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The Knucklehead of the Day award

Today's winner is Peru Constitutional Tribunal Judge Fernando Calle. He gets the award for the following-

The Constitutional Tribunal made the historic ruling in the case of a caretaker in the district of Chorrillos.

Pablo Cayo was given the sack for being intoxicated at work, but his employer has now been ordered to give him his job back.

Fernando Calle, one of the justices at the court, said that although Mr Cayo was drunk, he did not offend or hurt anybody.

The ruling has been attacked by the government for setting a dangerous precedent.

"It's not a good idea to relax rules at workplaces," said labour Minister Jorge Villasante.

Celso Becerra, the administrative chief of Chorrillos, a suburb of Lima, also denounced the ruling.

"We've fired four workers for showing up drunk, and two of them were drivers," he said.

"How can we allow a drunk to work who might run somebody over?"

However, Mr Calle said the court would not revise its decision.

Senor Becerra raises some very good points. What is an employer to do if a drunken employee can endanger others. Are Peru's courts going to micromanage the workplace in that country now, saying who is or isn't too drunk to be fired, or are all inebriated people protected at all times.

There is something seriously wrong with a court if they are this out of touch. I name Peru Constitutional Tribunal Judge Fernando Calle today's Knucklehead of the Day.


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This happens in the states.... (Below threshold)

This happens in the states.
Worked with a guy who worked the second shift and would take a company car to do his errands on his lunch. He was told this was not allowed, and he wasn't on the insurance. He had verbal warnings and had been written up several times on various other problems. One night someone came in and noted that one of the cars was over the curb and into the grass. People also noted that this guy smelled of alcohol.
The company was too frightened to get rid of him. Lawyers were called in to discuss it. In this small town, and business of about 20 he was the only African-American. The company was afraid of being sued.

Simple solution: keep the g... (Below threshold)

Simple solution: keep the guy on payroll, but make his work location the local courthouse. Tell him his job is to observe court proceedings and take notes, specifically on the work done by that judge.

After a week, if he hasn't been arrested for being intoxicated in court, fire him for failure to do his job (you know he won't be taking good notes).

In my school district, try ... (Below threshold)

In my school district, try to fire a school bus driver caught driving while intoxicated. Between the union and the ACLU, it will take at least 3 years for all the processes to be completed, and at huge cost to the taxpayers(who do you think pays these legal bills?) And even then, the doofus might NOT be fired, but "rehabilitated"!!
I say "shoot 'em"!






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