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Farewell, Sir.

After watching President George W. Bush deliver his farewell speech to the nation, there remain two images that in my mind define President Bush. One is personal, which I may share a bit of over the weekend during his final days in office. The other is really no less personal, though observed via television from a couple short miles away.

Even years from now, when I remember President George W. Bush, this will still forever be a defining moment. Ignoring the Secret Service demands to stay within protocol, plan and security measures, the President silhouetted himself and climbed the rubble, grabbed a bullhorn, and spoke unscripted to the men and women working tirelessly even as the task at Ground Zero was making the sobering transition from rescue to recovery.

That was the President of the United States.


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Thats a fanciful ima... (Below threshold)
dr lava:

Thats a fanciful image. Those of us in the reality based world remember a President that failed horrifically on that day to protect our country, desperately tried to kill the 9-11 commission, failed to kill Bin-Laden or al-Zawahiri, and then lied the vulnerable nation into a needless war that killed 4226 of our soldiers.

He leaves office with the nation crumbling into catastrophic and terrifying economic despair.

That was a REAL image...a R... (Below threshold)

That was a REAL image...a REAL moment. Unlike the unrelenting Bush-bashing from "people" like Dr. Lava here.

Can someone search the archives of this and other sites to find the number of times Dr. Lava PRAISED Bush for the splendid economy of 2002 thru 2007?? I'm certain that it (Dr. Lava) gave Bush ALL credit for the GREAT economy then...and thus established their creds to give Bush ALL blame for the bad economy now. Right????

We took the war TO the enemy, and created a stable ally in the middle of the Middle East.

I, for one, believed the President when he said: "Saddam Hussein has weapons of mass destruction and will use them against us. He poses a real and present danger to our nation!"

I never really LIKED Bill Clinton...but I believed him when he said THAT!

My personal memory of Presi... (Below threshold)

My personal memory of President Bush is him standing in Jackson Square in New Orleans after Katrina and LYING to suffering Americans saying America would help them rebuild a great American city. I believed him then, I don't anymore. Good riddance to bad rubbish! So long! You will go down as the WORST president in American history.

I will remember him as he d... (Below threshold)

I will remember him as he did a fly over in New Orleans as poor people suffered & died during one of the worst disasters in American history.

While George Bush ate cake with John McCain, little innocent babies & old people died from lack of food & water. It's an image that will never be erased from my mind. These poor people were American citizens and they were left to drown or die from basic necessities while the president enjoyed Birthday Cake. Shameful!

My favorite Bush/Emperor Ha... (Below threshold)
Adrian Browne:

My favorite Bush/Emperor Has No Clothes memory was the insulting Harriet Miers-nomination and watching how his base crumbled at that moment.

Bush's greatest achievement was whatever contribution he made to the election of Barack Obama.

Thanks Prez Bush and be safe as you flee to Paraguay or Dubai or whatever country that will have you.

*throws one shoe and then the other*

i see bds (bush derangement... (Below threshold)

i see bds (bush derangement syndrome) is still being suffered by the loony libs.

we can only hope (no pun intended) that the messiah can do as well as bush. bush inherited a recession and 9/11, and thanks to his tax cuts and aggressive war on terror we were out of the recession in less than 2 years and no attacks on the homeland.

if the first acts of the messiah are any indication, i am afraid my children and grandchildren will be put back in slavery because of the massive debt that is being incurred by the dems and rino's. hypocrisy: the dems saying bush should have seen the current recession coming a year ago; yet, the messiah couldn't see the current state of the economy a week before the election.

i will say this for the messiah: he has said unemployment will not exceed 9% and that he will change the world. the question is which way?

For those of you that wish ... (Below threshold)

For those of you that wish to create your own reality, be my guest. I will not refute the unusual degree of ridiculousness appearing in these comments as it would be lost on those needing, once again, such refutation. (Paging Mayor Nagin, Bill Clinton, Mary Landrieu, please step forward and accept responsibility for all of the people you killed by failing to do your duties...ok, maybe a little refutation.)

It was an excellent speech - I remember watching it on television that day. It was the right thing for him to do, the right things for him to say, and between President Bush and Mayor Giuliani they were the right people at the right time to begin recovering from that awful day.

BPG, You are livi... (Below threshold)

You are living a delusion. Enjoy the bubble.

Hmmm, considering the laten... (Below threshold)

Hmmm, considering the lateness of the hour that Steve posted his comments, it almost appears as though the trolls had nothing better to do with their evenings than scan the conservative websites, just waiting to pounce with their vitriol.

I will always consider President Bush a principled man, an honest man, an imperfect man, but he never pretended to be what he was not. I will always appreciate what he has done to protect this country, which he HAS done, by taking the battle to the enemy and off our front door step.

Wordygirl, It did... (Below threshold)

It did not take an "enemy" to destroy my hometown, just a negligent government. And I am not a troll. I am an American citizen.

"While George Bush ate cake... (Below threshold)

"While George Bush ate cake with John McCain, little innocent babies & old people died from lack of food & water."

Holy CRAP. YOu don't STILL believe all that do you? Even the press has admitted they got all those stories wrong about Katrina.

Hey, Doctor J - do you reme... (Below threshold)

Hey, Doctor J - do you remember that the protocol in emergencies is LOCAL then STATE then FED government? DO you remember that Bush tried to get Blanco to get the national guard assembled three days before Katrina hit and she said NO. Do you remember him declaring it a disaster area before the storm him? Do you remember him BEGGING NAgin to get people evacuated from NOLA? Do you remember how we all thought we'd dodged a bullet because the streets were fine an hour after the storm but then THE LEVEES broke? And where did all the FED FUNDING to shore up those levees go? Did you ask you DEM GOV, DEM MAYOR and DEM Senators?

Your drama is pointless because it's not based on anythign like the truth. I'm tired of the LIES about Katrina.

The insanity of the Left ne... (Below threshold)

The insanity of the Left never ceases to amaze me.

Most Americans still believe that 10,000 people died in Katrina...and that the bodies were "stacked like cordwood in the Super Dome" (that's a newsservice quote)

In reality TWO bodies were in the Super Dome...and aproximately 1,800 actually died in the Hurricane.

The media NEVER went back to correct the story. Remember the 1995 Chicago heat wave that killed over 1,000 people on Bill Clinton's watch? The media had no interest in covering THAT either. Frankly it was NOT Clinton's fault...any more than Katina was Bush's.

The photo of an entire FLEET of buses underwater and under NAGIN's control, that could have evacuated EVERYONE is another FACT the Left can't even consider.

BDS...it's kinda like herpes I guess.

For some unexplicable reaso... (Below threshold)

For some unexplicable reason, the left thinks that America will be transformed next week into sweetness and light, that money will sprout on trees and the streets will be paved with gold. The Greatest Leader In History will finally be in charge and all will be well with the world. Peace will break out all over and centuries of injustice will disappear in the first five minutes of Obama's reign.

I still don't know what in Obama's record convinces them that this is so. But then there's very little I see in the Left that convinces me that they do much actual thinking at all.

Never in his entire second ... (Below threshold)

Never in his entire second term did even half of Americans approve of the way he was handling his job. Indeed, for the last year and a half, George W. Bush's approval rating has never risen above 30 percent.

But hey, the dingy wingy right still insists he was Mr. Wonderful.

Delusional thinking is a symptom of the 27%ers these days.

bobdogThat's your ... (Below threshold)


That's your asinine projection in #14. I have no illusions as to the difficulties that lay ahead in just about every aspect of American life. I think we're in for a number of very difficult years financially. OBL (remember the guy your hero was going to capture dead or alive) and his surrogates are out there planning their next act of terror.

No, you idiot we don't think all will be "sweetness and light". But I thank god that the gang that brought us to this point is heading out of town and that an intelligent, mature, thoughtful man will be in the WH.

"...intelligent, mature, th... (Below threshold)

"...intelligent, mature, thoughtful man...?" As long as someone tells him what to say and how to act. He's a sham!

To understand the lu... (Below threshold)
dr lava:

To understand the lunacy of the 27% that rejoice in the incompetence of Bush the book, "They Thought They Were Free" by Milton Mayer, may begin to explain the insanity exhibited here.

It is a book about how average German citizens could support Hitler and then post war defend the actions of the Nazis.

Fascinating stuff that goes far to explain the "submissive to perceived authority' behavior of "conservatives".


Lava needs to read and re-r... (Below threshold)

Lava needs to read and re-read before he supports the Obama front.

The MOTHER-IN-LAW Party!!! ... (Below threshold)
24usmcr Author Profile Page:

The MOTHER-IN-LAW Party!!! That's the name I've given to the political movement of all the folks like Doctor J, Dr Lava, JFO, et.al. No matter what President Bush does they'll never be happy. The American people selected him instead of their favorite, ALGORE, and for that W will never be forgiven! Their screeds are never complete until they insinuate conservatives ascribe to the teachings of Adolf Hitler. Is this a projection of their own neurosis/psychosis? Josef Goebbels seems to provide the pattern for their media strategy, i.e. something to the effect of "...continue to tell the lie until it becomes the truth." (For all you government-school trained MOTHER-IN-LAW Party members, he was Hitlers propaganda minister)

The Mother-In-Law Party time and time again blames the president and conservatives for the consequences of their own incompetence. Justrand says it very well in #13 above. What the MOTHER-IN-LAW Party controlled Congress (with the single digit approval ratings) is going to do when they can't blame their fiascoes on W? I just can't help but wonder...

Keep telling yourself Bush ... (Below threshold)

Keep telling yourself Bush had no responsibility in Katrina.

While your at it, keep telling yourself he had no responsibility for the Dubai port deal, or the economy, or torture, or the debacle that is Iraq, or the fact that most of our troops were pulled out of Afghanistan for Iraq - and now Afghanistan is a disaster, or the corruption in the Republican party fueled by Bush not giving a single veto on any pork in his first 4 years, or the Valerie Plame situation, or the Justice Department crimes, etc. etc. etc.

As is the case with the delusional, you'll have your excuses for all these things. Isn't it a wonder how someone so pure and innocent has so many significant, life-changing disasters on his watch?

Keep on apologizing for this jerk so you neocons can continue to look like out-of-touch fools. And, once again, your shouting stays in this echo chamber since your voice carries no weight in the political arena anymore.

To 24USMCR...They'll CONTIN... (Below threshold)

To 24USMCR...They'll CONTINUE to blame their fiascos on W and the Repubs... it's what they ALWAYS do!

The American people... (Below threshold)

The American people selected him instead of their favorite, ALGORE, and for that W will never be forgiven!

Nope. I think the distaste for this man has more to do with the vast array of LIES he's thrown at this country and the disasters created as a result of them. You see, for American's who care about their country and don't just see it all as a game of "I win, you lose", performance matters. We actually have substantial reasons to dislike Bush.

It's your party that acts like a bunch of crybabies and sore losers when you don't get your way, and support the worst possible options because "they're part of the team (Palin as example)."

I will be so glad to see this prick go, and I hope the lashing he gets in the history books will confort him in his old age.

The best man available for ... (Below threshold)
DJ Drummond:

The best man available for the job, and he did a better job than most people recognize now.

Only the most bitter and dishonest people cannot bring themselves to thank President Bush for his many accomplishments and dedication to his office. But then, 'bitter' and 'dishonest' are pretty much the key attributes of the modern democrat.

"As President Bush prepares... (Below threshold)

"As President Bush prepares to leave office, three quarters of Americans have a parting thought: "Good riddance."

Asked their view of President Bush at the end of his presidency, 75 percent said they are glad he is leaving, according to a CNN-Opinion Research Corporation poll taken in December. Only 23 percent said they will miss him."


Sooooooo DJ it's enlightening to read that 75% of us Americans are "bitter and dishonest." Actually I'd say it's you who is bitter and dishonest, unable and unwilling to look at this man is an honest and open way

Impressions change JFO, and... (Below threshold)
DJ Drummond:

Impressions change JFO, and the media plays a big role as you know very well. Or have you forgotten that 80% of the country wanted Clinton impeached, but then 75% then decided the Republicans overreached by actually impeaching Clinton?

Your comment proves my point.

# 9: "He never pretended to... (Below threshold)
Bruce Henry:

# 9: "He never pretended to be what he was not." You mean like a manlyman brush-clearin' Texas cowboy?
# 24: "thank President Bush for his many accomplishments..." OK, I'll spot you increased AIDS funding in Africa. Name one other positive accomplishment.
And "no more attacks after 9/11" doesn't count, because there were no more attacks after the first WTC bombing either. And don't even try "liberating 50 million Muslims", because I'm pretty sure the Iraqis and Afghans don't exactly feel a hell of a lot of gratitude about now, especially the dead ones. The mullahs of Iran might, though...they've got a great new friend in the Shiite regime Bush installed. Thanks, George W Bush!

Geez DJ that's pathetically... (Below threshold)

Geez DJ that's pathetically weak. I've grown to like your posts but your comments here are ridiculous.

We live in the here and now DJ and since 2004 Bush hasn't even gotten a 50% approval rating. One of the most remarkable things about this man and his supporters is his and their absolute inability to admit to the foul ups in his administration.

DJ, can you link to a poll ... (Below threshold)
Bruce Henry:

DJ, can you link to a poll from that time showing 80% wanted Clinton impeached? That's not the way I remember it. Of course my memory may be faulty.

Remember how George Bushg f... (Below threshold)

Remember how George Bushg failed when he didn't capture or kill Bin Laden? The Messiah-Elect doesn't, either.


Have fun spinning your boy's flip-flops.

We did not tire...we did no... (Below threshold)

We did not tire...we did not falter...and we did not fail.

Thank you President Bush for always keeping your faith in God and America strong. Thank you your rising above the vile and vicious noise of defeat and moving forward in quiet determination towards victory.

May you and your gracious wife Laura receive many blessings for the sacrifices you both made in defending our nation.

God Speed Mr. President

You will be missed.

Vite, Your post is... (Below threshold)

Your post is hysterical! You ARE a true believer!
You are the kind of person that really scares me about the future of America. You have the facts but can't (or won't) bring them together to see reality. It is all about excuses. I lived it Katrina firsthand so I know the circumstances everything happened in. The city prepared for a hurricane, not a flood. I was a Bush supporter until seeing first hand the years of suffering post Katrina. The cronysm, ineptitude and incompetence was beyond belief! All of a sudden the reason for the ineptitude in Iraq became clear. Like you, this administration didn't operate in the real world. It acted on the a world they WANTED; a world that didn't exist. It forced facts to fit its imaginary world. Four more days to get this joker out. And history WILL tell his story, one of abandoning Americans, stuffing the nation's money into his supporter's pockets, and bankrupting the nation fighting shadows.

DoctorJ, did you just decry... (Below threshold)

DoctorJ, did you just decry cronyism? A New Orleans native? Good God, the whiplash that must have caused. Apparently you lived through the storm, without the Federal Government riding to the rescue. The city prepared for a hurricane, when it should have prepared for a flood. Everyone knew what was was going to happen. Everyone had heard about 'the big one', which would flood New Orleans, yet the city and state were woefully unprepared. Maybe if your governor was doing her job instead of getting flustered and breaking down in tears, things might have been better.

Good riddance, Idiot. I jus... (Below threshold)

Good riddance, Idiot. I just wished you took the right wingers delusionals with you. If someone suffers from some syndrome is BSAS - Bush Stupidity Apology Syndrome. The insanity of the right not even amazes me anymore. You two Bush and his drooling hipnotized supporters deserve each other. Secede Now!

Then the New Orleans and Lo... (Below threshold)

Then the New Orleans and Louisiana governments were truly incompetent, or utterly clueless.

You build a city in essentially a big bowl, and depend upon levies to keep the water out. These levies are old and you are told year after year, decade after decade that they could fail during hurricanes...but according to the 'New Orleans native' they never prepared for a flood..just a hurricane.

Yet that still doesn't excuse the local pols' stupidity with regards to disaster planning..but I guess that's the kind of government that doctorj wants.

The Katrina debaucle occure... (Below threshold)

The Katrina debaucle occured because of the always corrupt and incapable leadership of the democratic machine in the state and city offices. Blanco caught saying on a hot mike, "I guess I should have asked for help sooner" isn't enough for the grade school trolls here.

After the first world trade center bombings, there were many others on America all over the worlf Brucy, but you seem to not know that. After 9/11, no other attacks not only in our country, but on any american interests in the world. You are either a dim wit or are pretending to be one.

JFO, in 2001 GW had a 75% approval rating. Right now he has a 34%, so without much thought in the matter, your BDS again caused you to lie.

Democratic leadership has been on congress for more then two years and yet the Iraq war continues. It is not the dem's war, but you trolls seem to miss that fact.

Obama is thinking of delaying closing Guantanamo, but you seem to miss that fact.

Obama is not stopping the tax cuts, yet you miss that fact. The real liar has been proven here, and that is Barry and you trolls, falling under the spell of the messiah cannot see it. ww

And while he joined the fir... (Below threshold)
Hannah Stevens:

And while he joined the firemen in the ruble, he cut their benefits, refused the idea that the pollution from the site was lethal and many are now dying of cancer years later. Does anyone ever wonder why the 9-11 site was never declared a crime scene and investigated thoroughly? It was cleaned up in record time, the remains destroyed or shipped overseas.

NeverWasRepublican, that's ... (Below threshold)

NeverWasRepublican, that's a splendid display of grammar coming from someone describing others as idiots. That not even surprises me really though yeah.

If anyone is basing 75% of ... (Below threshold)

If anyone is basing 75% of all Americans disapprove of George Bush, you should look at the numbers of people interviewed to get to that number. Only less than 2000 people were polled. That is a really good way to get your 75%. To me that is not indicative of all the people of America. I think that CNN skews its polls for its own results. They are so not scientific.

Holy CRAP. YOu don't STI... (Below threshold)

Holy CRAP. YOu don't STILL believe all that do you? Even the press has admitted they got all those stories wrong about Katrina.

Bush & John McCain celebrated John McCain's 69th birthday with a cake while little babies and old people died from lack of food and water. Images of those poor suffering people rips the heart into a million pieces.

Taking 5 days to do a food drop is unacceptable. Unacceptable!

I think that CNN sk... (Below threshold)

I think that CNN skews its polls for its own results.

That's what you THINK. Back it up with some hard facts. Otherwise, be happy believing unsubstantiated claims while the rest of us decide to deal with facts and reality.

What a man...Yeah I know, h... (Below threshold)

What a man...Yeah I know, he made mistakes blah blah blah...He is just a man after all, but I say he's been expectional considering what we've had to face...I miss him already and since I cannot find any place to let him know how grateful I am, please allow me to do so here...Thank you 43...You've done a wonderful job and your father in heavan knows exactly what you've done and you will be rewarded accordingly...Godspeed and may the good Lord continue to bless you and yours...Keep your head up...

With Love and Respect because no man is an island!

"your father in heavan know... (Below threshold)

"your father in heavan knows exactly what you've done and you will be rewarded accordingly"

True, Adrienne. Only God really knows.

The way I see it, CNN shoul... (Below threshold)
June Conner:

The way I see it, CNN should celebrate a great victory in Bush's low ratings. It was like a constant campaign to get Bush's image and reputation to the lowest point, criticizing every move he made. Even today, when Bush is on his way out, the low approval numbers are shown again, in case anyone would tend to forget the character assassination that has been done. It isn't only unfair; it is cruel to malign any human being as he has been. To me, George Bush is a very decent, Christian gentleman who has had a very difficult job with too little support. No doubt those who have trashed him could have made all the right decisions. You think?

Willie, I know about Khobar... (Below threshold)
Bruce Henry:

Willie, I know about Khobar Towers, the Embassy bombings, USS Cole, etc. But I consider the 4200 soldiers killed in Iraq "American interests", don't you? And the 30,000+ wounded?
I also think that Spain, the UK, and Australia are our allies, but they were all attacked rather badly during Bush's wildly successful war on terror. It was probably "in our interest" not to have the UN compound in Baghdad attacked either, but yet it happened.
What kills me about Bush apologists is the double standard. There were no more Islamic terrorist attacks on US soil from 1993 until 2001.You don't hear anybody bragging about that, and you didn't hear Clinton supporters claiming that Reagan and Bush41 were to blame for the 1993 bombing. There WAS a major attack, 9/11, ON BUSH'S WATCH. So it's an ACCOMPLISHMENT to only let that happen once???!!? Where's your common sense?
And Clinton managed to go 7+ years without an attack on US soil WITHOUT invading Iraq, without fighting a 5-year war on money borrowed from China, without fucking up the Army, and without the rest of the world losing its respect for us.
So excuse me if I don't join in the canonization of St. George. He's been nothing short of a catastrophe.
And I still haven't seen anyone listing a positive accomplishment. Nothing but excuse-making.

Tim, I didn't vote... (Below threshold)

I didn't vote for Blanco or Nagin, but the truth of the situation was that the federal flood was beyond the scope of any local government. We needed our country and it dropped the ball and because of that Americans died. If supporting George Bush (a person I did vote for twice) is more important to you than that, fine. It is a reflection of the kind of values you have. When I see wrong, I will fight it, even if it is my own political party that is the source. The Emperor has no clothes and you still refuse to say it. Here is a post from another site about Bush's legacy and Katrina. It says everything I need to say.

"I'm with you on hating Bush. As someone who survived Katrina, lost everything to Katrina, was a first responder during Katrina and has struggled to restablish myself in the town my family has called home for five generations, let me tell you... I HATE BUSH. The only thing that got me through Katrina was the grace of God and the overwhelming empathy of the American people.
Bush didn't want to respond to fellow Americans on their knees? Fine. I didn't expect anything less than having to take care of my own. That's the way I was raised. But his administration didn't just fail to respond, they got in the way at every turn. Sending our ice to Idaho? Ordering our boats to stand down? Diverting our boats so that the refineries could be staffed while people literally steamed to death in their attics, waiting, praying? It was really simple, Mr. Bush: you just had to let us bring ice and water in/people out/ice and water in/people out... all day long. How hard is that?
And the only time I ever saw FEMA was when they were sneering down at a dying woman, telling me that we were in the way of their operations. WHAT OPERATIONS? Your let-these-people-die operations? Every time I see the chemical burns scars on my feet, I seethe with hate for you, and they're never going away, Mr. Bush. Never. That water receded, but we're all damaged in some way from it.
You gave all your Iraq War buddies fat no bid contracts in the early days of our recovery, and then we got blamed for wasting money. 175 bucks a square to tarp a roof? What is that? It's disgusting. You let contractors stuff our flood walls full of newspaper and called it fixed. I still can't believe it. But it's true. There's your money, America... the federal contractors stuffed our storm defenses full of newspaper. Look it up. It's true. You stood in the way every chance you got, Mr. Bush. And I can never forgive you for that. Here in New Orleans, we will dance the day your sorry ass dies."

And as to living in a bowl, it is always the arguement of last resort for the defenders of the Bush administration. Here is a newsflash for you: American citizenship is not based on elevation or race. If you like paying taxes to an incompetent, inept, heartless government, you just got 8 years of it. I am ready for something better. I want to be proud of my country again. 4 more days to a new beginning! 4 more days until my job will be done.

Doctorj, frankly, without p... (Below threshold)

Doctorj, frankly, without putting too fine a point on it, you are simply a liar. Making up your very silly arguments with no supporting documentation. You are also an idiot. Sorry, but you are.

Bruce, I am not apologizing for GW. I don't think it is necessary. I think you lefties should apologize for the unrelenting demeaning of the man and his family. To a point where we feel obliged to return the favor to your messiah. Barry is an idiot who had to bring in the old schoolers to help with his administration. It is a Clinton redo.

I have known for many years the left is a self loathing bunch of people who not only do not care about the military, but wishes it did not exist. Them's the facts. Deal with it. ww

#40"Bush and Mc... (Below threshold)


"Bush and McCain celebrated John McCains 69th birthday with cake while little babies and old people died from lack of food and water."

What were their names, ages and dates of birth? Or are You just fantasizing about not having Booosshhh to kick around anymore.

I will miss Bush in that re... (Below threshold)

I will miss Bush in that regardless of whether or not I agreed or severely disagreed with his decisions, President Bush stuck with his decisions and was not swayed by opinion polls or what was popular sentiment.

The left hate him because he won the election, elections given to him by the left. Florida was lost to them because people were too stupid to use a ballot, the second, they had Sen. Kerry, who was a Vietnam Veteran if you didn't know, I mean come on.

The left will continue to hate and blame everything on Bush after he is long gone which is a sad commentary of those people.

The proof that Bush was doi... (Below threshold)
John Irving:

The proof that Bush was doing a better job than most any give him credit for? The next President is copying his agenda, practically word for word.

Doctorj, frankly, w... (Below threshold)

Doctorj, frankly, without putting too fine a point on it, you are simply a liar. Making up your very silly arguments with no supporting documentation. You are also an idiot. Sorry, but you are.

ABC News/Washington Post poll:

Do you think the war with Iraq was worth fighting, or not?

Worth Fighting: 70%
Not Worth Fighting: 27%

Worth Fighting: 34%
Not Worth Fighting: 64%

So what do you think, WW? Do you believe that over the course of what is now 5 years, the American people have become dumber? The more educated a population becomes on a subject the tougher it is to lie to them about it. These polls reflect that - not what you would like to believe, which is that the majority of the country has been brainwashed by the MSM or some other ridiculous source. And you know something, I'm just pointing out one of around 10 polls to make this simple. Every other one reflects the same slide.

Over the last five years, you opinion about the success of the war and of George Bush's presidency has waned. It is actually YOU who is brainwashed, not the rest of us. And your punishment for being so stubborn and not listening to reason is your voice has been pretty well silenced in the political arena - not to return any time soon. You people are looked upon by the rest of us as curiosities. No one outside of your small bubble is ignorant enough to believe some of the garbage you spew.

And, really, without his ability to lie to the public and instill fear in them, Bush had nothing, another reason his polls began to slide. After Katrina, everyone finally saw what kind of manager this idiot was, and then they began to add two and two together and apply that knowledge to everything else he had his hands in.

His legacy will be built on sinking to the lowest level of manipulation to power his governing. From the reasons for starting war to the Libby case, to Katrina and numerous other fiascos, this man has shown what disaster can come from an over-inflated ego, an inability to reflect, and an ease at lying to himself and everyone else. His inefficiencies in this office have destroyed more than our reputation as a country - it's individually destroyed hundreds of thousands of lives of innocent Iraqis, American soldiers and civilians.

There's no thanking this bastard. He deserves no one's good graces. He should rot in hell for what he's done. The only thing he's done right is leaving quietly.

And you know, I don't need to add 500 footnotes to this post for it to carry weight. I have 75% of the public behind me on this - and that's 5 years of an earned percentage.
notiz=Better to fold now, or keep getting disemvoweled.

Willie:You can be an... (Below threshold)
Bruce Henry:

You can be angry at "you lefties" all you want, but I am not "demeaning the man" on this site. I never said, and never would say, anything about his family, positive or negative. WTF does his family have to do with anything?
Speaking of Clinton re-do's, where do you think this so-called "Bush hatred" started? Anyone here remember the 1990s? Remember the rise of Talk Radio, with its unremitting, day-after-day Clinton hatefest? Remember the Clinton Chronicles, narrated by every snakehandler's favorite holy man, Jerry Falwell? Remember the accusations that the Clintons were everything from drug smugglers to wife-swappers to serial killers? And as for "going after the man's family,", I don't remember the Right being particularly respectful of either Hillary or Chelsea. Do you?
Yeah, "us lefties" are truly a deranged bunch.
BTW, Willie, still waiting on that accomplishment list.

I have known for ma... (Below threshold)

I have known for many years the left is a self loathing bunch of people who not only do not care about the military, but wishes it did not exist.

This is the stupidest statement I've ever heard. You prove yourself to be a joke with unsubstantiated, delusional statements like this.

Furthermore, don't respond back. Your opinion means nothing.

When told the nation was un... (Below threshold)

When told the nation was under attack, the Commander-in-Chief sat frozen for seven minutes while a group of schoolchildren read aloud from a book called "The Pet Goat".

What were their names, a... (Below threshold)

What were their names, ages and dates of birth? Or are You just fantasizing about not having Booosshhh to kick around anymore.

Look insensitive moron without a soul, babies died. Old people died. Why don't you take the time and look up the name of the little old white lady that died and was pushed into the corner at the Convention Center? That was someone's mother & grandmother! Babies died because they lack proper nourishment...like Milk. Some old people died because they didn't have medication, some couldn't take the heat, lack of food & water only to lay in the street and die. It was so horrible! Bush failed the citizens of New Orleans. Those poor people!

I'll be so glad to see a President in office that has the brains to handle a crisis! It was shameful for Bush to fly over New Orleans and not land that plane. The citizens of New Orleans needed a president and he failed them miserably.

Gee. Disemvoweled ... (Below threshold)


Disemvoweled for having an opinion 75% of us have, and backing it up with an ABC/Washington Post poll.

Face it. They'll be an awful lot of opinions over the next 8 years you're not going to like.
notiz=Don't like it? Then don't call ANY president a bastard.

You've got a world of right... (Below threshold)

You've got a world of right-wingers here who've called Clinton and Obama much worse than that.

Bruce, you got that list ea... (Below threshold)
DJ Drummond:

Bruce, you got that list earlier this week in my post. To recap:

• Banned partial-birth abortion
• Reinstated parental-consent clause in the Medical Privacy Act
• Upheld ban on abortions at military hospitals
• Proposed, worked for, and signed into law two income-tax cuts
• Worked to eliminate the Death Tax
• Worked to privatize Social Security
• Eliminated OSHA's 'ergonomic' rules for home businesses
• Reduced H1B visas from 195,000 a year to 66,000
• Killed attempts to revive Kyoto Global Warming Treaty
• Revised Forestry Management Act to allow cleanup to prevent fires, removed need for Environmental Impact Statement before removing dangerous brush and fallen tress from fire-risk areas
• Removed Saddam Hussein from Iraq
• Eliminated Al Qaeda network in Afghanistan
• Eliminated Al Qaeda operational existence outside North African continent
• Disarmed Libya of its WMDs
• Improved US military review ability, emphasis on asymmetrical warfare
• Best friend to Israel since 1948
• Prohibited putting US forces under UN command
• Brought back EP-3 plane and crew from China without conflict
• Ended participation in International Criminal Court
• Faced down the UN, saying "America will never seek a permission slip to defend the security of our country."
• Worked to reform Medicare
• Worked to address border security, created largest budget and roster for enforcement, internal fugitive capture, and employer penalty system in history
• Constructed ABM silos in Alaska, Montana, and Maine
• Operation Tarmac
• Denied ABA role in vetting federal judge/justice nominations

Now seriously Bruce, see a professional. That pathological hatred you have eating you up, will sooner or later ruin your life if you don't get help.

God bless George W. Bush, and God save the United States of America.

Wow the left is always nuts... (Below threshold)

Wow the left is always nuts but today, wow! They are off on a trip to la la land. There hatred is so severe.

Brucy, if you do not remember the things said from the left about Laura or the Bush twins, then you choose to be ignorant or are oblivious.

I remember Bill Clinton holding a news conference about Lewinski. I remember him shaking his finger at us citizens (that is you and me) and saying "I did not have sex with that Lewinski woman". His adminitration and wife bought into it then they found out he lied to them and to the country. Then he lied under oath. If you want to give him a pass, fine, but don't act like only the right held no respect for him. How could a person respect someone that lies so convincingly? Live in your alternative universe, I don't care, but don't blame the very unreasonable hatred you lefties show to GW from day one because of what Clinton did to Clinton. ww

Willie, move on. Thanks.<br... (Below threshold)

Willie, move on. Thanks.

DJ, you may consider "worke... (Below threshold)
Bruce Henry:

DJ, you may consider "worked to do this, that, or the other" an accomplishment, but most people don't. Dennis Kufuckingcinich has "worked to establish a Department of Peace" for about 20 years, but has he accomplished it?
Your points on abortion may not be considered "accomplishments" by a large percentage of Americans -- that's for another thread.
Some of your list is debatable and subjective at best. "Best friend to Israel since 1948", and "brought back EP-3 plane and crew from China without conflict" come to mind. Kinda like Carter brought the Iran hostages home without conflict? Real point of pride there, huh?
And a couple things are just plain false, like, "Eliminated al-Qaeda network in Afghanistan", or "Eliminated al-Qaeda operational existence outside the North African continent," wherever the "North African continent" is. If the al-Qaeda network has been eliminated in Afghanistan, who is killing our soldiers there?
Now give me a CONCRETE, MEASURABLE accomplishment of the Bush administration. Is real, disposable income up for regular folks? Is unemployment down? How is your 401fuckingK? Is the National debt bigger or smaller? Is the military in objectively better shape? Are EOG test scores up or down? What about the ratio of people with health insurance vs. people without? Has he stopped, or even slowed, illegal immigration? Did the size of the Federal government shrink, or even slow its inexorable growth?
In other words, what objective measure can you use to defend this loser? Face it, you were fooled, twice, and now you're angry that I wasn't fooled, too.

Bruce, I have a successful ... (Below threshold)
DJ Drummond:

Bruce, I have a successful life and a wonderful family, and a president I am proud of. You have a mental disorder based on a pathlogical hatred of a man who you could never beat, for all your lies and malice.

Sucks for you, boyo.

Drummond: Who mentio... (Below threshold)
Bruce Henry:

Who mentioned your life or your family?
Who is talking about objective facts here, and who is talking about "pathological hatred" and "lies and malice"?
Paranoid much?

Though I disagreed on some ... (Below threshold)

Though I disagreed on some issues (he should have been MORE conservative), overall President Bush has my respect and appreciation.

Some point out President Bush's low ratings.
I think it still beats the current Congress rating. So go cry about the San Fran Nan during this whine fest..

Like President Truman, President Bush's rating WILL rise in the future.

Loony leftards and trolls are wetting themselves as President Bush leaves.
lol... GOOD hand me a stick so I can poke them some more....

Take Care Mr. President.....you were a great LEADER.

Wow. I go to bed expecting ... (Below threshold)
Bruce Henry:

Wow. I go to bed expecting somebody to post something of substance here about Bush's "accomplishments." I don't know why I expected that.
I wake to find the same list by DJ of untruths, half-truths, net negatives, and irrelevancies (Built ABM silos, "Worked to" do this, that, or the other). When I ask for examples on specific subjects like Debt, Healthcare, the state of the military, or immigration, I'm met with insults ("you have a mental disorder," "loony leftards and trolls"), followed by deafening silence.
I'll take that as a win.
Another one.

Brucy, DJ quite handily exp... (Below threshold)

Brucy, DJ quite handily exposed you for who you are. A list was provided, very good list I might add, but you regect it. So, if you want to consider that a win, I am not surprised. You lefties always, and I mean always, live in a make believe world.

I bet you GW cares nothing about the polls and that alone is a sign of a great leader. Obama already took a poll to see if he should enact a plan. Clinton redeux.

Obama is already a failed precidency and he hasn't even been sworn in. At least that is a record. ww

Bruce, DJ is incapable of h... (Below threshold)

Bruce, DJ is incapable of having an intelligent, reasoned discussion on anything, let alone the object of his desire.

LittleWillie, move on. Thanks.

Fine, WeeWillie, but answer... (Below threshold)
Bruce Henry:

Fine, WeeWillie, but answer me this:
Where, on this thread, or any other since I've been commenting here, can you find a comment which can be construed as "hatred" of W? Can you cite where I've said anything negative about his character or his family?
So, how did DJ, the object of your hero-worship, "expose" me?
Please, spare yourself the embarassment of a reply. We already know what you'll say.

Willie's intellengence is r... (Below threshold)

Willie's intellengence is really "wee". Don't waste your time on him.






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