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Brilliant: Some Gitmo Detainees Might Settle in the US

Earlier today we learned that Camp Pendleton is a possible housing facility for Gitmo detainees once Obama has it closed down. That's bad enough. But now we hear that Obama is considering allowing some Gitmo detainees to live here in the United States.

Sure, what could go wrong?

Human rights advocates are urging the incoming Obama administration to allow some detainees from the prison at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, to resettle as U.S. residents as part of any plan to close the controversial facility.

Taking such a step would go beyond plans outlined so far to close the prison and transfer detainees to other countries or to military prisons on the U.S. mainland. But allowing a small number -- perhaps only two or three -- to live freely in the U.S. could help persuade other countries to accept some of them as well.

"If we want European and other countries to feel comfortable taking at least some of the prisoners off American hands, the U.S. will have to show it is OK by taking some itself," said Tom Malinowski, the Washington advocacy director of Human Rights Watch.

President-elect Barack Obama's transition team is considering the option, but a Democratic official said there has been no conclusion that the resettlement option is necessary to Obama's plans.

And who's behind this unbelievably stupid, idiotic, dangerous, death-wish of an idea? This woman:

Elisa Massimino, the executive director of Human Rights First, said resettling a few detainees in the U.S would be a wise move for Obama.

"After seven years of being fed the line that everyone there is the worst of the worst, it would help enormously if the United States would set an example that would put the lie to that, by taking one or two of the people," she said.

Oh, sure. We're just holding those people in Gitmo for the hell of it. They go with the decor. But here's my idea. If she's convinced they're all harmless and misunderstood and being held by big, bad George W. Bush, how about if the one or two of the people she thinks should resettle here live with her. After all, it's her idea.

Update: How about an Adopt-a-Jihadist program? That's the ticket.


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Comments (30)

And make no mistake, they w... (Below threshold)

And make no mistake, they will be liberal celebrities. Just like Ayers.

Speaking of Bill Ayres, I w... (Below threshold)

Speaking of Bill Ayres, I was just thinking that the Hyde Park area of Chicago would be a choice resettling area. Then Ayres and Obama and the rest of the elitist liberal cocktail party crowd residing there will have a perfect chance to practice the tolerance and peaceful coexistence principles that they have so breathlessly preached.

Let's send em to Berkeley, ... (Below threshold)

Let's send em to Berkeley, San Fran, or Hollywood with the other illegals.

I would put them up in the ... (Below threshold)
Zelsdorf Ragshaft III:

I would put them up in the basement of the White House. Allow them free access to the upper floors.

Perhaps Elisa Massimino wil... (Below threshold)

Perhaps Elisa Massimino will set the example and let them live with her.

I'm sure she'll be happy to have a couple of men tell her where to go, what to wear, who to associate with. Yeah, she'll be really happy.

We KNOW where they <a href=... (Below threshold)

We KNOW where they won't be going.

And I suspect she's the leader of an entire butt load of NIMBYS

and the neocons cower as us... (Below threshold)

and the neocons cower as usual

Bill Ayers and his Madame L... (Below threshold)
Dave Noble:

Bill Ayers and his Madame LeFarge wife, Bernadine Dohrn, were never liberal celebrities The Right made Bill Ayers a celebrity.

As to resettlement of Gitmo detainess in the US, I agree with the suggestion that they should be resettled next to those who advocate for their resettlement in the US. It's only fair.

How about a cable-only cage... (Below threshold)

How about a cable-only cage match between the Massamino twat and Ingrid Newkirk of PETA? Animal-firsters vs. terrorist-firsters...

They can live in potter's f... (Below threshold)

They can live in potter's field after a double tap to the head. I
f they are not the worst of the worst and poor victims why does the rest of the world NOT want them back? MMMM? Yep they guys need ingest some lead.

"As to resettlement of Gitm... (Below threshold)

"As to resettlement of Gitmo detainess in the US, I agree with the suggestion that they should be resettled next to those who advocate for their resettlement in the US. It's only fair."


Wow. We've got common ground. :)

Alright, Peabrain3000, you'... (Below threshold)

Alright, Peabrain3000, you're so brave, why don't YOU offer to put 'em up?

"it would help enormousl... (Below threshold)
P. Bunyan:

"it would help enormously if the United States would set an example that would put the lie to that"

The "that" being the lie that people like Massimino and her fellow travelers in the MSM have spewn these last eight years. So she wants to do this insane thing to prove the lie she and her buds have been saying is in fact a lie? There's an easier way, just tell the whole truth in a fair and objective manner for a change.

And I thought the world was gonna suddenly love us anyway starting the afternoon of the 20th...

LOL, Tim. How abou... (Below threshold)

LOL, Tim.

How about it Peabody. Care to put your bravery where your mouth is?

Elisa Massochistno can foot... (Below threshold)

Elisa Massochistno can foot the bill for all the "detainees" and have them move into Her place. That would show us all what a respectable caring individual piece of s--- She is.

pea[brain]3000 - "and t... (Below threshold)

pea[brain]3000 - "and the neocons cower as usual"

Psst... you forgot to add the dem - oops, make that "DIM" - gov I linked to. Obviously she is also cowering from fright and fails to see the value of them being in her backyard.

It looks like California wi... (Below threshold)

It looks like California wins the lotto. Should be interesting to see how the biggest state in Obamalala La La land likes it.

Yes, many of the Gitmo deta... (Below threshold)
Mac Lorry:

Yes, many of the Gitmo detainees are coming to live in the U.S.  However, because being on welfare is humiliating and because humiliating a detainee is considered torture, the U.S. has to train them and find them jobs.  When asked what jobs they wanted to train for the first choice of many of the detainees was airline pilot with airport security coming in a close second and airport baggage handler third.  Obama administration officials praised the detainees willingness to work and forget their holy war against the U.S.


It has always been my feeli... (Below threshold)

It has always been my feeling, since the dreadful and traitorous Boumedianne SCOTUS opinion, that these fiends be housed in the SCOTUS building so our esteemed civil rights Justices could get a true picture of these peaceful non violent prisoners. Indeed, maybe the SCOTUS could charge admission, like at Coney Island so that libs could pay to view living breathing fireeaters and use the money for pay raises they claim to so desperately need.
Win Win.
The other suggestions of Adopt a Terrorist I'm also in favor of, or housing them in Hyde Park as well, maybe San Francisco (I'm sure anti gay terrorists would sit well with their City Council-antiamerican terrorists always trumps antigay in leftist circles).

"After seven years of be... (Below threshold)

"After seven years of being fed the line that everyone there is the worst of the worst, it would help enormously if the United States would set an example that would put the lie to that, by taking one or two of the people," she said.

Why isn't the message that NO ONE ELSE wants them?

Peabrain is one of those de... (Below threshold)

Peabrain is one of those deluded souls who were surprised by 9/11. Stupid is as stupid does.

"Peabrain is one of those d... (Below threshold)
Dave Noble:

"Peabrain is one of those deluded souls who were surprised by 9/11."

Hey, El, I could care less if Peabody was surprised by 9/11. What concerns me is that the President Bush was. Especially fter the August 6, 2001 daily intelligence briefing indicating AQ was set to attack inside the United States.

Let the terrorists out of G... (Below threshold)
Jay Guevara:

Let the terrorists out of Gitmo, and put the liberals in. Then smoke all of the terrorists. Problem solved.

Dave -The US is a ... (Below threshold)

Dave -

The US is a big place - over 2 million square miles, large cities, small towns, dams, bridges, power plants -

Let's take one city, say... Chicago.

You get a message - Al Quaeda's going to attack Chicago sometime in the next six months. You don't get any info on the target they're choosing, you don't get a time, you don't get a method.

How are you supposed to protect Chicago?

Let's say you get real good intel, that 15 men are coming on the 5th of Feb to attack Chicago at 9 AM. You don't have names, you don't have pictures - you've got a date and time but nothing more.

Let's make it even easier - they're going to stuff either Ford Taurus(es) or Toyota Celicas with explosives. Does that narrow things down?

Can you imagine the disruption around Chicago from the roadblocks to inspect cars on the 9th? And you can't inspect just the Taurus or Celicas - they might switch car types. Or the date. Or the time.

Now - instead of Chicago make the target area the US.

And add in the fact that until these guys hijacked the plane - they'd committed no crime. If they'd been ID'ed and arrested, people would have been screaming about violating their rights because they hadn't done anything and there was no proof they were going to! Everyone knew at the time that hijackers weren't going to destroy their planes and passengers - but that bit of conventional wisdom was dead wrong.

So you can criticise Bush for not acting on the warning - but infoblurbs like "Al Quaeda intends to attack the US" is darn near useless when it comes to actually figuring out who, what, where, and when.

JLawson - You beat me to th... (Below threshold)

JLawson - You beat me to that response.

Although I suspect you have received the same responses to it as I have when posing that scenario.

That being.... NOTHING, i.e. without exception the questioned party slinks out of the thread or simply ignores the query.

Noble's type, even if attempted, produce a ham-handed disingenuous piece of trash with a fine patina of BS.

Maybe Oprah can enroll them... (Below threshold)

Maybe Oprah can enroll them in her Angel Network or even habitat for humanity? God help us all!

I don't think it's really a... (Below threshold)

I don't think it's really about the facts for them, Marc. You can tell - they 'know' what they know, and you aren't going to persuade them otherwise. To them, 'Bush was warned' seems to be enough to establish his guilt - but a warning with no details is essentially useless until after the event.

It sure isn't enough to stop it!

I LUV DSL's suggestion, alt... (Below threshold)

I LUV DSL's suggestion, although I'd add:

Enlist Rachael Ray as official chef for whatever "terrorist enclave" they set-up for the jihadist-cut-throats.

Now wait a minute! I think ... (Below threshold)
Ellis Slack:

Now wait a minute! I think the Gitmo detainees should have the same rights as the rest of the border crossers. Lets put them down in Mexico and see if they can cross the Rio without the border patrol catching them. :-)

Will the Democrats stop at ... (Below threshold)

Will the Democrats stop at nothing to gain new voting blocs?






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