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Breaking News: Senator collapses at Inaugural Luncheon

According to a Twitter post, CNN is reporting it's Ted Kennedy.

@BreakingNewsOn: A senator has collapsed at the Congressional luncheon for President Barack Obama; CNN reports it is Sen. Ted Kennedy.

I'm trying to find other reports that confirm.

Update: CNN's website is confirming:

Sen. Edward Kennedy has collapsed at a luncheon honoring President Obama. Paramedics have responded to the scene.

Update 2: Fox is reporting that Kennedy and Sen. Robert Byrd were both removed by emergency medical personnel during President Obama's celebratory inaugural luncheon.


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Comments (23)

A non story.... (Below threshold)

A non story.

Hoping the best for him - c... (Below threshold)

Hoping the best for him - cancer's a stone bitch at the best of times, and this one's gonna off him. Nobody deserves that sort of death - and I hope the doctors can make his remaining time as easy as possible.

MSNBC says Byrd was "strike... (Below threshold)

MSNBC says Byrd was "striken" as well? No details yet...

What a sad day. Good luck T... (Below threshold)

What a sad day. Good luck Ted.

Fox has a link now saying K... (Below threshold)

Fox has a link now saying Kennedy had a seizure.

Look, I can't stand Ted's p... (Below threshold)
DJ Drummond:

Look, I can't stand Ted's politics, but it's a pretty callous person who would hope for someone to suffer. Cancer is literally one of those things I would not wish on my worst enemy.

May God watch over Ted Kennedy, and provide comfort to his family.

It's sad that that apparent... (Below threshold)

It's sad that that apparently doesn't go without saying, DJ.

GianiD--really? Are you seriously that crass? Don't expect you to retract the comment but I hope you just weren't thinking when you clicked Submit.

"MSNBC says Byrd was "stric... (Below threshold)

"MSNBC says Byrd was "stricken" as well? No details yet..."

They still have to make up "the details". My heartfelt prayers are with both. I can't help but notice the venue and the timing.

Oh the irony. The uber left... (Below threshold)

Oh the irony. The uber leftists who were in attack mode when Tony Snow succumbed to cancer, have now found their compassionate side.

Hard to remember all of the conservatives that got attacked when they had health issues. Maybe they are finally finding a soul.

This is unfortunate for all... (Below threshold)

This is unfortunate for all involved. They're both obviously not healthy enough to be out in public; at least not for long periods of time. It makes me wonder about the judgment of the families and doctors involved.

I'm sure Byrd never thought... (Below threshold)
Baron Von Ottomatic:

I'm sure Byrd never thought he'd see the day. It was probably a Redd Foxx-like "I'm comin' Elizabeth" moment.

GiannaD, they have not foun... (Below threshold)

GiannaD, they have not found a soul, the left considers republicans non human that way they can say whatever crass, demeaning thing they want. ww

Both at the luncheon - shou... (Below threshold)

Both at the luncheon - shouldn't have had the fish dinner, probably...

Baron - heh! I was thinkin... (Below threshold)

Baron - heh! I was thinking the same thing; for blacks the Inauguration was the Promise of Tomorrow, for Byrd it was the end of the Klan's "traditional American values" that he believed in for so long.

WW, I know.They no... (Below threshold)

WW, I know.

They now act as if all of their embarrassing behavior and comments should be forgotten.

Dissent is patriotic remember?

GianiD = asshat that does n... (Below threshold)

GianiD = asshat that does neither side any good.

I never danced on Tony Snow... (Below threshold)

I never danced on Tony Snow's grave. I actually admired the smug b*stard. So kindly go f*ck yourself, GianiD. I don't speak ill of people who are dying of cancer. You do. What would your mother say to that? When WildWillie is the only person who outwardly agrees with you, you know you've said something stupid.

Marc: well, if we didn't just agree on something! Perhaps we've been overcome by the Spirit of the Elected One... :)

hyper - "Marc: well, if... (Below threshold)

hyper - "Marc: well, if we didn't just agree on something! Perhaps we've been overcome by the Spirit of the Elected One... :)"

FAT chance, with the possible exception to your Canuck heritage.

Relax everyone, Ted's doing... (Below threshold)

Relax everyone, Ted's doing just fine. All he needed was a quick I.V. solution of Chivas on the rocks.

I don't care what someone h... (Below threshold)

I don't care what someone has done, you don't callously shrug off the fact that they're dying of cancer. As for it being a non-story, he's one of the longest tenured Senators. If a f*cking car chase or caged zoo animal giving birth constitutes national "news" in your country--and judging by the major networks' websites, it often does--then this guy's potentially terminal illness sure as hell does too. Not liking a famous, historically important person does not make a significant event in his/her life a "non-story". But do carry on, you obviously need to vent following the political turn of events these past few months. May as well direct your impotent rage to someone over the internet than your social worker or parole officer, GianiD-bag.

I guess their racist hearts... (Below threshold)

I guess their racist hearts just could not stand all the excitement.

Sorry.. I have others way ... (Below threshold)

Sorry.. I have others way more important than these two self-serving deviants to lend my sympathies. One's a murderer and the other is a former Grand Cyclops, and both are mutants of our system.

Could we possibly arrange t... (Below threshold)

Could we possibly arrange to liberate their soul and clean up the congress at the same time? Bury them both, dead or alive no matter, and get at least one honest man/woman to replace them. (No chance of that with Kennedy, stupid voters and the power of the clan)We could stand a chance in West Virginia there are two or three that could make this possible (1Repub and 2 Democrat)






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