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RNC chairman Mike Duncan abandons re-election bid

He succeeded Ken Mehlman in 2007. From AP-

Mike Duncan has abandoned his bid for another term as Republican Party chairman.

Duncan made the move after failing to get a majority of Republican National Committee members' votes after three rounds of balloting.

The Kentucky Republican said Friday: "Obviously the winds of change are blowing at the RNC."

Duncan thanked Bush, and got a standing ovation when he withdrew.

He said of his two-year tenure: "It truly has been the highlight of my life."

With the present state of the National Republican party, being Chairman has to be a thankless job right now. Anyone want the job?


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After getting their asses h... (Below threshold)

After getting their asses handed to them the last two elections how could Duncan NOT step down?

I believe Michael Steele ha... (Below threshold)

I believe Michael Steele has expressed an interest. He's probably a few steps above the sorry crowd of pretenders to the position.

On the other hand when the "other side" has been lead by the nutcase Howard the Duck you have to ask yourself just how important the job is in the overall scheme of things.

I'll take it, but you won't... (Below threshold)

I'll take it, but you won't like what I do with it. I'm not "moderate", or "bi-partisan" enough for the current party. Fence, deport, re-open guantanamo, balance the budget, strong defense, and a NASA that actually gets us back in the race. Entitlements, abortion, and marriage laws go back to states where they belong. Federal government gets lean and mean, and reps and senators get term limits. That's what the republican party should be about.

I think Steele STRONGLY wan... (Below threshold)

I think Steele STRONGLY wants the job. I'm also fine with that - at least he has some name recognition - I think the party needs that. I like all Chad's ideas and unfortunately, since Steele is from Blue Maryland he wouldnt be any where near that conservative. Might be an ok start back thou

retired miilitary:



Anyone know who is the fron... (Below threshold)

Anyone know who is the front runner now?
The Intellectual Redneck

It's Steele with 91 votes. ... (Below threshold)
Big Mo:

It's Steele with 91 votes. Yeah!

Steele's in. Steele, baby.... (Below threshold)

Steele's in. Steele, baby. Steele.

Chairman Steele Pos... (Below threshold)

Chairman Steele
Posted by: Amanda Carpenter at 4:20 PM
Former Maryland Lt. Governor Michael Steele has WON the race to become RNC Party Chairman on the sixth ballot.

There is a ton for card-trading going on outside the member floor right now...lots of consultants were camped out at the Hilton's 1st floor bar through voting session waiting to see which person they would be issuing contract proposals to for the 2010 and 2012 election cycles.

Unsurprisingly, the "post-r... (Below threshold)

Unsurprisingly, the "post-racial", "not focused on race", "judge by the content of the character, not the color of the skin" press is using the headline "Republicans elect first black national party chairman" instead of just "Michael Steele elected new Republican party chairman".

I mean, liberals never even look at skin color right? They don't count minority noses at GOP events, right? No, not those liberals...they're beyond all that.

There certainly isn't much ... (Below threshold)

There certainly isn't much of a reason to count any minority noses at a GOP even cause there's usually none to count.

Steele is awesome. He will... (Below threshold)

Steele is awesome. He will do a wonderful job.

There certainly is... (Below threshold)
There certainly isn't much of a reason to count any minority noses at a GOP even cause there's usually none to count

Yep typical Liberal response. Oh and even if they are group of minorities present, Libs will tell you they are all sellouts.
Oreo ( Black on the out Side white on the inside),
Bananas (Yellow on the outside white on the inside),
Cream filled Brownies (Brown on the outside white one the inside) etc,etc.

So with Mike as head how long till MSM prints the first Uncle Tom reference, minutes, hours days?

Liberals wouldn't bother co... (Below threshold)

Liberals wouldn't bother counting anyone... they'd be too busy throwing oreos, saying "Uncle Tom,", etc.... like they did to Steele during his Senate campaign. Classy.

"Republicans elect first bl... (Below threshold)

"Republicans elect first black national party chairman"

Falze, don't you think that fact is worth mentioning?

I sincerely hope he is capable of turning the Republican party around. We need both parties to function properly as a nation. But I have my doubts.

Congratulations to Steele. ... (Below threshold)

Congratulations to Steele. Conservatives need to keep pressure on the RNC to rediscover its conservative roots.

JFO, we don't count by colo... (Below threshold)

JFO, we don't count by color as you do. We count americans. Race is such a huge factor to liberals. Almost borders on or is racist. ww

I have to tell you it'd dam... (Below threshold)

I have to tell you it'd damn funny when folks from a lily white, no minorities to speak of party, start calling the folks from the diverse party racists. Wake up Willie you idiot. You can't win elections when your political philosophy has little or no attraction to people of color. Duh.

Just admit it. The conservative/republican party of today has little appeal anywhere but in the deep south and border states.

Good for them for choosing Steele and good for him for being a man of principle. But that won't get you far till there are some fundamental changes in the way the fringe right does business.

JFO.What is it abo... (Below threshold)


What is it about conservative political philosophy that you feel is unattractive to people of color?

Limited Government
Smaller Government means lower taxes and people get to keep the fruits of their labor.
Freedom to make your own decisions and live by there consequences without government intervention?
State Rights.
Allowing states to make their own choices. If the state makes good choices people stay, if they are bad then people move to other states.
The right to keep and bear arms to protect your property and family from harm.

You guys keep talk... (Below threshold)
gracecurl Author Profile Page:

You guys keep talking about "conservatism" and republicans like they were still relevant in any regard.

Without an influx of new voters [young people] into the movement it is dead, dead, dead.

You people have alienated black people, gay people, Hispanics, working people, union people, young people.

So what is the plan to attract new blood?

Rush Limbaugh?

Michael Steele?

Sarah Palin?

You guys are 8 tracks and carbon paper.

Let's see, first African-Am... (Below threshold)

Let's see, first African-American Senator was a Republican, Hiram Revels (the Democrats hoped his election would negatively impact the Republican Party). The Democrats also argued that he was ineligible because of the Dredd Scott decision...they lost.

First African-American Governor was a Republican, P.B.S. Pinchback, and whose election to the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives both were contested by Democrats...unfortunately they won those and seated Democrats instead.

First African-American elected to House of Representatives, Joseph Rainey, was a Republican.

There are other firsts, Sec. of State, male and female, and others, Democrats have first too. But in the context of history and which party was more inclusive and supportive of African-Americans, the GOP was better.

I guess we can credit the Democrat Party for successfully transforming history into their favor and using race to their advantage during elections. Wait, someone remind Harry Reid!

But don't fault JFO for supporting the party that fought to keep slavery around, even to introduce the Missouri Compromise, who's party allowed Harry Smith to keep the 1964 Civil Rights bill locked in committee until pressure forced him, begrudingly, to pass it through.

JFO's Democrat party has many other offenses...but hey, it's the GOP that was evil...

Hey gracecurl...the 'Magic ... (Below threshold)

Hey gracecurl...the 'Magic Negro' originated with the liberal leaning L.A. Times...

To quote, "Like a comic-book superhero, Obama is there to help, out of the sheer goodness of a heart we need not know or understand. For as with all Magic Negroes, the less real he seems, the more desirable he becomes."
L.A. Times, March 19, 2007

Liberals first, blame Conservatives second...as Shanklin's piece came out in 2008...still outraged? Didn't think so...

Looks like gracecurl is ano... (Below threshold)

Looks like gracecurl is another sock puppet,
they're sure getting popular with the resident

Steele - I'll give him a mo... (Below threshold)

Steele - I'll give him a month or two to get his bearings and we'll see how it goes, no point in trashing him from the starting gate. I don't think anyone at the RNC can really change things all that much but I wish him the best of luck - he'll need it. What he needs badly is a largely united front in congress over the next two-four years that he can put the right messaging around, I don't see that happening.

JFO, what makes you think I... (Below threshold)

JFO, what makes you think I am white? Just wondering. Is it because YOU equate republicans and conservatives as white? I think so. ww

It's funny, too, because yo... (Below threshold)

It's funny, too, because you'd think the fact that Obama is half white would balance things out. Instead, it's made him the "first African-American" president to have been "elected". His white family has taken a total back seat during the campaign and his election, as if his Kenyan roots were much more important.

max: yes, I do think it's w... (Below threshold)

max: yes, I do think it's worth mentioning...AFTER applauding the man. The man should be praised before his color. But what do I know, I'm not one of those "color-blind" liberals.

1. Steele is a good pick, b... (Below threshold)
DJ Drummond:

1. Steele is a good pick, backbone and principle and a working brain. He's three up on President Hopey already.

2. We can read IP addresses, you moron. Keep it up and I'll post an article naming the frauds who aren't man enough to use their real name. Capische?

"Steele is a good pick, bac... (Below threshold)

"Steele is a good pick, backbone and principle and a working brain. He's three up on President Hopey already."-djd

As long as you accept that Steele's political principles are those expressed through the Republican Leadership Council, ie. a tacitly pro-choice buttress to future Republican top-down attempts at co-option of the Democratic party. That's where his only fingerprints are. The RLC.
And about that RLC strategy, anyway: until the US Chamber of Commerce priesthood in the RNC is cut loose, Democrats won't fall for it, and it will only piss off or split the conservative base from the Republican party,
so it's another all-in Rovian throw of the dice, but this time playing with scared money.

I look at it this way: the liberal establishment is generally welcoming Steele. Why? Because domestic policy is their hobby, so they know what the obscure RLC is. Meanwhile, many conservatives are too happy relying on impressions, such as, he's pro-life, or he's a budget hawk, or Hannity likes him. Steele has been campaigning for RNC chairman since before the presidential primaries began, yet he's more or less happy to be a political cipher because his leadership in the RLC does not jibe with his image. So it's Operation Big Tent, Part Deux.

On the bright side, seeing if Steele lets David Frum ride him like a neighborhood pony could be entertaining.

Anyone want the job? Hell y... (Below threshold)

Anyone want the job? Hell yes! I'd take it in a minute. Problem is, I'd work harder for the defeat of certain "republicans" than for most democrats. Specter, Snowe, Collins and the like would get bad, bad press from the RNC.






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