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It is snowing up a storm here in eastern North Carolina. We got the girls new sleds a couple of years ago and this is the first time they will get to use them so they are thrilled. I will try to post a picture or two later if I can find some batteries for the camera. We have already lost power once and even if we have power I will probably be off the computer enjoying the snow, but I did read a couple of blog posts after checking the US Air site to see how late my husband's flight is going to be .

Kim's post about the Bush haters is irrefutable. (Just look at the headlines from Blue that show up in the right sidebar if you doubt it. They can't stop hating Bush long enough to enjoy a huge victory.) The quote in Kim's post about Bush not being forgiven for winning a war they declared unwinable hits the nail on the head. Bookworm is following the inaugural activities as well and has some interesting things to say. I hope some of the rest of you are getting snow as pretty as we are getting here. Now if the power will just stay on this should be an enjoyable few days of winter fun. Global warming is great, isn't it?

Update: Michelle Malkin just twittered a link to the new White House website. I am not going to comment now. I'd like to read your reaction first to see if it matches mine. I'll check back in when the snow fun is done for the day.


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I wonder if the Presidentia... (Below threshold)

I wonder if the Presidential Seal will "change" to the Obama campaign font.

Regrettable you don't live ... (Below threshold)

Regrettable you don't live in the Adirondacks, Lorie. As explained in the Adirondack Handbook, Page 224, Section F, Paragraph 3, a maintenance snow is required periodically to maintain the pristine winter wonderland appearance. I'm pleased to say, we're right on schedule.

One wonders how a full winter would affect your perception of snow as "pretty".

The Obama folks need to che... (Below threshold)

The Obama folks need to check their work a little more carefully. Seems they forgot to include a link to the online Obama campaign donation form.

Lucky you; here in Western ... (Below threshold)

Lucky you; here in Western NC, we got about an inch, and it is already gone. My kids are diappointed.

Bush hating will continue f... (Below threshold)

Bush hating will continue for a long, long time. It has scramble the Bush haters' DNA.

irongrampa,That's ... (Below threshold)


That's the wonders of a NC snow, we get a few inches, we get a snow day, day off from work, play with our kids, and it's gone within a few days (usually) WNC got the suck of this event though, we barely could sled (unless you're in Boone but that's a different winter altogether up there with the upslope snow they regularly get).






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