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Obama's Bizarre Stimulus Plan

Yahoo Financial News has a break-down (a somewhat vague one) of the $825 billion Obama Stimulus Package, outlining some more of its substantial parts:

Infrastructure: (No dollar amount indicated) By investing in Renewable energy, health care, education, and modern construction projects, Obama expects to create 3-4 million jobs.

-What exactly does education, health care, and renewable energy have to do with "Infrastructure". Each one of these items has their own place in categories listed below. Transparency was one of Obama's mantras regarding this stimulus plan, but what the hell do these three items have to do with infrastructure?

Construction Projects: $90 billion. Consists of rebuilding "crumbling roads and bridges" (which are just collapsing before our eyes at a daily rate), clean water systems, etc. What we really need is systematic enlargement of existing outdated highway and roadway plans to help alleviate traffic in areas where the population has outgrown its traffic system. This entire plan is nothing more than creating a new democratic voting bloc of government workers.

Education: Listed in the Infrastructure part as well. Why? More pork-pay-off for the likes of Ted Kennedy. The plan would increase funding for Pell Grants. How exactly is that going to stimulate the economy out of it's recession? This belongs in the annual Education budget, not in an emergency stimulus plan.

Renewable energy: $54 billion. "Modernize 75% of federal buildings. Huh? Explanations for the American people are needed for these vague notions, not just for members of congress who Obama is trying to coax a vote.

Health Care Records: $20 billion: Computerize the nation's medical records. This is a waste. When I see my doctor, I like having a folder and chart with my info, organized in a way in which he knowns best. I also don't want anyone with a computer and proper access to be able to call up my personal medical information with a click of a mouse.

Science, Research, and Technology: 16 billion: Invest in science, research, etc. Translation: $16 Billion for embryonic stem cell research.

Tax cuts for lower and middle class families: While I have no problem with the government allowing me to keep more of my money, Corporate taxes need to be slashed across the board, as well, so we can remain competitive with the rest of the world. Corporations need to be able to re-invest, maintain job stability, and hire more people. It works, every time.

Low-Income tax credit: $5 billion. A refundable credit for low income workers. Also included are tax filers without tax liability. That means, they pay no taxes, but they will get a check.

The Plan also calls for "State Relief"- a bailout for states which have mismanaged their own financial situations. $16 billion alone in California. This will be a disaster. Every state will be lining up, hat in hand, just like the banking system.

Others include $87 billion for Medicaid, $20 billion more for welfare.

People used to complain about the deficit being $460 billion. With this past fall's TARP bill and Obama's stimulus plan, it will now blow up to just under $2 TRILLION dollars.

This is nothing more than an excuse to ram a leftist agenda down our throats at a time in which Americans feel most vulnerable.

And there ain't "thing one" we can do about it.


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Comments (45)

This person understands exa... (Below threshold)

This person understands exactly what is going on here.

If this person can do it then why is it so hard for the democrats to figure it out? Is Shawn some kind of genius?

When I think of creating jobs I'm thinking for the the long term, not just for the construction season (I'm from MN). That's why I agree with Shawn about giving corporations a tax break. That might give people a longer lasting job than building a bridge. Or how about building more nuclear plants? You get construction jobs followed by long lasting jobs. You know it's just a matter of time before gas prices go through the roof again.

This whole thing is a GREAT... (Below threshold)
Aye Chihuahua:

This whole thing is a GREAT idea.

No, really.

A great idea.

I'm feelin' stimulated already.


Open, armed insurrection is... (Below threshold)

Open, armed insurrection is probably the only hope for this nation. I'm serious.

As a follow on the the CBO ... (Below threshold)

As a follow on the the CBO stuy the CBO's Director's Blog adds this:

Assuming enactment in mid-February, CBO estimates that the bill would increase outlays by $92 billion during the remaining several months of fiscal year 2009, by $225 billion in fiscal year 2010 (which begins on October 1), by $159 billion in 2011, and by a total of $604 billion over the 2009-2019 period.
By my math that's only 15% of the package allocated over the next eight months.

The remainder will see another 37% in the next 12 months after that, or only 52% of the spending comes in the next 20 months.

And $287 billion more in spending in the nine years after that.

Remind me again, didn't Barack Hussein Obama "promise" 70-75% of the spending would occur in the first 18 months?

Wally[world] - "Open, a... (Below threshold)

Wally[world] - "Open, armed insurrection is probably the only hope for this nation. I'm serious.

Seriously nuts.

Is anyone really surprised ... (Below threshold)

Is anyone really surprised that the democrats would use this economy crisis to pay off voters? I am not. Only the mind numbed Obamasiah left thinks this is a great idea. ww

Remember a few days ago whe... (Below threshold)

Remember a few days ago when The Chosen One was pushing for rapid approval. In a Freudian slip he stated to Democrats "We have to take advantage of this situation quickly".

There is something the American people can do besides immediately voiceing their displeasure. It's called 'payback in 2010'. Then follow thru and vote everyone out who voted yes for this crap sandwich. And follow thru in 2012 and 2016.

Shawn, you might prefer a f... (Below threshold)

Shawn, you might prefer a folder and chart in your doctor's hand, but imagine how much easier it will be to institute (and track!) government run healthcare once everyone's records are computerized! I am sure there will be AMPLE security measures in place to keep it from EVER being abused... if we can't trust the government to do it right, who can we trust??

I remember a couple of years ago when they instituted new laws to protect your medical records more strictly - the results were often comical. We'd take our baby in for a check up and the scales were in the hallway by the nurse's station. We'd say, "How much does she weigh?" and the nurse would reply, "I can't tell you until we get into a private room." And NOW they are going to take those same super-secret records and put them into a giant database??? What the hell?

This should put to rest the... (Below threshold)

This should put to rest the kook conspiracy theories that Obama is a Muslim.... if he was, there's no way he'd embrace that much pork.

And who do you think invent... (Below threshold)
Larry Dickman:

And who do you think invented deficient spending? And who perfected it? And who embraced it?


I'm glad the Republicans are out of power so they can all of the sudden become hawkish again about spending.

Can we meet over at the sidebar?

I noticed Wizbang has 1 publisher and 10 editors. Outstanding! You must have, like a hundred writers . . . Wah? No writers? Just editors? Who creates the content that the editors . . . edit? I know you can't be mistaking editors with editorial page writers. That would be prefix-ation. I guess "editors" just sounds more important.

Every boy gets a trophy.
notiz=Don't like Wizbang? Move on over to Blue.

I really appreciate the $20... (Below threshold)

I really appreciate the $200 million to re-sod the National Mall. Which works out to about $100 per square foot.

For sod.

A little primer: $100 is a decent price for a PALLET of sod. 500 square feet. Assuming that you're paying a crew to install it at ten times the wholesale price, installed would be about $2 per square foot (this is a really, really high price BTW).

So this little project is only about FIFTY times a high price...

This isn't a stimulus plan.... (Below threshold)

This isn't a stimulus plan. It's a pork plan. It's a power plan. More power for the politicians who already have too much.

With the mounting job casua... (Below threshold)

With the mounting job casualties, here's hoping SCOTUS either finds someone, somewhere, has standing to require BHO's birth certificate or fixes attention on a criminal indictment before he wins his War on Prosperity.

Part of that $54 billion fo... (Below threshold)

Part of that $54 billion for "renewable" energy ain't exactly "renewbale" if it's going to "weatherize low-income homes."

First question, define "weatherize". Let's say that means replacing windows, a big source of energy loss. Brother, replacing windows ain't cheap. Believe me, I just replaced 4 in my house and spent about $900 on each one (double-paned, Argon gas, plus manufacturing and installation). And we've still got 9 more to do. We're roughly spending $13K...and we got 4 estimates and this was on the very low-end.

Now, given cirby's very fine sod example, who thinks the government is going to get the best price on the windows. (Hint: that's rhetorical.)

Finally, how many low-income houses do you think need their windows replaced? Let's conservatively estimate 10 windows per home and roughly $10K per home. That's $10 billion...just to replace windows. On the low end, it's still in the billions.

I'd like to see how much in energy savings we'd see compared to how much we'll be spending in windows...I bet it's enough to make any sane person vomit...

Larry Dick[less]man - "... (Below threshold)

Larry Dick[less]man - "Every boy gets a trophy."

And for completely "exonerating" any and all Dems in the House from contributing to the budget debacle here's yours.

Ted - ignored, unless you h... (Below threshold)

Ted - ignored, unless you have a propensity for coo-coo birds.

EMR's deserve a post of the... (Below threshold)

EMR's deserve a post of their own. You folks might not realize it, but if you are using insurance to pay for your health care, or even part of it, your visits, diagnoses, treatments and more are already part of huge insurance computer databases. If you happen to have a complex medical problem or history, the EMR is your best protection against errors and for quality care. A single robust EMR that is near flawless and financially accessible is not in existence. I'd be interested to hear from WB folks with serious medical conditions on this point.

Does it belong in a STIMULUS PACKAGE???? NO WAY JOSE, BARACK, NANCY, HENRY or etc.

And who do you thi... (Below threshold)
And who do you think invented deficient spending? And who perfected it? And who embraced it?

Look over there! A shiny object!

The "thing one" conservativ... (Below threshold)
Baron Von Ottomatic:

The "thing one" conservatives can do is point out the lunacy of Washington spending the country to prosperity.

Taking $1 trillion from people and businesses, filching 40% off the top for government overhead, and redistributing what's left based on Congress' political desires will only further damage the economy.

A true stimulus bill would cut at least 10% across the board from the federal budget, slash corporate, payroll, and capital gains taxes, then lower personal income tax rates. The market works far more efficiently than the government.

But that would entail a reduction is Washington's power and Congress losing their opportunity to pick the winners and losers.

Hammer that message home. Especially to the younger voters who will be picking up the tab long after Pelosi, et al. are buried in their gilded graves.

Baron Von Ottomatic for Pre... (Below threshold)

Baron Von Ottomatic for President, 2012. Or at least someone with that line of thinking, please.

The "thing one" conserva... (Below threshold)

The "thing one" conservatives can do is point out the lunacy of Washington spending the country to prosperity.

But instead, they're trying to get their own piece of the pork. (Shhh... don't tell Shawn.)

Now that would be a funny b... (Below threshold)

Now that would be a funny bumper sticker.

Brian,$23.8 billio... (Below threshold)


$23.8 billion out of $825 billion?

THAT'S your arguement that corporate cuts wont work?


And please try not to link to HuffPo anymore. I feel like I need a shower after that.

$23.8 billion out of $82... (Below threshold)

$23.8 billion out of $825 billion?

Well, Republicans are bitching about only $200 million for family planning. That's a lot less than $24 billion. Besides, you're giving Republicans a pass because they're asking for only $24 billion? Would you like them to be seeking more pork?

THAT'S your arguement that corporate cuts wont work?

No, the argument is what the article cites with Republican sources saying it won't work.

And please try not to link to HuffPo anymore. I feel like I need a shower after that.

Assuming that you already need to take one after each post you write, adding one more shouldn't hurt.

Brian,I read throu... (Below threshold)
Baron Von Ottomatic:


I read through that HuffPo link twice and did not see a single Republican/conservative named. Beyond that, the notion that a tax break is "pork" puzzles me. Unless you believe Washington owns all the money in our economy and permitting a company (or individual) to keep more of what it earns is an earmark from the government.

The US has the second highest corporate tax rate in the world, which is the only reason we're not considered the most business-friendly environment. If the goal is economic growth and new jobs, shouldn't we ensure there's no reason for companies to look anywhere else when they wish to expand?

Now that over half the country invests in the stock market wither directly or through a 401K/403B plan isn't excessive corporate taxation merely reducing a majority of the country's retirement wealth?

Or is reducing private wealth and increasing reliance on government hand-outs a feature rather than a bug?

Brian,1. Show me w... (Below threshold)


1. Show me where I am giving Republicans "a pass" on anything, especially the $23.8 billion.

2. "Bitching" about $200 million for "family planning" has a bit more to do with morals than amounts of money.

3. And, did you make up that last line all by yourself?

Good job, kiddo!

For those with an eye to hi... (Below threshold)

For those with an eye to history, the HIPAA was enacted by President Bill Clinton after a quick ride through the Senate and House in 1996. Part one made it easier to transfer insurance without that nasty pre-existing clause screwing your coverage. Part 2 dealt with protecting information and promoting electronic exchange of information. Who were the main sponsors?

Sen. Edward Kennedy (D-Mass.) Sen. Nancy Kassebaum (R-Kan.), the bill was approved virtually unanimously by the House and Senate. Anyone care to list the dissenting Representatives and Senators for extra points?

If you are impressed with the current level of joy with "security" of your medical information, thank Teddy and Nancy, please.

i don't think it's bizarre ... (Below threshold)

i don't think it's bizarre at all--in my opinion, if this works out it could go down in history as one of the best stimulus plans ever

look i dont give to cares i... (Below threshold)

look i dont give to cares in the world if the gop and the president at best friends, what i do care about is that they put their nuts to the side get in a room and work the bailout out. because what president proposes is what we would have to do in the end if we want to still be called the greastest nation period, so either its sooner that later. i hope that the first one will actually happen

Anyone (yes ANYONE) for cor... (Below threshold)

Anyone (yes ANYONE) for corporate tax cuts is either a corporate official or an idiot. Maybe both...jerks...dont you morons know that corporations already enjoy a big tax cut. They only pay taxes on the profit -- not the revenue. Wish I could say the same. Let me pay my monthly expenses and then get taxed on whats left...morons..

ldk - "Anyone (yes ANYO... (Below threshold)

ldk - "Anyone (yes ANYONE) for corporate tax cuts is either a corporate official or an idiot. Maybe both...jerks...dont you morons know that corporations already enjoy a big tax cut."

And so?

Don't YOU know any tax increases given to the corporate world gets passed along in price hikes on goods and services?

Don't YOU know the U.S. has the second highest corporate tax rate in the world?

And don't YOU know, you're the only jerk here?

Marc - hey moron...i wasnt ... (Below threshold)

Marc - hey moron...i wasnt talking about tax hike but a tax cut...jerk...learn to read...yes, also us corporations have the best tax breaks world wide too...you're probably a right wing moronic jerk that also doesnt believe in global warming.

Ah, but your boy Barack Hus... (Below threshold)

Ah, but your boy Barack Hussein Obama consistently campaigned on, at minimum, dropping the Bush corporate tax cuts, which "IS an INCRESE.

Is THAT the moron of which you speak?

Either way, Obama's putting... (Below threshold)

Either way, Obama's putting HIS stamp on the US. A trillion dollar pork package... anyone got some BBQ sauce? 'Cause we, the taxpayers, are gonna get roasted on this.

Sorry about the double - cl... (Below threshold)

Sorry about the double - cleanup on aisle 35, please!

good grief - a bunch of lim... (Below threshold)

good grief - a bunch of limbaugh worshipers. is there no intelligent life here or are you all big fat idiots? (snicker)
notiz=Idk has left the building.

Of course there is somethin... (Below threshold)

Of course there is something we can do about it. Heck we can stop it and fix it completely.

All we need to do is go back in time to about 2005 and stop acting like idiots. We decided Terri Schiavo was more important than maintaining a majority. And a bunch of other incidents just like it.

We abdicated our leadership.

Obama's ridiculous plan is the result of our party throwing away the public support it enjoyed just a few years ago. In a way you can almost say this bill is bipartisan, with democrats writing it and republicans losing enough elections to let it pass.

And as long as we bicker about O's bills, we continue to lose. Outside of the big fuzzball, has anyone actually offered a serious alternative that does not look like it was written by the heritage foundation?

I love heritage, but a comprimise needs to comprimise. Why is limbaugh doing a better job at this than our party leaders?


Currently, the average comb... (Below threshold)
George Douglas:

Currently, the average combined federal and state corporate tax rate in the U.S. is 39.3 percent, second among OECD countries. Corporations create jobs that pay real money, unlike government jobs that transfer money from the producers to the takers. 40% of Americans pay no federal taxes, yet those 40% probably enjoy most of the benefits from our government programs. Obama and the Democrats plan to give those non-tax payers a "tax cut" in their so called stimulus plan. The stimulus plan will not work. It will only put our country much further in debt. Does anyone think the $750,000,000,000 of our tax money given out so far has changed the economy one bit? Cutting taxes for small businesses will have the greatest impact on jobs. That is the one thing that might help our economy right now. Funding the pork and liberal social agenda of idiots like Nancy Pelosi, Barney Franks, and the ultimate socialist Barack Obama will only destroy our freedom and our economy much quicker. If the 40% of Americans that are free loaders would be required to pay 10% federal tax on whatever they make, that would help reduce the national debt in a fair way. Everyone else pays much more. When the government prints money for projects like the stimulus plan, all that does is devalue the dollars Americans have saved and are paid with. There is no free lunch despite what Obama has promised his cult. Basically, he bought millions of votes by promising to send every American a "tax cut" check, even if they do not work or pay taxes. The old Chicago "Pay to Play" routine and the liberals love it.

I always like when a libera... (Below threshold)

I always like when a liberal idiot troll gets put in his place or revealed as the fraud he or she is, they start name calling like little schoolgirls. A very consistant barometer. ww

Where was this critism duri... (Below threshold)

Where was this critism during the Bush days? If we would have stepped up during Bush's spending spree perhaps we wouldn't be in such a mess. Stop being so partisan and give the man a chance. He's earned it!!

ldk - "good grief - a b... (Below threshold)

ldk - "good grief - a bunch of limbaugh worshipers. is there no intelligent life here or are you all big fat idiots? (snicker)"

Yeah, you "caught" us, now take your demonstrated ability for 2nd grade repartee and post it where it will be most appreciated.

The DKos Kiddies might be a good start.

jughead - "If we would ... (Below threshold)

jughead - "If we would have stepped up during Bush's spending spree perhaps we wouldn't be in such a mess. Stop being so partisan and give the man a chance."

Well, that's half right, it should have been stopped or more vociferously opposed under Bush.

But to make the claim protesting about money going to ACORN, re-sodding the Mall or anything related to contraception in a stimulus bill is being partisan is a load of happy horseshit.

I think you should track fi... (Below threshold)
Norris Hall:

I think you should track figures for the $700 billion dollars US taxpayers have borrowed to pay for the war in Iraq.

At least the money in Obama's package will be spent helping Americans....not Iraqi's
Why are Conservatives all for borrowing money to spend on training Iraq's police and army, rebuilding bombed out schools, restoring power and drinking water , prop up Iraqs governments and paying insurgents not to fire on US troops.

But when it comes to spending money here in America to build bridges, pay for tuition, and help the unemployed....they call it wasteful.

I think we should ship the Republicans in congress to Iraq.

They seem to have far more sympathy and support for oil rich Iraqi's than for unemployed Americans

Thanks for the research-bre... (Below threshold)

Thanks for the research-breakdown of President Obama's stimulus package.

What's puzzling to me is why doesn't the writer and the posters reponding address our new President respectfully?

President Obama.

Thank You

Your absolutely right! The... (Below threshold)

Your absolutely right! These people should be referring to him with the proper title and respect=Sheik Obama






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