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Baby Boomers will rise from the dead: Generation We

It's like Baby Boomer zombies.

Generation WE: The Movement Begins... from Generation We on Vimeo.

Gee, I wonder if there are any conservatives in Generation We. Doesn't look like it, from what they're saying. But hey, that's all right. I've always kind of thought that I was a 35-year-old trapped in a 24-year-old's body.

Their declaration is pretty amusing. Oh my God, there are... are... diseases!!! They must be STOPPED!! People get cancer and stuff. And... people are, like, overweight and get diabetes. We have to do something!!!!!!1!!!1!!!1!!!11!!! Maybe eating right and exercizing could help -- you know, that whole personal responsibility thing -- but it's much better to get a movement going.

What I really found amusing was how in the video, Generation We is touted as the most intelligent generation EVAH. Yet, in their declaration, they say:

Our skills in reading, writing, mathematics, science, and engineering are far behind our peers in the nations with which we must compete.

They whine about good education being only available via private schools (for the RICH!!!), but hmm... no mention of the school voucher program that would allow students from impoverished areas in struggling schools to go to more expensive schools with better quality education. Nah, it's better just to drone on about ideals than to actually do something.

Oh, and don't get them started about the environment.

Then, of course, there's the evil military, which apparently is just waiting to greedily gobble up our children to send them to never-ending wars where there will never, EVER be peace.

I think this, however, was my favorite quote:

We will defend our nation and its freedom with more vigor than any previous generation.


Seriously... really?! With more vigor than any previous generation? What about the generation of the Founding Fathers? What about Lincoln's generation? What about the "Greatest Generation" of WWII? Apparently, Generation We will put them all to shame.

It's really pathetic, this Generation We thing, and I'm embarassed to be lumped in with them. It's the whole attitude of the Baby Boomers all over again. We're so wonderful, we are magnificent, and we are the greatest thing to ever grace this country and the world. We see all social ills and we will fight against them all, and the world will live in harmony, and nature will sing, and it is all because we are so great and awesome and magnanimous. And they'll tell you, without blinking an eye, that they're humble, too. So humble.

Right. They're the most self-congratulatory people on the planet, and the Boomers passed that trait on to their children, apparently. A group of people who have never accomplished anything really believe that they are the most intelligent, principled people ever to grace the United States? Seriously? Someone needs to give these kids a reality check -- hopefully before they all turn into Baby Boomer zombies who continue the savaging of everything this country stands for.

Hat Tip: Melissa Clouthier


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Comments (28)

This video is takes itself ... (Below threshold)

This video is takes itself WAY too seriously. The long dramatic pause are almost funny. I'd like to hope that generation WE isn't really this stupid.

Shouldn't that be "Generati... (Below threshold)

Shouldn't that be "Generation Wii"?

Ahhh...ENTITLEMENT at its b... (Below threshold)

Ahhh...ENTITLEMENT at its best!

What they really meant was ... (Below threshold)

What they really meant was Generation Me. They're a very confused lot.

I hope people realize that ... (Below threshold)

I hope people realize that the video consisted of paid actors.

Honestly, like the children have already decided their polictical ideology. I know I didn't give 2 cents about politics at that age.

Also being a first generation immigrant, I don't believe I'm apart of any generational block. I'm sure as hell am no Generation We.

I don't care what Generatio... (Below threshold)

I don't care what Generation We calls themselves as long as female pulchritude continues to blossom forth in its season, and persona and soul are two different things anyway.

I am soooooooooooooo, like,... (Below threshold)

I am soooooooooooooo, like, you know, impressed!

Taken as a while, the world... (Below threshold)

Taken as a while, the world has never seen a group so spoiled, so brazen, so classless, so irresponsible, and just so unqualified and unwilling to accept the responsibilities that come with 'adulthood'.

It is generation "it's all ... (Below threshold)

It is generation "it's all about ME"!

"I hope people realize ... (Below threshold)

"I hope people realize that the video consisted of paid actors."

Funny, I musta missed P Hilton and the Lohans.

Although even those three could be a step up the evolutionary ladder than those actually in it.

Well, one thing in the decl... (Below threshold)
Bruce Henry:

Well, one thing in the declaration got to me, the part about being "told by our leaders the war will last all our lives." My younger daughter was in kindergarten on 9/11. She's about to enter the 8th grade. Her entire sentient life has been spent in a US at war. That's sad.

"Generation We" needs to re... (Below threshold)

"Generation We" needs to read The Grapes of Wrath.

Then they need to learn how to clean a stall, milk a cow and kill a hog. For those kids in the inner city there are many programs that offer this experience.

I'm doing my part. Are you?

Bruce, maybe you can also r... (Below threshold)

Bruce, maybe you can also reflect on the fact that we were at war with terrorists years before your daughter was born and didn't get around to dealing with it till she was in kindergarten. Thats even worse.

They are not politically pa... (Below threshold)

They are not politically partisan, but highly progressive and socially tolerant?

Yeah.. right... We're an "arrogant and greedy nation"... but they are not politically partisan...

sure.. whatever... and their answer is more big government...

yep... sheesh

Bruce, I agree that it's sa... (Below threshold)

Bruce, I agree that it's sad, but was there ever a significant length of time during the 20th century that the United States was not at war with another country?

Weirdly, the "demands" for ... (Below threshold)

Weirdly, the "demands" for all sorts of government provided goodies (feed us! clothe us! shelter us! educate us! give us good jobs!) also included a demand to end "punitive taxation"...

The words may have been spoken by a bunch of youths, but they were written by the likes of Leftist Boomers (ala Ayers)

Generation Puppets

Bruce, I agree that it's... (Below threshold)
James Cloninger:

Bruce, I agree that it's sad, but was there ever a significant length of time during the 20th century that the United States was not at war with another country?

Before the 20th Century, was there any significant length of time that one country was not at war with anyone else?

hyperbolist:Your c... (Below threshold)


Your comment at #15 is inexcusably naive. We'll still have your back though, mouthy little Canadian brother.

The United States will only tolerate so much aggression before she responds. Just ask Saddaam. Oh wait. You can't.

Guess he bit off more than he could chew. Finally. Perhaps other despots, dictators and other sycophants should take heed of that lesson. Ah, but they won't. And they'll have to learn it the hard way.

As long as we have a President with the backbone to stand up for this country and defend it, that is.

I really do like their new ... (Below threshold)

I really do like their new video, though:


What "Generation WE" really... (Below threshold)

What "Generation WE" really means for the future is.....
WE're SCREWED with them running the world.

C'monnn comet, to put us out of our misery when the time comes...

Generational warfare, - how... (Below threshold)
Dave Noble:

Generational warfare, - how hackneyed, petty, and unproductive. Every generation has it's biases and blind spots. An entire generation should not be held accountable for the foolish comments of a few.

And Cassy, you need to get your generational references correct. If you're 24, you are likely the child of a Baby Boomer. The Baby Boom ran from 1946 to 1964. So effectively you've condemned your generation and your parents.' And how did a 24- year old end up sounding like some crotchety old lady - "Those damn kids."

A 24-year old body with an 80-year old mind. You sound like a load of fun, lady.

# 14:I believe the v... (Below threshold)
Bruce Henry:

# 14:
I believe the video said they wanted to end the PERCEPTION that America is an "arrogant and greedy nation." Don't you think that perception is out there in the world?
Also, I didn't hear the word "government" used at all.

This is the first time I ha... (Below threshold)
Mac Lorry:

This is the first time I have heard Baby Boomers described in such negative terms. Apparently Cassy has unresolved issues with her own parents.

Davy, simple minded countri... (Below threshold)

Davy, simple minded countries around the world have always thought we were young, arrogant and greedy. Old Europe for one. Doesn't matter what we do, it is on them. ww

Dave (not so) Noble~<... (Below threshold)

Dave (not so) Noble~

"A 24-year old body with an 80-year old mind. You sound like a load of fun, lady."

You're just waiting for the chance to ask for the money in her bank account. In the meantime, I am sure you are hanging on the edge of your seat, creampuff, when that seems like a feasible request. Don't you have another blog to betray your shallowness with?

"Right. They're the most se... (Below threshold)

"Right. They're the most self-congratulatory people on the planet, and the Boomers passed that trait on to their children, apparently."

I will have to say something to this, Cassy. Seriously, it will be very few that understand what real danger this country is in. That's when we stop talking about generations and focus on survival. We don't have borders or sovereignty any more, except the facade that people are lead to believe exists. The only important news about what is really going on with our world exists away from this generational distraction crap fed to us by the mainstream.

There are plenty of good men and women in the military that are watching our backs right now, in ways we can't even fathom. The propaganda of which generation will be most effective is just another distraction. The list of effectiveness has been narrowed down to three groups in the eyes of the elitists, which is only been prepared for their own interests.

Generation We will be nothi... (Below threshold)

Generation We will be nothing more than femmy men and ultra-skanky women.

La,And you have no... (Below threshold)
Dave Noble:


And you have no sense of humor or play. You must reserve that for marathon Dungeons and Dragons sessions.






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