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Congratulations Chairman Steele!

Michael Laprarie beat me to posting about Michael Steele. He wrote a great post, but I wanted to add my own congratulations. I have been a big time Steele fan for quite a while. In 2007 I wrote about the reasons I thought Steele would have been a great VP candidate. He is a great choice to lead the RNC and speak for the GOP because he is an excellent communicator. He articulates the reason he is a conservative better than most anyone else I have ever heard. He is a stimulating and inspiring speaker. I saw him in person in 2007 at a conference in NC and he brought the roomful of people to their feet. He is great on television and I suspect he will be the most effective RNC chair since Haley Barbour. First we see the House Republicans vote unanimously against the Shamulus Bill and now we see Michael Steele elected to lead the RNC. This is one heck of a week for Republicans. It's about time we had a good week. It's been a while.

Update: Here are a couple of my favorite quotes from Steele's acceptance speech (via MK) :

"To my friends in the Northeast: get ready, baby. It's time to turn it on, and work to do what we always do well, and that is win. We're gonna win again in the Northeast. We're gonna continue to win in the South. We're gonna win with a new storm in the Midwest and we're gonna get to the West and lock it down there, too."

"We're going to say to friend and foe alike. We want you to be a part of us, we want you to work with us. And for those of you who are ready to obstruct, get ready to get knocked over."

In addition to the "can do" attitude Steele displays, he has the communication skills that will be essential to any Republican success. Many reading this have no doubt seen Steele on the cable news talk shows, but some may not have seen the ad below which he ran in his 2006 Senate campaign. It is still my all time favorite political ad. I hope to see this type of fresh approach to his job as RNC chairman.


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Comments (14)

Steele is a true class act.... (Below threshold)

Steele is a true class act...but...is he "white" enough?

Thanks Lori. I'd forgotten... (Below threshold)

Thanks Lori. I'd forgotten about that ad!

Isn't the 2006 race the one... (Below threshold)
Bruce Henry:

Isn't the 2006 race the one he lost by 10 percentage points?

Steele wins today -- Steele... (Below threshold)

Steele wins today -- Steelers tomorrow?

Steele is a GREAT choice, a... (Below threshold)

Steele is a GREAT choice, a true conservative.

Wasnt the 2006 race where hypocrite Schumer violated the law regarding the privacy of Steele's credit report?

This is a very good move. I... (Below threshold)
Pretzel Logic:

This is a very good move. I often thought he was not quite up to the task of running for president (unfortunately). I could be wrong on that.

I've always liked Michael S... (Below threshold)

I've always liked Michael Steele very much myself despite any political differences I have with his views. He has a magnetic personality and is well liked over at CNN and will certainly be a favorite guest over there. Anyone who studied to be a priest is great in my view.

Steele/Palin 2012!! Goodbye... (Below threshold)

Steele/Palin 2012!! Goodbye Obamalala!

Michael Steele...T... (Below threshold)
Eneils Bailey:

Michael Steele...

The Right person, for the Right job, and at the Right time.

I am a Southern, Conservative, Republican: the Right person at the Right time.

Re: Steele/Palin 2012!! Goo... (Below threshold)

Re: Steele/Palin 2012!! Goodbye Obamalala!

Two questions:

1. Has the head of the RNC or DNC ever successfully run in the primaries. Anyone know?

2. If "Steele/Palin" were to start to gain a following, wouldn't every decision that Steele made be viewed through the lens of "Is he doing that to improve his odd at the cost of other members of the party?" It's one thing to move the party in a direction that favors one candidate over another; it's another thing when that candidate is yourself.

I think he can do a good jo... (Below threshold)

I think he can do a good job, but we might need to hold his feet to the conservative fire.

Hey, there are even some li... (Below threshold)
tony smith:

Hey, there are even some liberals who like Steele as a choice. This one black law professor has criticized other liberals for calling Steele a "token." A Black Progressive Law Professor Responds to News That Michael Steele Will Lead the GOP

Jindal/Steele 2012<a... (Below threshold)

Jindal/Steele 2012

I think this could be great... (Below threshold)

I think this could be great as long as the GOP is not doing this to say "Look we have someone black too". Otherwise that is just as bad as voting for Barack for those reasons. Good luck Steele!






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