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Pork-fried Stimulus- The Obama Way

The House has passed Obama's Stimulus Package, and you won't believe some of the dead weight thrown in which has nothing to do with "stimulating" anything, least of all the economy.

The Wall Street Journal has a piece entitled "A Forty Year Wish List"
which breaks down some of the more egregious pork-laden spending which has nothing to do with the betterment of our economy.

The article is too big to list here, so, if you are interested, follow the link and prepare to vomit on your monitor.


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Why was this stimulus neces... (Below threshold)

Why was this stimulus necessary in the first place? Gee, 6 solid years of "trickle down" BS and two years of limited Demo control of Congress, and now we are hurting? I think everyone should take a good look at history. But I realize that may not happen here, right?

Wow, it passed WITHOUT ONE ... (Below threshold)
Maggie Mama:

Wow, it passed WITHOUT ONE Republican vote.

I am sooooo impressed. I can't believe they finally found their "set".

I think today is the day th... (Below threshold)

I think today is the day the Republican Party found its soul again. Put fiscal discipline and strong national defense at the top of our priorities and we'll see gains in 2010 for sure.

I was actually proud to be a Republican again today.

If Obama signs this, can so... (Below threshold)

If Obama signs this, can someone explain to me how he fulfills anything he said in his inauguration and wasteful spending???

Allen,In order to ... (Below threshold)


In order to properly review the history that lead up to the stimulus, one must hearken back to 1993, not just 2001.

So hearken away, my friend.

As our greatest economist, ... (Below threshold)

As our greatest economist, Pat Buchanan, has pointed out, if stimulus helped, the economy would be burning hot after all the deficit spending we got from the King of Spenders, Bush, in his eight years of profligacy.

Why doesn't anyone ever bring up the fact that they all sat there and helped Bush turn record surpluses into record debt? What's up with the Republicans? Have they no sense that their policies have sent the country hurtling down the road to ruin? Are they so divorced from reality that in their delusion state they honestly believe we need more of their tax cuts for the rich and their other forms of plutocratic irresponsibility, the very things that got us to this deplorable state?

But doesn't it at least bother you a bit that the Republican policies created this mess, and that their only suggestions are more of the same? I mean, being a Republican is not a birth defect. It might be just a temporary infection. So why are you defending it?

I get it. I totally get it now. Those in favor of tax-cuts are like abusive sex partners. They know you'll cave to their demands, the pressure is intense. Once the "wad" is blown, they're back for more. If anything, I suppose they're like the reluctant sex partner who keeps inventing more reasons for why the "mood" isn't perfect. But I just think of them as stupid jackasses who don't have the brains to know how to be anything else. Their opposition to this bill is a dumb move by people who only have one move.

There's at least $200 billi... (Below threshold)

There's at least $200 billion in pure pork in that bill, and most of the money will not be spent until after the economy is likely to have recovered already. This spending will not help the average American as much as it will help special interest groups. Why can't the Republicans point that out???

Allen,Bush's loose... (Below threshold)
Baron Von Ottomatic:


Bush's loose monetary policy and Congress' immoderate spending did indeed contribute to the current recession. But the economy goes through pretty regular cycles anyway. You'll be hard pressed to find the Republicans' fingerprints on the credit meltdown that resulted from an otherwise mundane economic hiccup.

We saw how well a massive infusion of government dollars solved the mortgage-backed security problem.

So the Democrats' solution is to print even more money and double/triple discretionary spending? Then bitch slap us with higher energy prices through carbon taxation?

How will that spur an economic recovery?

Wow, it appears that Porkul... (Below threshold)

Wow, it appears that Porkula and his minions in the House have actually passed their version of what should come to be known as the Porkulus bill.

At least the conservatives in the House stood up and said NO!

Yea! Republicans care sudde... (Below threshold)

Yea! Republicans care suddenly about spending again! No one could have predicted it.

What the Democrats have don... (Below threshold)
George Author Profile Page:

What the Democrats have done here is criminal. This could haunt them. Republicans will be saying "Remember the $Trillion pork spending bill" during the next four rounds of elections.

Personally, I would like th... (Below threshold)

Personally, I would like this to hang on the democrats neck as well as Obama's. In two years, when the economy still hasn'g recovered, plus higher inflation rates and not as many jobs as Obama promised, I think the house or senate will be ours, and maybe both. This bill would have been excellent if the democrats did not take advantage of this crisis to pay off supporters. ww

It isn't a coincidence that... (Below threshold)

It isn't a coincidence that the Republican party "found its soul" once it was out of power. Your party can't govern effectively. Anyone can say "no". It takes leadership and expertise to govern effectively. Obama will get his bill passed and two weeks from know no one will remember your moral victory.

Also, can someone explain to me when tax cuts aren't the appropriate solution to a problem. Your one-trick party doesn't seem to have any other answers.

Blue, the american people a... (Below threshold)

Blue, the american people always know what to do with their money then the government. Are you telling me you don't? Do you need Pelosi to tell you how you should spend your money? ww

Write to your Congressman. ... (Below threshold)

Write to your Congressman.

No on the stimulus package. NO money for ACORN, NO money for clinics (Planned Parenthood). This is supposed to be about the economy, not social engineering. This bill should not be passed until it is focused on the economy and that issue alone. We cannot afford to play political games.

Yea! Republicans c... (Below threshold)
Yea! Republicans care suddenly about spending again! No one could have predicted it.

Yay! jp2 is finally off the backs of people who would rather be left alone, and still duped at the reality behind the scenes! How predictable.

Wow Allen those are some bi... (Below threshold)

Wow Allen those are some big words you use. You must be one of those libral elitest i heard about. Why oh why are you wasting your intellect here? Heck I aint even sure what some of those words mean. Why do you waste your time trying to educate us retards? Go away

I recon its time to be slop... (Below threshold)

I recon its time to be sloppin those congressional and senatorial hawgs again billy bob but realy i think paws been spoiling them too much






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