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A Tax Problem

In all the commotion surrounding State Rep. Kirsten Gillibrand's nomination to fill Hillary Clinton's vacated New York senate seat, you might have missed this interesting little tidbit about spurned damsel Caroline Kennedy Something-or-another:

ALBANY - Caroline Kennedy quit trying for Hillary Clinton's Senate seat because of a "tax problem" and "potential nanny issue," a source close to Gov. Paterson said Thursday.

"She was facing some potentially embarrassing personal issues" that came up in the vetting process, the source said, adding the governor had decided she wasn't up to the job anyway.

Zoe Baird (nanny problem), Dick Gephardt (real estate taxes), Charlie Rangel (real estate taxes), Timothy Geithner (self-employment taxes), and now Sweet Caroline. Heaven forfend!

Throw in Mr. Two Americas, John Edwards, who used sneaky S-Corporation tax shelters to stuff his own pockets, and you've got a real honest-to-goodness rogue's gallery. I can't help but laugh every time a new name is added. You'd think these folks would be chronically guilty of overpaying their taxes.

Democrats are supposed to be the embodiment of equality, the advocates of the downtrodden and marginalized, our moral superiors in their efforts to pay their fair share and spread the wealth around. Republicans are supposed to be the greedy bastards who would rather go to jail than part with their filthy lucre.

Oh well, live and learn I guess. Moral of the story -- if you are in this country on a green card and are looking for a nanny job, make sure your employer isn't a Democrat. If they are, make sure you have a good lawyer.


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You don't hear Nancy Pelosi... (Below threshold)

You don't hear Nancy Pelosi talking about the "Culture of Corruption" anymore do you? Why is that?

I think it's just 'cause, y... (Below threshold)

I think it's just 'cause, you know, the Dims are "confused" about tax issues. Didn't Biden say it was "patriotic" to pay taxes? But then, ya got good ol' Harry Reid saying that paying taxes is "voluntary". With an attitude like that, I think Harry is a real good candidate for an audit.

So what's going to be the n... (Below threshold)

So what's going to be the new solution for a tax code that's so complex that even Geithner can't figure it out?

I'll bet a quarter on 'reform' that makes it even more convoluted and difficult to figure out what you owe. It's long past a point where even the IRS won't guarantee their answers are accurate.

But it sure goes to show that tax problems that are fatal for Republicans seeking office are mere sniffles for Democrats!

While running for President... (Below threshold)
Cherubim Author Profile Page:

While running for President, John Edwards was the only candidate who dared to tell the American public the truth about the only "real scandal" revealed this year:
In this video, John Edwards explains that the problem is "corrupt capitalism",
you know that, "other America".

This has gone past the poin... (Below threshold)

This has gone past the point of ridiculous, or absurd. We need a new word for it. Hypocrisy doesn't even convey a proper definition anymore.

"Sloppy"? "Innocent mistake"? Please.

"You'd think these folks would be chronically guilty of overpaying their taxes."

Are you kidding me? "These folks" think they're exempt from the same standard. "These folks" think their caring, concerns and emotions are their contribution.

The rest of us need to "pay up" and "be patriotic".






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