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Breaking News: Barack Obama Takes Oath of Office Again

This just came across Fox News. It was done out of caution just to make sure his constitutionality would not be questioned. This is the first time it's been done a second time, I believe. It wasn't video taped but the White House photographer was present.

Added: From what I understand, those present were President Barack Obama, Chief Justice John Roberts, White House Counsel Greg Craig, a White House staffer, and I believe a White House pool reporter, but I could be wrong on that. Added: I am wrong on that. Chester Arthur and Calvin Coolidge both had to retake their oaths because of flubs.

They were concerned about even a sliver's chance that someone could bring a lawsuit and try to argue that he did not meet the Constitutional requirements to be president because he didn't say the oath absolutely as it was supposed to be said.

Update: Drudge posts this New York Times photograph of Chief Justice Roberts re-administering the oath to President Barack Obama with the headline "NO BIBLE USED AT OBAMA RE-SWEAR" below it.


I'm not inclined to think this is a problem. Does anyone else? I'd like to know what you think about the fact that Obama didn't use a bible when he was re-sworn in.


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And in other news, Barack O... (Below threshold)
Aye Chihuahua:

And in other news, Barack Obama finally presented his certified, original birth certificate for examination in order to prove he is qualified to take the oath that he had to retake.

Oh wait.....

He hasn't done that yet?

Never mind.

It was unnecessary; some pr... (Below threshold)

It was unnecessary; some presidents have only listened to the oath and said "I DO" without even repeating it. But I'm glad they did it so that no one can question it.

Hmmm...interesting. I, like... (Below threshold)

Hmmm...interesting. I, like another commenter, would like to see that his real birth certificate has been forthcoming. Very intriguing news!

"...would like to see that ... (Below threshold)

"...would like to see that his real birth certificate has been forthcoming."-s-gs

The criticism of Obama's birth certificate (once produced) seemed to narrow down to it looking un-kosher or insufficiently detailed or like a cheap knock-off printed by some kid.
So I sent for a copy of my birth certificate. My original has over 50 fields of information including exact time of birth and the doctor's name, etc. etc. etc.
The copy (Commonwealth of Kentucky, Cabinet of Health Services(!?)) has ten(10) fields:
File number, county of birth, DOB, sex,mother's maiden name & age, father's name & age, and date filed.
It looks like a pay stub.

Oh great. The "Nirthers" a... (Below threshold)

Oh great. The "Nirthers" are here. The same idiots who insisted right up until a few days ago that the Supreme Court would somehow invalidate the results of the Presidential election.

Don't you guys have some Troofer meeting to attend? Get lost.

If a Republican had butcher... (Below threshold)

If a Republican had butchered the oath, it would have been the only thing anybody talked about for a week.

"If a Republican had but... (Below threshold)

"If a Republican had butchered the oath, it would have been the only thing anybody talked about for a week."

To be fair, a Republican did butcher the oath. Chief Justice Roberts goofed, and it went downhill from there. Now if the roles were reversed, and a Democrat was the Chief Justice, and the President was a Republican, and the same thing happened...the fact that the Chief Justice screwed up would have been completely ignored, IMHO.

This is the first time i... (Below threshold)

This is the first time it's been done a second time, I believe.


Two other previous presidents have repeated the oath because of similar issues, Calvin Coolidge and Chester A. Arthur.
Given that the Constitution... (Below threshold)

Given that the Constitution says nothing about using any holy book, magazine, or educational pamphlet about teen suicide (don't do it!) for the swearing-in, this is completely irrelevant except to people who really need a new hobby.

I somehow suspect those same people don't think it an issue when Presidents-elect take the oath and tack on the "so help me God" line, which - ta-da - is not in the Constitution either.

The Supreme court has ruled... (Below threshold)

The Supreme court has ruled on the expectations people should have regarding politicians promises, and this, to my mind, is no different.

This is not the second time... (Below threshold)

This is not the second time it was done again. Please check your facts. Chester A. Arthur and Calvin Coolidge both retook the oath a second time. In addition, Herbert Hoover missed a word but did not care to re-do the oath.






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