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A Trashy Inauguration

(Photo from The Drudge Report)

Inauguration revelers left behind over 130 tons of trash, says The Washington Post.

Part of the problem stemmed from the removal of trash receptacles, which was done as a security precaution. But good grief, don't liberal save-the-planet types know about "pack it in - pack it out"?

The Wall Street Journal is also reporting that the Obama inauguration set a record for private jet usage, with a record 600 private jets bringing VIP's into Washington, DC this week.

In all, the Inauguration probably generated around 500 million pounds of CO2, excluding the methane and CO2 released as a result of flatulence by the 1 million or so Inauguration attendees.

Too bad everyone couldn't partake in the amenities of the Green Inaugural Ball, held in the Andrew W. Mellon auditorium:

... the catering will be "100 percent organic" and ... the bars will feature both local and organic beverages. The food waste and floral arrangements will be composted and the lighting scheme will be energy efficient. The group will also pay for wind power offsets and carbon credits to make the event carbon neutral.

The Obama Inauguration seems to have revealed the true value that Democrats place on their vaunted ideals of environmental stewardship and conservation. Thanks for clearing that up for the rest of us.


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Comments (16)

Neat. "Carbon footprints" ... (Below threshold)

Neat. "Carbon footprints" left by Obama's hope and change parade. One can't be too early when beginning an agenda.

The world has never seen bi... (Below threshold)

The world has never seen bigger hypocrites than today's libbies.

Every year, there's an "Ear... (Below threshold)

Every year, there's an "Earth Day Birthday" concert here in Orlando.

And every year, there's about a foot of trash left on the streets after it finishes. It's about ten times as much trash as there is left after a "normal" concert.

What a bunch of slobs. Do a... (Below threshold)

What a bunch of slobs. Do as I say,not as I do.

Seems to me that this would... (Below threshold)

Seems to me that this would be a good opportunity for Obama to put out his call for service, for volunteerism, for putting country first, and ask his supporters to come back to DC and CLEAN THIS MESS UP!!!!!!!!


I am not shocked at all the... (Below threshold)

I am not shocked at all the the lefties are once again revealed as the true hypocrites that they are. ww

I work right on the Mall. I... (Below threshold)

I work right on the Mall. I too was struck by the amount of trash left behind Tuesday. Trashy trashy people.

Wow...for a minute I though... (Below threshold)

Wow...for a minute I thought someone sent a picture from the future of what 4 years of Obama did to the country!

Well,As long as th... (Below threshold)


As long as they all got back into their Prius' like good little liberal robots.

Pretty soon we'll all be ridin' dirty in solar powered wheel chairs with Obama/Clinton 2012 stickers on the back of them.

Kudos to the Obama Inaugura... (Below threshold)

Kudos to the Obama Inauguration Event - another record set that a Republican inauguration could never, ever surpase!

sour grapes make the finest... (Below threshold)

sour grapes make the finest whine

You whine about porta a pot... (Below threshold)

You whine about porta a potties, you whine about trash, you whine about whom he called first, you whine about what inaugural balls he did or didn't attend, you whine like little children. Cripes his 7 and 10 yos don't whine like you alleged adults do.

Substance? God forbid you nits would bring up anything of substance. 4 long years of weeping, whining, temper tantrums - wow what a sad and pathetic group of wingnuts you folks are.
notiz=Have some cheeze JFO

I have noticed the liberal ... (Below threshold)

I have noticed the liberal trolls are a bit testy the past couple of days. I think it is because the bloom is falling off the rose. Gitmo still opened. Lobbyist working with his administration. Didn't visit the troops at the ball. Messed up his swearing in. Had to close one runway at the capitals airport for all the private jets flying in. So typical. Duplicit.

Obama is well on his way to be the worst president ever. ww

I think the liberal troll... (Below threshold)

I think the liberal trolls are experiencing buyer's (voting) remorse because reality has starting to set in

So this is what having a Gr... (Below threshold)

So this is what having a Green President does for us. Nice. We should have elected him sooner.

Look at CENTRAL PARK after ... (Below threshold)
Spurwing Plover:

Look at CENTRAL PARK after green moonbats have been celebrating their silly EARTHDAY celebrations they leave mountians of trash more then central park gets in one month SCREW GREEN MOONBATS THEIR COMPLETE IDIOTS






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