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Thanks For Coming, Now Go Home!

The National Mall on January 20, 2009 at the Inauguration of President Barack Obama
Photo: ewilfong

It really was lovely having over two million neighbors from around the country for a visit, but all good guest should know when their welcome has expired. For those celebrating the inauguration of our 44th President, Barack Obama, the collective residents of the Washington, DC metropolitan area kindly invite you to go home...

You've turned our nation leading traffic gridlock into a "no drive zone," thereby forcing the regions residents to become Howard Hughes-like shut-ins (though the frigid temperatures helped with that as well), and have generally destroyed all commerce aside from the sale of Obama trinkets.

For those of you who insist on staying one more day, please be aware that we will going to work tomorrow. We don't care anymore what you do - just stay out of our way...


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Comments (11)

I'll be glad when this sad ... (Below threshold)

I'll be glad when this sad day is over.

As one who has gotten aroun... (Below threshold)

As one who has gotten around rather easily the past two days, I'm wondering - were not all transportation/internet/cell systems in the greater DC area to be completely overwhelmed?



Now "1 to 2 million" in D.C. Riiiight. Sure. Where, exactly?

Now if you white people ... (Below threshold)

Now if you white people would just get off my land. Your monuments to other white people are ruining the view.

Yeah, Sam? Sheesh, how can you tell with all the casinos in the way?

Sam:Survive or get... (Below threshold)


Survive or get out of the way. America's land is every American's land. I thought today was supposed to "finally prove" that.

I guess that was Obama's first FAIL.

That didn't take long. Bye... (Below threshold)

That didn't take long. Bye, Sam.

I wonder if anyone who stoo... (Below threshold)

I wonder if anyone who stood in the freezing cold today, especially those who "finally" feel proud of their country, will feel used in a few months.

If you are middle-class and... (Below threshold)

If you are middle-class and white and live in the greater DC area, you have volunteered to live in a theme park. And stay out of my wallet!

"Survive or get out of the ... (Below threshold)
Sam Arrowood:

"Survive or get out of the way."

Hahahaha. Yes, 65 million voters just told you that. Now take your stale, irrelevant ideas and get out of the way.

I have a reservation for you. Be careful of the smallpox blankets.

Bye! I'm sure you'll delete me so you can wallow together in your failed election.

Sam,I think they a... (Below threshold)
Dave Noble:


I think they already deleted you because there are posters railing at a post that does not exist.

"Hahahaha. Yes, 65 milli... (Below threshold)

"Hahahaha. Yes, 65 million voters just told you that. Now take your stale, irrelevant ideas and get out of the way."

LOL! We'll be voting in 2010, 2012, 2014, etc. Since it escaped your attention, the political world is cyclical.

Then again, you're not the sharpest knife in the drawer.

I have been to many events ... (Below threshold)

I have been to many events on the mall; do not believe the reports of 2 million people at the blessing or the 4 million claimed by the administration, if they got 1 million I would find it hard to believe.
I was there, for the wrong reason, and made a bundle off of the Rainbow, Unicorn and Fairy Dust crowd. I work and own a concession on the mall and did a landslide business most of the people in attendance were from within 50 miles of Washington. The rest rode in on buses. I think some of them were under the impression that Mr. Obama would make it a spring day or something judging by the talk.
My guess is about 900,000 give or take 20,000 but the security was pretty tight even compared to the last three president's inaugurations. They story about no arrests is also a large lie, I personally saw the cops dragging at least 10 people to the processing stations most of them looked like the local thugs.






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