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The Trillion Dollar Head Fake

Media types will tell you that there are several ways to get potentially controversial news out with minimum damage. The Friday afternoon before a three day weekend is the preferred method because everyone who has fun is either in a car, an airplane, on the beach or just not paying attention. A second favorite maneuver, especially liked by lame duck presidents issuing pardons, is the "last second lunge". William Jefferson Blythe Clinton III perfected this move during his last day in office.

(An aside: Stephen F. Hayes (sorry, no link.), in his book Cheney: The Untold Story of America's Most Powerful and Controversial Vice President ,recounts a funny moment when the Vice Presidential motorcade arrived at the White House on the way to the Bush inauguration. According to Hayes, then Vice President Al Gore and Tipper climbed in the Vice President's limousine and laughingly told Cheney and his wife Lynn that they would be waiting for a while because President Clinton was still in the White House residence signing pardons.)

Congress has obviously chosen as its pretense to proposing some stupefying levels of spending the shadow of an historic inauguration while simultaneously approving the remainder of the TARP .

The stimulus package is over 200 pages (and that's the draft) and contains gems like:

1) "$150,000,000 for repair, revitalization, and alteration of facilities owned or
occupied by the Smithsonian Institution." Save The Smithsonian: Save Jobs!

2) $50,000,000 for the National Foundation on the Arts
and Humanities Act of 1965. Rescue a Poor Artist: Save Jobs!

3) Wetlands scam purchases: "$175,000,000 is for necessary expenses to purchase and
restore floodplain easements as authorized by section 403
of the Agricultural Credit Act of 1978". Save a Poor Developer: Save Jobs!

Digital for All: Save Jobs!

As noted, there are over 250 pages of this nauseating pork filled giveaway and I've just scanned a few pages.

The Federal Bank of PelosiCo & Reid wants to shove this package through as fast as possible because the first few weeks in any new term are the safest use of political capital. Said another way, it's easier to ask for forgiveness than permission.

Republicans should go to the mat on this extraordinary day of spending proposals and vote against every bill including the remainder of the TARP funding.


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Comments (6)

Call it what it is, it's po... (Below threshold)

Call it what it is, it's pork in the name of stimulus. It will do nothing for the economy, only people can do that.

The whole thing is essentia... (Below threshold)

The whole thing is essentially one, huge earmark.

Yep, no matter what party i... (Below threshold)

Yep, no matter what party is in office, we the people will be taking it in the shorts, and no lube comes with it.

Just a reminder, the first ... (Below threshold)

Just a reminder, the first bailout vote failed because the Republicans demanded more pork in it. It was only when the Democrats agreed to add the pork (and I'm sure it didn't take much arm twisting) that the Republicans switched their tune and voted for the second proposal.

Just a reminder... (Below threshold)
John Irving:

Just a reminder

Brian's dictionary:
Reminder: An outright lie, usually told as a string of hyper partisan bullcrap.

Won't make any difference a... (Below threshold)
Ellis Slack:

Won't make any difference as the Republicans have lost the majority of voting power. Even so, both parties have been voting pork anyhow and the people have been allowing it as they think congress must know what they are doing.






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