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Natalie Dylan: Depraved Individual

What the hell?

This girl is a real class act. One to bring home to Mom:

Natalie Dylan: Trading Virginity for College

January 15, 2009 02:27 PM ET | Kimberly Palmer

Natalie Dylan, 22, has decided to auction off her virginity to the highest bidder in order to raise money to send herself to graduate school. So far, the bidding is up to $3.7 million. Putting aside the health, ethical, and legal issues, is this a smart money move?

The cons: For many people, prostitution is something they would never, ever consider. For those people, this topic isn't even worth discussing. Plus, there are a multitude of student aid options that do not involve selling one's body. (How about a Stafford loan?)

The pros: She's raising money for a worthy cause -- school -- which will increase her future earning power. Plus, she's getting so famous through this auction that she could land a lucrative book deal, too. After all, the original Washingtonienne, Jessica Cutler, got a book deal and an HBO series out of her escapades.

In fact, radio host Laura Ingraham suggested that perhaps Dylan won't even go through with the money-for-sex exchange, and will instead use the attention she's getting to generate cash through appearances and, of course, a book deal.

But one can't help but wonder if Dylan will regret such fame in 20 years.

UPDATE: Dylan has, in fact, signed a book deal.


What is wrong with this girl? And what kind of pervert would pay to have sex with a virgin?

I'm sure she'll be proud of herself when she's older, tells her kids how she put herself through school, and looks at that well-deserved degree.



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Comments (41)

I beleive in most countries... (Below threshold)

I beleive in most countries this would be classified as "soliciting prostitution", and she would be a "call girl".

Except in America. We pretty much let every body get away with everything lest we risk offending them--like this slut.

Whoa, slow down there, cham... (Below threshold)

Whoa, slow down there, champ. You might disagree with the relative value the young lady puts on her virginity, and with her willingness to "go public" for the best possible price, but please do remember: she's not married, owes no one anything, and the only person likely to be hurt by her decision is herself.

Would I recommend that one of my daughters do the same? No. But my daughters have the advantage of a credit-worthy father with an upper-middle-class income...something they didn't have before I married their mother. I wouldn't be so quick to condemn Miss Dylan for bartering what she has of value for what she wants. The range of her options is not fully known to you -- and neither is her future something you're willing to guarantee.

Francis,To quote D... (Below threshold)


To quote Dr. Evil:


I wouldn't go $3.7 million,... (Below threshold)
Baron Von Ottomatic:

I wouldn't go $3.7 million, but I'd definitely buy her a night's worth of cocktails for a piece.

I tried to auction off my virginity. The bidding got to $2.5 million. But the top bidder was Michael Jackson and it was contingent on me traveling back in time to when I was a nine-year old boy. Time displacement equipment not being available, I ended up paying a hooker $20 for the honor.

I am just blown away by thi... (Below threshold)
Ellis Slack:

I am just blown away by this article. I have problems believing that anyone would pay that much to have sex with her. And her being a virgin just means it won't be good, no experience.

On the other hand I give full kudos to her for the uniqueness of her idea to pay her way.

For the amount she is getting she should go to college and pray that her future forgets how she accomplished it. I can't imagine how her future husband and children would feel about her accomplishments if they were made public.

Good one Baron! Come on...... (Below threshold)

Good one Baron! Come on...do you really believe she's still a virgin? What constitutes a virgin these days? Anything for a buck. What happened to the old days of working two jobs to put yourself through school. Good old deviant sex prevails once again.

Was she smart??Proba... (Below threshold)
krkrjak Author Profile Page:

Was she smart??
Probably not! But clever as all hell. Yes it's doubtful she'll ever actually "turn the trick,"but she won't need to. The publicity from her stunt will surely open ample doors of opportunity. And in the present day climate of moral decay, I think most in her generation would say; where's the problem? Her parents must be "oh soooooo proud". A book deal? What life experience does she have that anyone would care about? Just the same, look for her on Oprah, etc.

I imagine for the amount th... (Below threshold)
Ellis Slack:

I imagine for the amount the benefactor is providing that he/she would demand proof of the virginity before paying.

That ain't worth $3.7 milli... (Below threshold)

That ain't worth $3.7 million.

Here's hoping that the winn... (Below threshold)

Here's hoping that the winning bidder is 400lbs and looks like Ross Perot.

Well, according to the free... (Below threshold)

Well, according to the free market her virginity is worth over 3 mill. Personally, I'm in favor of price controls in these cases.

Rumor has it Bill Clinton i... (Below threshold)

Rumor has it Bill Clinton is in a bidding war with Elliot Spitzer...

Here is one of the rare occ... (Below threshold)
Bruce Henry:

Here is one of the rare occasions where the conservative guardians of the nation's sexual morality, and liberals too, can all agree when we collectively say, "Eeewwww."

Cheep. Sleazy. Opportunisti... (Below threshold)

Cheep. Sleazy. Opportunistic. $3.7 million in the bank.

Will never spend a day in Grad school.

John,Nice try, bro... (Below threshold)
Dave Noble:


Nice try, bro. Not that either of the two guys you mentioned meet even the minimal standards of sexual morality. But just to keep the record straight, neither Monica Lewinsky nor Ashley Youmans were virgins. The first was a power f*cker who'd done her college professor and the second was a prostitute.

Ms. Dylan manages to be both a virgin and a whore. Now there's dirty old perv's fantasy.

Not that I'm going to lose ... (Below threshold)
Dave Noble:

Not that I'm going to lose any sleep over this.

But why a negative two? Anyone have a problem with facts. Did I misstate the facts?

Or do those two voters prefer fantasy?

I doubt she is the first on... (Below threshold)

I doubt she is the first one to think of this, she's just managed to get publicity and a book deal out of it because of the high dollar amount. Another sign that these are the last days.

Sorry, but I'm calling BS o... (Below threshold)

Sorry, but I'm calling BS on this - it's a publicity stunt, pure & simple.
14 minutes & counting for this one.


Somehow, I doubt that the m... (Below threshold)
James H:

Somehow, I doubt that the multi-million dollar bid is serious. Moreover, I can't think how this kind of thing would even be legal. Last I checked, prostitution was a no-no.

Dave Noble, I'm not sure wh... (Below threshold)
Bruce Henry:

Dave Noble, I'm not sure what the point of this voting system is, but liberal commenters automatically garner negative votes, even when their comments are, "I guess you're right,"

Attila the Hun here. "Virgi... (Below threshold)

Attila the Hun here. "Virgin" is another euphemism for child. 22 years old is considered an Old Lady. The millionaire doesn't exist.

As a woman, this makes me s... (Below threshold)

As a woman, this makes me sad and sick, both.

NO ONE has commented on her field. Women's Studies? The woman elevating/man denigrating academic club on campus? By offering the most precious, intimate gift a woman can only give once in her whole life to some stranger for megabucks, notariety, or who knows what; she is making the ultimate mockery of men and kicking them in the teeth at the same time. She is saying men aren't worth it. Indirectly, she is saying that she isn't worth it, and places no value on herself. It's obvious she has no respect for men...probably hates and despises them. I would guess she hates herself.

Studies have shown that when a women is intimate with a man, she bonds with him chemically and hormonally in her mind. And, after many partners, she becomes unable to truly bond as she once could have.

What a foolish girl to sell her body for a mess of pottage. Her virginity is in name only... I grieve for her and what our culture has become.

Women's lib started out with ideas of making women the highest that men could be...
now it is the lowest that men could be.

I'm not a libber, never was. Had too much respect for men.

I am ashamed and saddened for American womanhood. I am sad if men think this is the best a woman has to offer.

But why a negativ... (Below threshold)
But why a negative two? Anyone have a problem with facts. Did I misstate the facts?

You mitigated an attack on Clinton with your post. That is deeply unpopular here. If you want a high score say Clinton is the devil and Bush is god. Also do not under any circumstance post a fact. Facts are like kryptonite to a high score.

Quid Pro Ho?... (Below threshold)

Quid Pro Ho?

For those of you who are se... (Below threshold)

For those of you who are semi-supporting the girl as showing initative to pay for college, remember, she already has a degree (presumably a BA) in "Women's Studies" of all things.

This little epsiode is to pay for her Master's degree in something called "Family & Marriage Therapy." Gerry Ashley wrote a very good piece about this, which you can read here.

To the daughters of the double-income upper-middle-class dads who would not wish this on said daughters, let me just say from the daughter of a hardworking but poor dad: You want to go to college, honey? Take out a loan, get your fanny in gear, and get to work. It actually is achievable without going too deeply into debt. You can get a good education if you really want to.

I'm going to go out on a limg and guess that the Master's degree will fall by the wayside in favor of a book deal, and maybe a shot, oh, a talk show, or local "Women's Issues" reporter, or some other such nonsense.

Go to school, get your degree, get a job, pay off your loans. Our society has made young people feel way too entitled to getting things easily.

Gee, sorta of reminds me of... (Below threshold)

Gee, sorta of reminds me of the MSM and Obamalala.

Well, she's not that bad of... (Below threshold)

Well, she's not that bad of looking. But I'm frankly surprised to see many 22 year old virgins out that look that half decent. You know that some bad looking folks will never get the opportunity to bang boots. But the asking price is just too much for some poor schmuck, who can't really be sure she's a real virgin or not. This could be the worst scam ever. She better be good for that type of money.

"Sorry, but I'm calling BS ... (Below threshold)

"Sorry, but I'm calling BS on this - it's a publicity stunt, pure & simple.
14 minutes & counting for this one."

If you actually comb the internet, you would see this is one of many of the same type of publicity stunts created by companies owned by only a handful of people on this globe. And yes, we've got about 30 years left before all hell breaks loose because of this among many other stupid distractions. Eyes wide shut.

Oh wait, I got it. Peter F.... (Below threshold)
Dave Noble:

Oh wait, I got it. Peter F. got a +5 for saying America is going to the dogs and that girl's a slut.

O.K. Stupid slut. What has happened to the values in this country? She must be a liberal.
(thought you guys would like the last part, I came up with that on my own.)

How'd I do? Oh yeah, I also like how Israel told the whole commie-pinko, terrorist kiss-ass, multi-culti world to go F- themselves.

Oh, yeah, and you know what else? Henry Waxman is ugly and Harry Reid looks like a mortician.

Damn, this is easy. You don't need to think and you don't need to know what you're talking about.
notiz=You do need to know when you've gone too far.

Damn, this is easy. You ... (Below threshold)

Damn, this is easy. You don't need to think and you don't need to know what you're talking about.

Sometimes, thinking is easy. You simply turn on your brain, analyze the glaring obvious and comment on it.

The girl's a virgin prostitute. I'd like to hear you rationalize an reason to the contrary.

Where did Eliot Spitzer com... (Below threshold)

Where did Eliot Spitzer come up with $3.7 million?

"Sorry, but I'm calling BS ... (Below threshold)

"Sorry, but I'm calling BS on this - it's a publicity stunt, pure & simple.
14 minutes & counting for this one."

I wholeheartedly agree. We live in a broken world, but it takes a special kind of maliciousness to exploit it in this fashion.

Another commenter noted her graduate field, "woman's studies", which set my scam radar off almost instantaneously. She won't get the money (or won't take it, or will donate it to charity ...) but she will get one hell of a story, be a celebrity in graduate school, be interviewed on the Today Show and The Spew and maybe Oprah, write a book, and maybe even get Sarah Jessica Parker to produce a movie for her.

Unless, of course, people come to their senses and say "Hey - this was a scam. Forget it." But I don't have that kind of faith in humanity an more.

Wait until this dumb femini... (Below threshold)

Wait until this dumb feminist figures out that around the age of thirty she'll have to fork over all her profits towards purchasing silicone and botox just to compete with the upcoming sweet sixteeners.

Oh yeah Ms Betty, you've come a long baby!

Size triple-D sagging siliconed breasts worn on anorexic skeletal bodies with botoxed-stiffened faces endlessly screaming about the plight of Eve Ensler's va-jay-jay.

My gender....the Frankensteins of Feminism.

I think it would be interes... (Below threshold)

I think it would be interesting for some rich conservative to purchase the right to her virginity but take an option for later delivery. Now you would own her sex life. You can hold out your option for a lifetime. If she loses her virginity along the way, you have a right to sue her for breach of contract.

Natalie Dylan Might be runn... (Below threshold)

Natalie Dylan Might be running a woman's studies research project to gage public reaction. This thing has been done in the past with much more discretion.

Example look at Victorian England

Someone with means would have mistress and would pay top dollar for a virgin. He would then provide a home for her for a set time and pay her in jewels. The "fresher " the girl the more her value.

While at the same time you had the upper 10K that valued virginity as a way to ensure succession.

You also had those same men wanting an, experience women.

You have men who believe their reward will be 75 virgins when they die.

At the same time men who love the sight of pregnant women.

Today in Africa you have men raping virgin girls because they believe the blood from the hymen will cure them.

Then juxtapose that with early societies which would sacrifice virgins. Why, not because of innocence but because they were an unknown. If the women was fertile she could provide children, or she could be barren.
In this age she can collect information from Occidental, Oriental and Primitive belief systems.

Peter,First off le... (Below threshold)
Dave Noble:


First off let me congratulate you. Just in the those two posts you're up on me by 8 votes!

"Sometimes, thinking is easy. You simply turn on your brain, analyze the glaring obvious and comment on it.

The girl's a virgin prostitute. I'd like to hear you rationalize an reason to the contrary."

That's the point, Pete, you don't "analyze" the glaring obvious, because it's "obvious."

"The girl's a virgin prostitute."

Yes, she is. And the sky is blue, and grass is green, and water is wet. And Wizbang is a blog. And Bernie Madoff is a crook. And Jenna Jameson is a porn queen. And Emeril is a cook. There's no analysis, or thinking, there at all. It's just observation. Now if I say Wizbang is a great blog or Bernie Madoff is a rotten crook, you know a little more about how I feel about those matters. But it's still not thinking.

But again, Congrats, Pete.

I'll bet its false advertis... (Below threshold)

I'll bet its false advertising on her part. ;-)

I guess this is where I dif... (Below threshold)
Linoge Author Profile Page:

I guess this is where I differ with the majority of my conservative bretheren... If this girl is of legal age (she is), if what she is doing is legal (I will leave that to the lawyers and judges to decide), if she has thought this through sufficiently (I can only assume she has, or at least sufficiently enough for her satisfaction), and if she has decided to execute her plan (which, obviously, she has), then I say more power to her.

It is her body, her decision, and her consequences, and if she is ok with those consequences and doing what she has embarked on doing, then I congratulate her for her entrepreneurial spirit. $3.7 million will pay for her to go wherever the hell she wants.

Of course, I am also a conservative who would like to see the end of the war on some drugs, the legalization of prostitution around the country, and other such fun things... Go figure.

Alphabet Man,You s... (Below threshold)
Dave Noble:

Alphabet Man,

You sure do know a lot about virgins.

Actually, interesting post.

"A book deal? What life ... (Below threshold)
Les Nessman:

"A book deal? What life experience does she have that anyone would care about? Just the same, look for her on Oprah, etc."

Hey, it worked for the occupant of the Office of President-elect. Why not her too?

Anyway, it's a sick publicity stunt. And our society is just sick enough that a lot of people believe this stunt is real.

Meh, I do not have the capi... (Below threshold)

Meh, I do not have the capital or inclination to boink her and IMHO she really isn't what I'd be chasing anyway.

She has evidently thought out a path to earn publicity/notoriety/capitol to score with the audience that she's targeting.

Think of her as a clean version of Paris Hilton.






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