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Batboy Lives


And he cares, too: Waxman promises quick action on climate

California Rep. Henry Waxman said Thursday the environment and U.S. economy depend on congressional action to confront the threat of climate change. Waxman, chairman of the Energy and Commerce Committee, spoke as he opened Congress' first hearing on climate legislation.

Regardless of the direction that our next round of "climate change" takes, or how effective Congressional "solutions" are in stopping it, Rep. Waxman seems well-equipped for subterranean survival.

Lorie adds: I read the headline "Waxman promises quick action on climate" at Drudge. It appeared just below and to the left of the following headlines there:


Chicago has most consecutive days of snowfall since records began in 1884...

Flint, Michigan breaks 95-year-old record...

Blowing snow, frigid temps pound nation...


Frigid air, perhaps coldest of winter...


Live Chill Map...

The picture in Michael's post above is in jest, but the stories I referenced above are the real thing. I don't know which is funnier.


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Comments (19)

Classic!... (Below threshold)


I have to admit, that is fu... (Below threshold)

I have to admit, that is funny.

The resemblance is more tha... (Below threshold)

The resemblance is more than a little scary...I agree with John - classic post!

Eloi beware, there are Morl... (Below threshold)

Eloi beware, there are Morlocks on the prowl and your wallet and lifestyle are in mortal danger.

ELLLL OHHHH ELLLLL... (Below threshold)


Only imbeciles and TV Peopl... (Below threshold)

Only imbeciles and TV People believe humans can change climates.

Bat-Boy is hilarious.... (Below threshold)

Bat-Boy is hilarious.

I remember they had a 9 legged chicken at one point too.

Good catch, Mike.

Shawn -KFC's havin... (Below threshold)

Shawn -

KFC's having a special on a 7-wing combo. Makes you wonder - have they bred a bird with three and a half pairs of wings?

And how would they fly?

Talk about tying a pork cho... (Below threshold)
Baron Von Ottomatic:

Talk about tying a pork chop around his neck so the family dog will play with him. Last time I saw a mouth like that was when I got attacked by the chupacabra.

Batboy's no prize pig either.

I'm here in central Illinoi... (Below threshold)

I'm here in central Illinois, where it's -14°, waiting for Henry Waxman to "solve" the Global Warming Problem.

What a great illustration of the man and his mission!

What the heck does it say s... (Below threshold)

What the heck does it say say about his constituents? Keeping someone this fugly and stupid in Congress is no way to go through life...

Wrong picture. Try these:</... (Below threshold)
Only imbeciles and... (Below threshold)
Only imbeciles and TV People believe humans can change climates.

Actually, it depends on the imbeciles and humans. If you have enough imbeciles, certain humans can sell, "We'll f*ck up the weather so you'll pay us to blame you for it". Quo bono?

Doesn't Congress have a den... (Below threshold)

Doesn't Congress have a dental plan, or, is he really British?

Of course, Lorie is not int... (Below threshold)

Of course, Lorie is not interested in stories like this one.

Maybe global warming is BS,... (Below threshold)

Maybe global warming is BS, but repeatedly misrepresenting the theory only makes you look like the moron. If you care so much about debunking it, perhaps you should first understand what it claims.

Even an idiot can read any article on it and grasp that, while supposedly heat is being added to the weather system, this makes it more energetic and chaotic, producing wider variations in temperatures, stronger winds, worse storms, etc. This means snow in Florida and unseasonably warm days in Alaska. IT DOES NOT MEAN THAT THE TEMPERATURE UNIFORMLY MOVES UP ACROSS THE GLOBE.

That you continue to post such drivel only undermines your case. Please stop now, you aren't helping.

THANK YOU! That is exactly... (Below threshold)

THANK YOU! That is exactly the rag mag pic I think of everytime I look at this unfortunate-looking human being. Er, uh, I mean, he IS human, isn't he? I dunno.

"I'm here in central Illino... (Below threshold)
Dave Noble:

"I'm here in central Illinois, where it's -14°, waiting for Henry Waxman to "solve" the Global Warming Problem."

Another guy who happens to live at the one point on the globe that exactly replicates mean world temperature.

Congratulations, Bob.

It's interesting how few bloggers chose to discuss AGW and how many jumped at the opporunity to mock Henry Waxman's visage. You know what everybody forgot to mention - He's a "four eyes." Snort, snort, yuk, yuk.

All that cold and still the... (Below threshold)
Spurwing Plover:

All that cold and still the green wackos blabber about GLOBAL WARMING phooie on green nuts THE BAT BOY MUST FEEL OFFENDED at looking like ol tall dark and grusome






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