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Wizbang Weekend Caption Contest™

It's Friday, which means it's time for the Wizbang Weekend Caption Contest™. Given that there were no fatalities, this image seemed like a pretty obvious choice... Enter your best caption for the following picture:


Winners will be announced Monday morning.

Update: Winners announced. Click the link to read the winning entry. The contest is now closed.


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Comments (147)

Another successful landing ... (Below threshold)

Another successful landing by Chinese pilot, Won Wing Lo.

Red Bull gives you wings!</... (Below threshold)

Red Bull gives you wings!

The Airlines approach Congr... (Below threshold)

The Airlines approach Congress for a bailout.

"First they take away the b... (Below threshold)

"First they take away the beverage and peanuts, then they charge for luggage, and now economy seating."

George Bernoulli's flatuent... (Below threshold)

George Bernoulli's flatuent moment at 3000 feet caused US Airways flight 1549 to have what is now known as the Bernoulli Effect.

Hat tip to George Carlin: ... (Below threshold)

Hat tip to George Carlin: So this is what they meant by getting ON the plane. No, f*** you, I wanna get IN the plane.

Hmmm, so this is "change." ... (Below threshold)

Hmmm, so this is "change." I don't think I like it.

I don't care how "green" it... (Below threshold)

I don't care how "green" it is, can't we just fly and the carbon footprint be damned?

Madoff Airlines' vacation r... (Below threshold)

Madoff Airlines' vacation resort on what it guarantees is the smallest, most exclusive island in the world fooled many of the social elite.

Grace of God and skill of t... (Below threshold)

Grace of God and skill of the pilot.

Waterworld... (Below threshold)


Al Gore displays this photo... (Below threshold)
retired miilitary:

Al Gore displays this photo as proof that global warming will cause the oceans to rise 100 feet in the next 5 years.

America after Obama at the ... (Below threshold)
retired military:

America after Obama at the helm for 4 years.

Stupid moslem geese.... (Below threshold)

Stupid moslem geese.

"Now, you're free to swim a... (Below threshold)

"Now, you're free to swim about the country."

Sit right back and you'll h... (Below threshold)

Sit right back and you'll hear a tale, a tale of a fateful trip...

Ticket agent in Charlotte t... (Below threshold)
Jeff Medcalf:

Ticket agent in Charlotte to passengers waiting at gate: "Your connecting flight has had a bit of a delay. We can get you home in March."

No wonder it couldn't fly. ... (Below threshold)

No wonder it couldn't fly. It's got all those people standing on the wings!

USAir announces a new econo... (Below threshold)

USAir announces a new economy class: WaterWings!

Not long into Obama's presi... (Below threshold)

Not long into Obama's presidency the government takeover of all things, including the airline industry, began to show some problems.

When USAir tells you they n... (Below threshold)

When USAir tells you they need a "bail out", they really mean it.

"Alright - who's the u-boat... (Below threshold)

"Alright - who's the u-boat commander?"

Someone must not have had t... (Below threshold)

Someone must not have had their tray table in the upright and locked position!

We're gonna need a bigger p... (Below threshold)

We're gonna need a bigger plane.

Those people on the left wi... (Below threshold)

Those people on the left wing have no idea what they're doing.

If you are landing "on a wi... (Below threshold)

If you are landing "on a wing and prayer" and you end up "on a wing and a prayer", then consider your first prayer answered. Amen.

You'll notice too many peop... (Below threshold)

You'll notice too many people on the left wing. It's the same problem we're having with the country.

Bah Bye, Bah Bye Now, Bah B... (Below threshold)
Pretzel Logic:

Bah Bye, Bah Bye Now, Bah Bye....

Allegory for Obama's econom... (Below threshold)

Allegory for Obama's economic plan.

Non-Smoking out here? Are y... (Below threshold)

Non-Smoking out here? Are you nuts?!

"Next time Dell, try to hav... (Below threshold)
Pretzel Logic:

"Next time Dell, try to have a point, it makes it so much more interesting for the listener"

"Stewardess... Can I get so... (Below threshold)

"Stewardess... Can I get some more peanuts?"

"a little song a little dan... (Below threshold)
Pretzel Logic:

"a little song a little dance a little ice water down my pants"

Sometimes the Universe just... (Below threshold)

Sometimes the Universe just decides to make it's own Far Side cartoon.

Spectators take up every sp... (Below threshold)

Spectators take up every spare inch to see "THE ONE" be Inaugurated.

Take me to the river... (Below threshold)
Pretzel Logic:

Take me to the river, drop me in the water
Take me to the river, dip me in the water
Washing me down, washing me down

The first episode of "Lost:... (Below threshold)

The first episode of "Lost: East River" looks promising, although it's kind of hard to see where they'll take the show from here.

"Man, we really need a bail... (Below threshold)
Pretzel Logic:

"Man, we really need a bail-out now"

Are not two sparrows sold f... (Below threshold)

Are not two sparrows sold for a penny? Yet not one of them will fall to the ground apart from the will of your Father. And even the very hairs of your head are all numbered. So don't be afraid; you are worth more than many sparrows.

Remember this when you worry about President Obama.

When you fly with Obamessia... (Below threshold)
Dodo David:

When you fly with Obamessiah Airlines, you will walk on water, too!

PETA officials announced th... (Below threshold)

PETA officials announced this afternoon that they would file suit against US Airways on behalf of the geese.

"I want to be a part of it ... (Below threshold)
Pretzel Logic:

"I want to be a part of it - New Yo...."

"Shut up will ya?"

What does a one term Senato... (Below threshold)

What does a one term Senator becoming President and a 28 year veteran pilot have in common?

They both scare the hell out of you when the say "watch this" .

Saints on a plane... (Below threshold)

Saints on a plane

A whole new meaning to "win... (Below threshold)

A whole new meaning to "winging it"!

PLANNING for the unt... (Below threshold)
DJ Drummond:

PLANNING for the unthinkable, achieving the improbable, and saving the day.

Thank you, USAF vet Chesley Sullenberger

As criticism of Obama's pol... (Below threshold)

As criticism of Obama's policies grew, more and more reporters found themselves thrown off Air Force One.

Miracle on the Hudson!... (Below threshold)

Miracle on the Hudson!

GoreAir's idea of going gre... (Below threshold)

GoreAir's idea of going green.

Isn't that one of those new... (Below threshold)
Baron Von Ottomatic:

Isn't that one of those new hybrid airliners mandated by Congress?

In the fall of 2008 America... (Below threshold)

In the fall of 2008 America, casting all common sense and reason aside, decides to sink into the abyss of bailouts and socialism.

Welcome to the friendly ski... (Below threshold)

Welcome to the friendly skies seas!

"And newly promoted pilot a... (Below threshold)

"And newly promoted pilot at the stick Obama makes his first landing."

"They say "any landing you can walk away from is a good landing". What about a landing you can swim away from?"

So that's what happened to ... (Below threshold)

So that's what happened to Air America.

" Is that Ted Kennedy in th... (Below threshold)
Pretzel Logic:

" Is that Ted Kennedy in the pilot chair?"

Thank you for flying Obama ... (Below threshold)

Thank you for flying Obama Airlines. Due to fuel restrictions to ease the effects of Global Warming, all passengers must sacrifice a little convenience in order to get to baggage claim.

For the cost-conscious cons... (Below threshold)
No One of Consequence:

For the cost-conscious consumer, US Airways is proud to offer the new "Galley Class" service. A complimentary oar is included.

Congressman Murtha claimed ... (Below threshold)

Congressman Murtha claimed that spending $600 billion for building the 'Flying Sub' in his district kept jobs in Pennsylvania.

After the failure of its maiden flight, it was revealed that the status briefings which he used as proof of its viability were actually reruns of 'Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea'.

A flock of seagulls caused ... (Below threshold)

A flock of seagulls caused this ? Man I knew that guy's hair was a disaster but come on...

The coast guard intercepts ... (Below threshold)
Al Pennam:

The coast guard intercepts a plane full of Cuban refugees...

"Pull my yoke."... (Below threshold)

"Pull my yoke."

US Scareways lives up to it... (Below threshold)

US Scareways lives up to its nickname again.

Tower: "1549... the pattern... (Below threshold)

Tower: "1549... the pattern has opened up and you are now cleared for landing..."

It's Bush's fault.... (Below threshold)

It's Bush's fault.

John McCain's attempt to st... (Below threshold)

John McCain's attempt to start a new career as a commercial airline pilot becomes a sad metaphor for his political career.

Jack, you're the doctor, yo... (Below threshold)
Al Pennam:

Jack, you're the doctor, you have to make a decision! Do we take our chances with the mysterious creatures on Manhattan, or "the others" in Jersey?

Obama appointees to the Dep... (Below threshold)

Obama appointees to the Department of Transportation depart New York City on what they believe to be a DOT boat.

Bush's Council of Economic ... (Below threshold)

Bush's Council of Economic Advisors transitions economic policy decision-making to the incoming Obama Administration.

US Airways decides to go he... (Below threshold)

US Airways decides to go head to head with Carnival Cruise Lines.

Any landing you can swim aw... (Below threshold)
Al Pennam:

Any landing you can swim away from...

Thanks to President Bush th... (Below threshold)

Thanks to President Bush this plane was not used as a missile.

Thanks to the military Capt. Sullenberger's Air Force training allowed him to land the plane safely, in the water, without casualty.

Thanks to God that the Left has not been able to get rid of either President Bush or the military.

"It's a boat" "It's... (Below threshold)

"It's a boat"
"It's a plane"
"No, it's Super-pilot!"

Bush: "I've abandoned free-... (Below threshold)

Bush: "I've abandoned free-market principles to save the free-market system."

Pilot on the intercom in hi... (Below threshold)
retired miilitary:

Pilot on the intercom in his best Maxwell Smart voice "Missed the landing strip by thaaaaaat much"

Psalm 37:23 The steps of a ... (Below threshold)

Psalm 37:23 The steps of a good man are ordered by the LORD; and he delighteth in his way.

Hat tip to Pilot Chesley Sullenberger.

Ask not what your passenger... (Below threshold)

Ask not what your passengers can do for you; ask what you can do for your passengers.

Last man off is a hero.... (Below threshold)

Last man off is a hero.

Australian for Spoilers<... (Below threshold)

Australian for Spoilers

PETA members begin to panic... (Below threshold)

PETA members begin to panic as not only sea kittens but sea tigers begin circling.

Pilot to co-pilot, "Where's... (Below threshold)

Pilot to co-pilot, "Where's an aircraft carrier when you really need one?" Co-pilot to pilot, "All we really needed was a longer runway!"

Artist's impression of a fu... (Below threshold)

Artist's impression of a futuristic mass transit system in the utopian land of $10/gal gasoline.

Oops, wrong caption contest.

On a wing and a prayer...</... (Below threshold)

On a wing and a prayer...

Flight attendant: All r... (Below threshold)

Flight attendant: All right, now do you care about the "in the event of a water landing" speech?

This is what happens when N... (Below threshold)

This is what happens when Noah meets boarding delays at USAIR

In an ironic attempt to off... (Below threshold)

In an ironic attempt to offer passengers additonal comfort in 2009, US Airways recently began offering goose down pillows in the cabin.

India Airlines: J... (Below threshold)

India Airlines: Just Hang on, we'll get you there.

"Hey, everybody! It's Limb... (Below threshold)

"Hey, everybody! It's Limbo time!"

"Another one rides the bus.... (Below threshold)

"Another one rides the bus...!"

"Do I still get my sandwich... (Below threshold)

"Do I still get my sandwich and snack box with this flight? Hey, I paid for the sandwich!"

(Insert Airplane! quote her... (Below threshold)

(Insert Airplane! quote here)

Damn it Jesus, did you have... (Below threshold)

Damn it Jesus, did you have you to show off now?

Obama orders the transfer o... (Below threshold)

Obama orders the transfer of those thrown under his bus to an aircraft to return them home.

The soaring bush economy.</... (Below threshold)

The soaring bush economy.

Left wing, right wing, it d... (Below threshold)

Left wing, right wing, it doesn't matter. We're all screwed.

Over-booking reaches its lo... (Below threshold)

Over-booking reaches its logical conclusion.

All oft you passengerzs tha... (Below threshold)

All oft you passengerzs that can svim exit on the left ving und svim 1 mile to shore.... All of ze passengerzs that can not svim exit on the right ving and Thank you for flying Luftansa Airlines.

US Air Force Academy Traini... (Below threshold)

US Air Force Academy Training: $350K

US Air Force Pilot Training: $2,000,000

Perfect Landing by a well trained pilot savings all souls on board:


Wetbacks? We ain't no stin... (Below threshold)

Wetbacks? We ain't no stinking wetbacks.

The Alliance for Cli... (Below threshold)
Jack in TX:

The Alliance for Climate Protection announced today that it had received an official communique from the Goose Global Climate Action Front, claiming responsibility for yesterday's "direct action against 'carbon criminals' at US Airways"....

Shit! Gore was right, the ... (Below threshold)

Shit! Gore was right, the ice caps did melt!

What is an American Hero? ... (Below threshold)

What is an American Hero? I show you grit, determination, self sacrifice and unwavering bravery in the face of adversity all done with humility and few words.

"When Obama said we would a... (Below threshold)
retired miilitary:

"When Obama said we would all have to chip in to bail out the country I didn't think they would be passing out buckets!!"

"Yes, I remember seeing "Fl... (Below threshold)

"Yes, I remember seeing "Flight of the Phoenix", but this is ridiculous!"

Who said Cuba is in trouble... (Below threshold)

Who said Cuba is in trouble.. Look at the $65,000,000 raft they are using........

REUTERS HEADLINE"E... (Below threshold)
retired miilitary:


"Evironmental groups cheered today at the $5 million fine levied against Capt. Sullenberger for water pollution."

Future AP Report:<blo... (Below threshold)

Future AP Report:

(New York) Today, US Airways pilot Chesley B. "Sully" Sullenberger was awarded the Key to the City from Mayor Bloomberg.

After the ceremony, agents from the Obama administration's Fish and Wildlife Service arrested him for violations of the Endangered Species Act.

Air fare from New York to C... (Below threshold)

Air fare from New York to Charlotte: $495. Having a pilot who knows how to land safely on water: Priceless.

Heard in the cockpit: Talk ... (Below threshold)
Son of a Pig and a Monkey:

Heard in the cockpit: Talk to me, Geese.

Lieberman's the only one le... (Below threshold)

Lieberman's the only one left in the fuselage.

Close Encounters 2009.... (Below threshold)

Close Encounters 2009.

The Hansens were the first ... (Below threshold)

The Hansens were the first in their neighborhood to get 'Lost: The Home Version'.

My name? Blagojevich. I use... (Below threshold)

My name? Blagojevich. I used to be Governor of Illinois before I got my pilot's license

Democrats still deny... (Below threshold)

Democrats still deny their responsibility for the sinking ship US Economy.

"Ze plane! Ze pl... (Below threshold)

"Ze plane! Ze plane! Oh, shit!"

Obama! You are the wind be... (Below threshold)

Obama! You are the wind beneath my wings!

In honor of Ricardo Montabo... (Below threshold)
retired miilitary:

In honor of Ricardo Montabon

Tattoo "Boss what do you call a large pizza?"

Mr Rourke "I dont know Tatto"

Tattoo "De large plain, de large plain"

U.S. Airways -- the first t... (Below threshold)

U.S. Airways -- the first to offer rewards for frequent nautical miles!

Anyone seen where I left th... (Below threshold)
Ellis Slack:

Anyone seen where I left the remote?

Next time you decide to giv... (Below threshold)

Next time you decide to give someone "a little goose", you're dead.

Clowns to the left of me. J... (Below threshold)

Clowns to the left of me. Jokers to the right....

LOST... (Below threshold)
cheryl campbell:


Ok, everybody---on 3, FLAP!... (Below threshold)

Ok, everybody---on 3, FLAP!

In the latest attempt to re... (Below threshold)

In the latest attempt to revive hands across America . . .

You can tell which ones vot... (Below threshold)

You can tell which ones voted for Obama - they're walking on water.

Atlantis Air Flight 1549, n... (Below threshold)

Atlantis Air Flight 1549, now boarding at the Hudson river boarding area.

Free Cuba Airlines embarks ... (Below threshold)

Free Cuba Airlines embarks on its maiden flight from Havana, Cuba all the way to Miami, Florida.

Buh-Bye, now. Buh-Bye. </... (Below threshold)

Buh-Bye, now. Buh-Bye.

The Brooklyn Literalist Clu... (Below threshold)

The Brooklyn Literalist Club was glad they hadn't been told to take a long walk off a short pier.

Washington Post: "Some peop... (Below threshold)

Washington Post: "Some people who arrived late for the inauguration felt that the US Air viewing site was too far away".

US Airways new 'standing-ro... (Below threshold)

US Airways new 'standing-room-only' section didn't work as well as planned!

"Be sure you keep your seat... (Below threshold)

"Be sure you keep your seat belts secured until we come to a complete stop"...

"We know there are other wa... (Below threshold)

"We know there are other water taxi services,thanks for choosing Wild Goose Floater Plane...we'll wet your whistle (or whatever)".

The eleventh commandment of... (Below threshold)

The eleventh commandment of flying: Thou Shalt Maintain Thine Airspeed and Altitude Lest the Water Come Up and Smite Thee.

If only we'd brought the ec... (Below threshold)

If only we'd brought the economy in for a soft landing.

It's always that darn left ... (Below threshold)

It's always that darn left wing, isn't it?

Shoot GeeseSave Plan... (Below threshold)

Shoot Geese
Save Planes

Left wing, right wing, does... (Below threshold)

Left wing, right wing, doesn't matter when you're sinking does it?

"You are the wind beneath m... (Below threshold)

"You are the wind beneath my...

Never mind.

People on the Left Wing: "T... (Below threshold)

People on the Left Wing: "TASTES GREAT!"
People of the Right Wing: "LESS FILLING!"
People on the Left Wing: "TASTES GREAT!"
People of the Right Wing: "LESS FILLING!"
People on the Left Wing: "TASTES GREAT!"
People of the Right Wing: "LESS FILLING!"
Rinse and repeat.....

...and then things took and... (Below threshold)

...and then things took and Immelman turn for the worse.

"Toldya not to goose the th... (Below threshold)

"Toldya not to goose the throttle."

"Does this mean we get a ch... (Below threshold)

"Does this mean we get a checked-bag-fee refund?"

It has been found that this... (Below threshold)

It has been found that this is a wing conspiracy as several of the passengers heard "AFLAC" just before the engines died.

PETA has announced it will ... (Below threshold)
Maggie Mama:

PETA has announced it will be suing United Airlines for 100 million dollars on behalf of the deceased Canadians.

"The new pedestrian bridge ... (Below threshold)

"The new pedestrian bridge between Manhattan and New Jersey turned into a dismal failure when it was discovered that the designers were using US measurements and the builders went metric."

Breakfast on the plane? Any... (Below threshold)

Breakfast on the plane? Anything but "shredded tweet".

Update: <... (Below threshold)
Kevin Author Profile Page:

Update: Winners announced. Click the link to read the winning entry. The contest is now closed.






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