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President Obama's idea of change?

The illegal alien Aunt of the US President isn't getting deported for the time being.

Barack Obama's aunt, who lived in Cleveland last year, got a stay of her deportation order and her case has been reopened, a major development in any immigration case.

Zeituni Onyango, 56, the half-sister of Obama's late father, will be represented by Cleveland immigration attorney Margaret Wong and associates at a hearing before an immigration judge scheduled for April 1 in Boston.

The stay was issued on Dec. 17 and a judge reopened her case, in which she requested asylum in the United States, on Dec. 30.

"Her case has been reopened and the immigration judge will be looking at evidence that they may not have been aware of four years ago," said Michael Rogers, spokesman for Wong. "Wong is optimistic that the outcome will be favorable. We would have preferred to not conduct this case in the media spotlight, but that's not going to happen."


Onyango came to America on a temporary visa in 2000, joining a son who had been accepted at a college in Boston, Wong said in December

Obama has said he did not know that his aunt was living in America illegally and that all appropriate laws should be followed.

I'd like to hear one person in Washington justify this when legal alien spouses of US citizens face deportation today and the widow of a dead marine is denied a green card. How can't this be seen as some sign of favoritism in light of the other actions of HS I cite above? Homeland Secretary Janet Napolitano, would you like to take a swing at this? How about any democrats out there?


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Comments (6)

The government doesn't exis... (Below threshold)

The government doesn't exist to provide law and order, it exists to help those who are favored by the government and politically well connected.

It's difficult to get your ... (Below threshold)
Pretzel Logic:

It's difficult to get your head around this kind of sh*t regarding our president sometimes.

There is always some... (Below threshold)
Adrian Browne:

There is always some legal wrangling that allows special privileges for relatives of the rich and powerful.


Is there ANYTHING Obama cou... (Below threshold)

Is there ANYTHING Obama could do that wouldn't result in some Wizbang Lefty Squad member defending him? Could he actually rape an infant and some scumbag would find a way to justify it or sweep it under a rug or yawn about it? I mean...how far are you people willing to go in negating EVERY COMPLAINT you made about Bush for eight years? Either you care about the rule of law or you don't. Stop playing politics and start showing some character.

Yes, I remember all of your... (Below threshold)
Larry Dickman:

Yes, I remember all of your outrage during the W. years when these people were being deported. Deported under W.'s laws.

I'm glad you continued the fight into this new administration. I thought you might not be as hard on Bush's laws under Obama as you were on Bush's laws under . . . OH I CAN'T CONTINUE THIS CHARADE. YOU'RE AN MORON.

Atta boy.

The sitation is different. ... (Below threshold)

The sitation is different. She has family in the White House.

What a load of bullshit. She gets to accompany someone with a valid visa. Then just decides to stay.

Nothing like following the law.






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