forward to both you... (Below threshold)

Looking forward to both you and Tiger making a big come back this year.

Happy Bday ! Best wishes... (Below threshold)

Happy Bday ! Best wishes for a fun day.

ew #2 with Clinton (now... (Below threshold)

ew #2 with Clinton (now you ruined my supper)

Many happy birthdays Bill.<... (Below threshold)

Many happy birthdays Bill.
Keep your chin up. :)

happy birthday...... (Below threshold)

happy birthday...

happy birthday! hang in the... (Below threshold)

happy birthday! hang in there...you never know what might happen.

You are in my prayers. It ... (Below threshold)

You are in my prayers. It sure puts things in perspective. I turn 48 later this year.

Happy Birthday Bill!<... (Below threshold)

Happy Birthday Bill!

I'm looking forward to wishing you well this time next year.

Happy Birthday, Bill!... (Below threshold)

Happy Birthday, Bill!

We forgive you for your Barack Obama vote.

Seriously. Get better.


Happy Birthday! And if it m... (Below threshold)

Happy Birthday! And if it means anything, I appreciate those today-in-Florida posts, especially now that all of my Floridian friends know that my Governor's wife wanted to get that f****** s*** from my favorite baseball team. Good luck this year.

Happy birthday Bill.... (Below threshold)

Happy birthday Bill.
I hope you get better, life around here would be lacking without your commentary on the whacko's in FL and golf stories.

PS, I'm a native in exile here, but its all good. I get 4 seasons of weather

HB B. Anyone going to Oliv... (Below threshold)

HB B. Anyone going to Olive Garden needs more than good luck.

Happy Birthday! And wishes ... (Below threshold)

Happy Birthday! And wishes for many more. I have to second the opinion on Olive Garden, but maybe they are better in FL than the one that closed down here. I sure hope so.

I love your posts on FL foolishness. Accompanied by recent developments in Illinois politics, they make me feel good about living in Louisiana!






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