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And finally, monsieur, a wafer-thin mint

Like Mr Creosote in a fine restaurant, members of the US House convened at the public trough this afternoon to gorge on tax dollars. Or pass what is purported to be a stimulus bill. Nine-hundred billion dollars in new spending (over $1.2 trillion if you want to count the interest...) passed on a party line vote.

Bring me a bucket, indeed.

After years of irresponsibly squandering tax dollars - and voter confidence - House Republicans finally took a stand and said, "I'm absolutely stuffed. Bugger off." There's no political risk to fiscal sanity since an orgy of government spending has never sped economic recovery. It was absolutely the right move by Republicans. With a little unity from Republicans in the Senate there's a chance this abomination might be stopped.

Maverick, I'm looking at you.

That's too depressing to think about, so it might be fun to appropriately christen this Mother Of All Porkbarrels ourselves. American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 just doesn't do it justice. Surely we here at Wizbang can do better, so I'll get the ball rolling:

  • Permanently Expanding The Federal Baseline Budget Act of 2009
  • Maybe FDR Couldn't Spend The US Out Of The Great Depression But Modern Democrats Are Smarter and More Nuanced Act of 2009
  • Hope, Change, and What The Hell Are You Going To Do About It Act of 2009
  • Our Campaign Donors Didn't Write That Boatload Of Checks In 2008 Out Of The Goodness Of Their F---ing Hearts Act of 2009
  • You Can't Prove Drunken Sailors Eventually Wake Up Sober and Remorseful Act of 2009
  • Screw It, We'll Be Long Dead While Our Grandchildren Are Paying For It Act of 2009

Or, anticipating the refrain we'll be hearing for the next four years:

  • Don't Blame Us, It's All Bush's Fault Act of 2009

Bring it on, suckers. Hit me with your best shot. Winners will take home a lifetime supply of high-protein feed for their new Obama-branded unicorn.


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Comments (39)

This is why it's kind of a ... (Below threshold)

This is why it's kind of a relief that McCain did not win the election. If he had, he would have proposed a porktacular "stimulus package" not all that much different than what Obama is currently proposing, and most Republicans would be supporting it. Remember when McCain made a big show of running back to DC during the election to make sure the first stimulus bill passed? Faugh.

So basically what I'm saying is that I'm in favor of gridlock.

Yes Oremus, I remember. Fo... (Below threshold)
Zelsdorf Ragshaft III:

Yes Oremus, I remember. Fortunately McCain is intelligent enough to know that bit of spending did not work as planned. Besides, Congress is responsible for the purse strings. Not Bush or McCain. Obama has not signed on to this thing yet. However he did want coverage that bipartisanship would have afforded him when it fails as he knows it will. He just needs to pay back the debts accrued getting him elected.

The Republicans in the Sena... (Below threshold)

The Republicans in the Senate hold fast with the House and the Obamassiah is going start sweating. Yeah, Joe Cool hisself. He wants cover if this social experiment goes south. All past experience says it will. To what extent is yet unknown. But The Chosen One wanted full cover for his ass......and now he finds he may not have it. You can expect more individual attacks for The One in the next couple days as this plays out. I liked Nancy Pelosi's statement; "We won, we wrote the bill (legislation)". Yeah Nancy, and you remember that in 2012. Especially when the Republicans come back with "It's the economy, stupid".

members of the US ... (Below threshold)
members of the US House convened at the public trough this afternoon to gorge on tax dollars.

Fiat currency! It's what's for dinner!

WFWOLO 2009 RIP USA... (Below threshold)

(We're Finishing where Osama Left Off 2009)

Government Waste: The Other... (Below threshold)

Government Waste: The Other White Meat

How about the "Zimbabwe Her... (Below threshold)

How about the "Zimbabwe Here We Come! Act"?

Party Like It's 1933 Act of... (Below threshold)

Party Like It's 1933 Act of 2009

The Democrats have the vote... (Below threshold)
John S:

The Democrats have the votes to pass this thing and they should, if that's what they want to do. I'm not sure the Republicans should fillibuster this thing. Just don't vote for it. And when it fails, Obama can try another $2 trillion in the fall. And when that backfires into 1,500 percent inflation, the Democrats still own it. Then in 2010, we'll see if the Republican Congress has any better ideas. I doubt it.

The Democrats will still tr... (Below threshold)

The Democrats will still try to blame the GOP for this punchbowl floater when it finally proves to be the turd sandwich we all know it is.

"It's all your fault for not doing more to stop us from passing it!"

And, of course, the MSM will play along, saying it was the lack of bipartisanship that hindered the effectiveness of it all.

The "I'm going to tax you s... (Below threshold)

The "I'm going to tax you so hard your grandchildren are going to be homeless act of 2009."

The pork barrel express lob... (Below threshold)

The pork barrel express lobbyist recovery act of 2009.

Demoncrats: May You all crash and burn.

The Abortion is the Way to ... (Below threshold)

The Abortion is the Way to Economic Prosperity Act of 2009 (sponsered by Nancy Pelosi)

But seriously, I am glad that the GOP at last showed some backbone. If they had done this six years ago maybe we would not be in the situation to begin with. We need to reclaim the title of being the party of fiscal responisibility again and this vote was a good way to start.

The American Socioeconomic ... (Below threshold)

The American Socioeconomic Justice Act of 2009, as it would later be spun, once its full details became known to an eager liberal media.

I harken back to the Dave C... (Below threshold)

I harken back to the Dave Chappelle "Reparations" video

The "You're lovin this pork... (Below threshold)

The "You're lovin this porkfest if you've got chlamydia" act of 2009

A couple Q.1. Is t... (Below threshold)

A couple Q.

1. Is the wafer-thin mint served before or after the taxpayer gets their after corn-holeing cigarette.

2. Where's Murtha's stipend for the new SuperMax prison to house the gitmo transfers? (at 10 times the normal cost)

How about the "Finan... (Below threshold)

How about the
"Financing the Permanent Democratic Majority Act of 2009"
...or the...
"Pandering to Democratic Special Interest Groups Act of 2009"
...or as inspired by RL:
the "Democratic Porkulus Act of 2009"

Porkapalooza 2009.... (Below threshold)

Porkapalooza 2009.

The we have to keep democra... (Below threshold)
retired military:

The we have to keep democrats in power permanently act of 2009.

The Lets pay back our political contributors act of 2009.

The Lets make America a socialist country act of 2009.

How about The Impoverishing... (Below threshold)

How about The Impoverishing Posterity Act of 2009?

<a href="http://bloggingred... (Below threshold)

Stimulus bill moves us closer to nationalized health care and rationing

The House of Representatives approved an $819 billion economic stimulus package Wednesday. The party line vote was a blow to Barack Obama's alleged desire for bipartisanship. All the Republicans and 11 democrats voted against the bill. One thing in the bill that went mostly unnoticed was a new bureaucracy called the Federal Coordinating Council for Comparative Effectiveness Research.

The Lets put lipstick on th... (Below threshold)
retired military:

The Lets put lipstick on this pig act of 2009

"Using A Slowing Economy to... (Below threshold)

"Using A Slowing Economy to Push America Completely Into Socialism and to Change American Society So It Will Look the Way Pelosi and Obama Think it Should Look Act (UASETPACISATCASSIWLTWPAOTISL Act)"

The Pelosi ActPushin... (Below threshold)
retired miilitary:

The Pelosi Act
Pushing the
Economy towards
Obamaism and
The Socialist wet dream act.

There can be no name better... (Below threshold)

There can be no name better than:


Spoils of Victory Division ... (Below threshold)

Spoils of Victory Division Act of 2009

The POSITIVE* Act of 200... (Below threshold)

The POSITIVE* Act of 2009, brought to you by nothing but Democrats.

*Phase One Socialism Implementation, Tax Increase, and Veiled Earmarks

The Barack Hussein Obama II... (Below threshold)

The Barack Hussein Obama II Porkfest Act of 2009

The Hopenchange na na na bo... (Below threshold)
amdilli Author Profile Page:

The Hopenchange na na na boo boo I won Act of 2009!

The Intergenerational Wealt... (Below threshold)
Andy T:

The Intergenerational Wealth Transfer Act of 2009

Funding Unpopular Causes by Kleptomaniacs with Ur Dollars Act of 2009

The solution to the mountin... (Below threshold)
Mac Lorry:

The solution to the mounting national debt is to not have kids. That way we don't need to worry about future generations. It's also good for the environment.


How about "Nancy in the sky... (Below threshold)

How about "Nancy in the sky with trillions Act of 2009."

"I should be awarded the No... (Below threshold)
Sterling James:

"I should be awarded the Nobel, Pulitizer and Heisman trophy for proposing to spend $1 trillion to create Utopia Act of 2009"

"Whyyy...becuase I'm Rick J... (Below threshold)
Sterling James:

"Whyyy...becuase I'm Rick James Bit%ch Act of 2009"

The "You people are so frea... (Below threshold)

The "You people are so freakin' gullible act of 2009"

The "Someone's Gotta Pay fo... (Below threshold)
James Cloninger:

The "Someone's Gotta Pay for All These Unicorns" Spending Omnibus.

My two cents worth...... (Below threshold)

My two cents worth...

None For You Act of 2009
American Bankruptcy Acceleration Act of 2009
Castration of Republican Adminstration Policies Act

I always laugh at double st... (Below threshold)

I always laugh at double standards. Republicans voted in many bills stuffed full with pork between 2001-2006, and their supporters said nothing. Now one bill under a liberal President has got them all frothing at the mouth. :)






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