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What a difference an election makes

This morning on one of the morning shows I had on in the background while trying to get my daughter fed and groomed for school, I heard a snippet from Barack Obama that caught my ear. I think the topic was Israel and the current situation in Gaza and had to do with the prospects for successful negotiations between the parties to achieve peace. I don't know what the exact question was, but in responding to it Barack Obama said "failure is not an option" and more specifically added that it is not an option for America. I guess I missed the memo because pretty recently he was perfectly willing to accept failure when it came to our efforts in Iraq, preferring to leave early in defeat rather than continue to fight until we could declare victory. What a difference an election makes. Democrats were all too willing to accept failure in Iraq (embrace it even) if the result was to weaken a Republican president and get them elected. But that was then. Remember? Back when it was cool, patriotic even, to oppose the President in the most vile and vitriolic terms. Today, according to Barack Obama, failure is no longer an option. And in case you haven't heard, now it is patriotic to do whatever it takes to make sure Barack Obama has a successful presidency. I hope his presidency is successful because that will mean success for America. It is a crying shame (especially for those in the military) that so many on the left did not feel the same way about the Bush presidency.


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It's more than a crying sha... (Below threshold)

It's more than a crying shame, in my opinion. It's damn near seditious.

Obama now says that capturi... (Below threshold)

Obama now says that capturing Osama isn't a high priority because we have basically marginalized him.

Isn't that what President Bush said, yet the MSM and the Dems held this up as one of his 'failures'.

Seems the One is again lowering the bar for what will be considered 'success', and the MSM will dutifully lap it up.

I'm sad to say you are very... (Below threshold)

I'm sad to say you are very right, Hermie.

MSM=C*R*A*P... (Below threshold)


Let's see. You "think the t... (Below threshold)
Bruce Henry:

Let's see. You "think the topic was Israel and the situation in Gaza," and you "don't know what the exact question was," but you'll post an article saying Obama is wrong, anyway. Oooookaayyy.






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