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Take Two: Obama and Roberts

In what has to be an incredibly painful moment for SCOTUS Chief John Roberts, President Barack Obama just took the oath of office again in the White House.


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If it was on a teleprompter... (Below threshold)

If it was on a teleprompter, Obama would have done better. ww

Good post, Hugh. Yo... (Below threshold)

Good post, Hugh.
Yours might be the first political Wizbang post in a week to not include imaginary conversations or thoughts. Kudos.

Well, that is taking the co... (Below threshold)

Well, that is taking the constitution seriously.

I'm sure this must be deepl... (Below threshold)

I'm sure this must be deeply disappointing to the Birth Certificate Troofers.

"Yours might be the firs... (Below threshold)

"Yours might be the first political Wizbang post in a week to not include imaginary conversations or thoughts."

Which would include your insistence on "hearing" someone blurt out "kill him" during that McCain rally.

This wouldn`t be the first ... (Below threshold)
Steve Crickmore:

This wouldn`t be the first time they have flubbed the presidential oath.. scroll down,

After the assassination of President Kennedy, and before even his body had grown cold in death, Johnson was sworn in as President aboard Air Force One.

Instead of a Bible, Johnson took the oath of office on a Roman Catholic missal--a book containing all the prayers and responses necessary for celebrating the mass throughout the year.

Vice President Johnson with his hand on a Roman missal. Notice now calm Jackie is as her dead husband is lying nearby in a coffin!

Mission accomplished....Standing next to a "mourning" Jackie, LBJ gets a wink and a smile from Texas Congressman Albert Thomas. His wife, Lady Bird, is smiling by his side.

I really don't think this w... (Below threshold)

I really don't think this was that big of a deal. Comical in a good way, but certainly nothing to freak out about. It's probably a good idea for him to take the oath again, though.

A painful moment for Mr Chi... (Below threshold)

A painful moment for Mr Chief Justice Roberts is a pretty typical Baby Boomer deal. Don't often see a Boomer who does his/her homework.

That was your take on today... (Below threshold)
Larry Dickman:

That was your take on today?

As . . . a journalist(?), wouldn't you take interest in FOIA being recognized as the rule of law again? Whooo! Transparency of government in da house! I'm not sure why W. and Ashcroft would have had a problem with that.

Also, PRA from '78, back in da house! How low is it that W. recognized up front that he was going to be worse than Nixon (because of whom PRA was passed)?

Remember eight years ago at this time? The Veep was assembling his oil buddies to write the energy bill . . . . Behind closed doors. Shameless.

LarryYou forgot to... (Below threshold)


You forgot to mention the mother of all FOIA fubars....Hillay's healthcare "committee" in 1993. There was a lot more at stake there than the energy bill.

But why nit pick? Just file your own FOIA for the source of Obama's foreign campaign contributions. We'll be waiting for your results.....

If it was on a telepromp... (Below threshold)

If it was on a teleprompter, Obama would have done better.

Heh. Willie still thinks it was Obama's messup. *snicker*

Can you imagine what a big ... (Below threshold)

Can you imagine what a big deal this would have been if Bush had done this?

People think C.J. Roberts m... (Below threshold)

People think C.J. Roberts made an 'accidental' error... I think not! I went to law school with fellas like him.... I practice law against fellas like him ....who just can't get my name right, always making some type of 'smart-mouth' error designed to insult, embarrass or offend the black guy or the 'other'. No.... it was an intentional slight designed to give rise to controversy as to President Obama's legitimacy and I'm glad there was a 'do-over' to eliminate the potential issue. It's gonna be a long slog with tricks and traps every inch of the way.

Richard:Get real. ... (Below threshold)


Get real. You're no better than the "Nirthers" still demanding a birth certificate from Obama.

Two other previous presiden... (Below threshold)

Two other previous presidents have repeated the oath because of similar issues, Calvin Coolidge and Chester A. Arthur.

I either hear recrimination... (Below threshold)
Garfield Jackson:

I either hear recriminations against the brilliant genius, John Roberts, from those enduring the 'sour grapes' syndrome as their man lost, or the truth from people who realize that this can happen to a human being. The oath was not administered by a machine as a recording! So, as a Republican who roots for whoever the President happens to be elected democratically by the people, I say to those naysayers, "put a sock in it, and get a life!" The sky has not fallen! Get over it!

Here we go again. The news... (Below threshold)

Here we go again. The news media is nit picking again. Why do you have to take a fantastic period of time and try to make it ridiculous. It was not President Obama's mistake when he took the oath of office. For the first time in a good many years, this country and most of the citizens feel truly united as a country, whether you are african americans, white, asian, hispanic, bosnian, russian or any others i have left out. You do a good job reporting on the facts, but leave out the gossip. I am a white female, and I voted for President Obama.

"Can you imagine what a big... (Below threshold)

"Can you imagine what a big deal this would have been if Bush had done this?"

Actually, my first thought after hearing it was, "What if this had been McCain?"

Proof positive to lefties, I'm sure, that he was senile and too old to do the job.

Face it, Barry isn't up to ... (Below threshold)

Face it, Barry isn't up to the task at hand. ww

The only reason the Supreme... (Below threshold)

The only reason the Supreme Court dismissed Berg's case is because we are not the United States any more. You guys still don't get that we are now The North American Union and we just haven't been formally told yet. Any constitution they follow will be for that union and we have yet to see the document. To answer your question why: Because this was all done without the approval of the American people and Congress. Our sovereignty as the United States of America has been dissolved right under our noses.

The Supreme Court now knows that Obama even if it were discovered that he had been born in Zimbabwe, he would have still been "elected" if Zbiggy selected him.

To WildWillie, apparently y... (Below threshold)

To WildWillie, apparently you are on Rush"s side in hoping Obama fails. You both need to call your doctors and get some more drugs, the kind that open your eyes and mind.
We, the American People, must support this new administration and hope and pray for success. We cannot afford failure. The only direction we can go is up from the rut that Bush/Cheney left us in.
Understand we will have rational decisions made in our intrest, not knee-jerk reactions. Forethought and research has replaced the "My way or the Highway" approach to the issues.
Get over it and get on with your lives, America, and support this great man! A new day has dawned and it will only get better and better!

Get over it and ge... (Below threshold)
Get over it and get on with your lives, America, and support this great man!

There is nothing to get over, Randy. "This great man" was not selected by the American people. If you know that to be true, than please stop being a shill and lying for the elites. If you have even the slightest doubt in your mind, make it a point to find out and be sure.

If millions of people want to know what is happening to their nation, they have a right to know. So your trite suggestion of Americans getting on with their lives is not even in the equation if our government is lying to us. We will never be able to just "get on with our lives" that are being stolen from us. The revolution has started, and we won't be silenced. The children of our future will know what it is like to be free and independent as we were born to be.

Yeah right Randy! I am supp... (Below threshold)

Yeah right Randy! I am supporting Barry more then you did GW from day one. This is day two. I am having fun.

Demeaning a president is now a political strategy the left used and it worked. I intend to use the same. All bad, all the time.

Of course, today with the Gitmo mistake, Barry has put our country at great risk, to please you knuckleheads. ww

The revolution has start... (Below threshold)

The revolution has started, and we won't be silenced. The children of our future will know what it is like to be free and independent as we were born to be.

Exactly what the left started saying at 12 noon on 1/20. Glad to have you on board.

Brian~With all due... (Below threshold)


With all due respect, I am only on board with the people that are against the NWO who through humanity overboard centuries ago. I belong to no party at this time because of the corruption that is evident in both. The shills coming in here and promoting Obama are not part of the solution, they are here to talk us into giving up our human rights to this "great man". If you will notice, Randy could not refute anything I said, neither can the ones that voted down on my comment about our lost sovereignty. All they can do is vote, but if they lie to the people here, they will be called on it.

I stopped being a Democrat in 1991, and an independent is the closest I will come to belonging to any party from now on.

dang, through should be *th... (Below threshold)

dang, through should be *threw

LaMedusa:You shoul... (Below threshold)
Adrian Khan:


You should spend more time reading up on your constitutional law.

Had Obama been born outside of the US, he is still eligible to be the President. Since he was born in Hawaii, this shouldn't have been an issue in the first place. Just to clear things up though, since his mother was a US citizen, and having met the qualifications of living within the US for a period of time, Obama could still be President if he had been born outside the US.

Your hatred is clear.


US Code: read part d and g

Obama could have been born in Zimbabwe and still been a natural-born citizen of the US.

# cheers for the president ... (Below threshold)

# cheers for the president not to let the 5 so called media in on this wow! I am impressed. they donot need their stinkin noses in everywhere which is where 99% of this country's problems come from is the overblown media hype. Why dont they go find something really good to report upon like someone giving someone a helping hand instead of sniffing around for sinister stuff like they always do. And trying to say that Obama contradicted himself saying that Obama wants more openness in gov. and then not inviting them is so typical of their misinterpretation ,good for him tho for not allowing them in there.

Your hatred is cle... (Below threshold)
Your hatred is clear.

Adrian Khan~

Your reading comprehension is clear as mud. We are not the US of A anymore, we are this:


The U.S. Constitution has nothing to do with the election. Obama's presidency was planned and purchased. Also, in the video when Obama mentions the "secret handshake", he is a member of the freemasons, which is a secret society. That's where he uses a secret handshake.

Over a trillion Ameros, which is the new currency has already been shipped to China in an effort to provide some collateral for U.S. dept. This currency was printed in 2007, and the first 800 billion was shipped last year in October. Listen to what Ron Paul says in the video about open borders. Don't focus on the lizard in the corner with a T-Rex in the room.

And kudos to anyone that ca... (Below threshold)

And kudos to anyone that can figure out what in the F-Bomb Christy is talking about.

What is up with these peopl... (Below threshold)

What is up with these people still going on about the birth certificiate nonsense? The State of Hawaii has certified the birth certificate as real. It has been supplied to news organizations to verify. AND there is a birth announcement in a Hawaii paper. Do you think this was planted just on the off chance that the son of a poor Kenyan immigrant and his wife was going to run for president? Get a life.






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