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Rednecks die, no one cries

Theological question: Would Jesus host a party for the Romans and serve them gourmet food, while the population of Nazareth languished and died under the weight of an almost unprecedented natural disaster?

In the wake of the news slowly filtering out of Kentucky and the Appalachian/Ozark region of our nation that is suffering from the worst ice storm in memory, perhaps it's appropriate to ask the whereabouts of our own Savior. Turns out he's in Washington DC, basking in a toasty-warm Oval Office, serving the finest in gourmet food to the Democrat leadership, and preparing a deluxe Superbowl party for tonight.

In other words, he's not moving mountains to alleviate the suffering of those who are freezing and dying in Kentucky. Neither, apparently, is FEMA. The MSM is also largely a no-show. And Hollywood? Fuggetaboutit. Why?

I'm going to offer an explanation -- it's just a theory but it's pretty easy to follow.

This map shows the net gains picked up during the 2008 Presidential election, Democrats in blue and Republicans in red. Notice where the red areas are located?


Now should we conclude that Democrats hate McCain voters and have no remorse over seeing them freeze and die? If the sides were switched, you can bet your bippy that Hollywood liberals, the mainstream media, and Congressional Democrats would be showing the same map and going berserk ... just like they did 3 1/2 years ago an a city called New Orleans.

Rick Moran doesn't mince words: "It's got to be that Obama hates white people and wants them to die!"

The Anchoress says, "Heck of a job, Barry." She also has the go-to roundup of news links and conservative blogger reactions, as well as (always) an even-handed set of observations.

I'll admit that on some level all this probably seems petty, but I'm human enough to admit that after enduring eight years of the same crap from the Left, it feels good to get it out of your system. And no one knows petty acrimony better than the Left, eh?

ADDED - additional comments below:

My, my, we sure have raised the ire of the trolls here, haven't we?

How does it feel to be called murderers and racists? Think about that for a minute.

And start reading a little. FEMA mounted one of the most extensive rescue and relief campaigns in modern history after Hurricane Katrina. You can learn all about it here.

After Katrina, FEMA coordinated with US military and National Guard troops from several surrounding states and managed to move nearly 100,000 personnel into New Orleans a mere 72 hours after the storm hit. I expect that the response to the current ice storm will be no less impressive, once conditions improve enough for them to arrive and begin working.

See, natural disasters commonly create hazardous conditions that prevent outside rescuers from intervening immediately after the disaster takes place. That's what is happening in Kentucky right now.

And that's what happened in New Orleans in 2005.

But today, Hollywood and the mainstream media aren't filling the airwaves with pictures of dead bodies, frozen to death, being hauled out of stalled cars or out of people's homes. They're not camped out at every relief shelter. They're not magnifying the situation to epic proportions. And they are not exploiting any number of ridiculous conspiracy theories.

Maybe my silly little conspiracy theory makes you uncomfortable. Fine. But what I wrote is certainly no less whacked that what Spike Lee, Louis Farrakhan, and others were cooking up after Katrina.

Now that the shoe is on the other foot politically, my advice to liberals is buck up and take it. Because your side raised the bar of responsibility so high, and lowered the bar of common courtesy so low, that you are going to have a very tough time during the next four to eight years -- now that everything is, well, your fault.


It seems fitting to close this subject with a quote from a follow-up post written Monday Feb. 2 by The Anchoress:

The president stays out of the way of the first responders, and then - usually 3 or 4 days into an event - views the damage. If possible, he gets on the ground and meets the people and shows himself to be present to them and to the situation.

President Obama has not done that. 7 days into the mess, he has not asked Americans to donate to the Red Cross or other disaster-relief agencies. He has not flown over the area to see the extent of the disaster. He has not gotten onto the ground to meet with anyone. This is the first thing that Obama can rightly be criticized for - he should now, finally, make an appearance. The rest of it, the steak-eating, the cocktails, the ballgame - it is brought up only to illustrate the difference between what was unreasonably demanded of one president, and what is (reasonably) excused in another.

The "where's Bush" press should be called on this; on the double-standards, the manipulative and self-indulgent emotionalism and dishonest Bush-bashing that demanded miracles from a man who had done all he could in the situation, and asks nothing at all of President Obama. If there is still an honest reporter, anywhere - in print or on television or radio - I'd like to see him or her encourage some self-examination of the press and their extreme and reprehensible behavior during Katrina. But I won't hold my breath. After all, most members of the press think Katrina was "their finest hour."

I guess if you think your job is to destroy a president, it was that, after all.


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Comments (53)

The MSM's response to all t... (Below threshold)

The MSM's response to all this so far reminds me of Ollie's weather forecast on Family Guy: "It's cold!"

Obama has actually talked q... (Below threshold)
Adrian Browne:

Obama has actually talked quite a bit about the need for infrastructure improvement and creating a better electrical grid so that situations like this can be avoided. It's long term planning AND SPENDING that everyone should support.

This global cooling is cert... (Below threshold)
John S:

This global cooling is certainly a problem. Maybe the Dimicrats can pass a law ordering Mr. Sun to increase its output to where it was in 1982-1998 during "Global Warming."

Australia counts heatwave d... (Below threshold)
Adrian Browne:

Australia counts heatwave deaths:


OMG Adrian, you've formally... (Below threshold)

OMG Adrian, you've formally jumped the shark for even a Blue Troll.

Tpypical right-wing hate dr... (Below threshold)

Tpypical right-wing hate drival and typically inaccurate.

Beshear declared State of Emergency Tuesday afternoon. Obama on Friday. There are currently both FEMA and National Guard personnel providing disaster assistance on the ground. Futher power is being steadily, if not rapidly, restored. There are no bodies decaying in the streets. There are no people crowded in unsanitary shelters, littered with corpses. Your comparison is apples to oranges - invalid.

Moreover, if indeed you are truly concerned about the people suffering in Kentucky, why are you using their plight to perpetuate false racism and divisiness. Nobody ever tell you a chain is only as strong as it's weakest link? We're all in this together. Like it not, if Obama fail, America fails. We don't have time for petty politicized battles. Our failure now could lead our grandchildren to grow up in a virtual 3rd world country.


If Obamalala loses, America... (Below threshold)

If Obamalala loses, America wins. I am seeing signs that Republicans are beginning to realize that. If you're waiting for the MSM to criticize Obamalala it will be a long wait.

While I'm certainly not a f... (Below threshold)

While I'm certainly not a fan of Obama, I've got to raise the BS flag.

One of the FEMA staging areas that has sprouted up is right on the southern edge of Fort Campbell, KY. Even at 0100 this morning, there was a significant amount of traffic in and out of the area, including industrial-sized generators and heavy equipment.

Thats swell Bill--where's t... (Below threshold)
Pretzel Logic:

Thats swell Bill--where's the press? where's the liberal outrage?
Where's Sean Penn? (well maybe not him)

"Obama has actually talked ... (Below threshold)

"Obama has actually talked quite bit...."

I'm sure all that hot air will keep those people warm?

Where's Obama? Where's FEMA? Does Obama even care? Where's the outrage? FEMA 'has staged', well whoopdeeedoooo!

Team Obama doesn't get high... (Below threshold)

Team Obama doesn't get high marks for the responsiveness, and the hypocrisy on display is breathtaking. While the country is suffering and people in Appalachia are dying, the White House is eating yagyu steak and the Democrats are gorging themselves on pork.

But the real story hrer is the MSM. Americans are dying, and the story is not being widely reported. I won't say that the MSM doesn't care what happens to fly-over country. The fact is that they probably hope more rednecks die. As an Obama voter told me this fall, "I hate the South". The other MSM motive at work is that the lack of concern expressed by the Obama administration is an embarrassment, therefore the MSM has little interest is doing stories about it.

The MSM has become one of the Democratic Party's most important constituents, and this doesn't serve the Republic at all.

So let me get my head aroun... (Below threshold)

So let me get my head around this logic. You're comparing a type 5 hurricane to an icestorm for political reasons? I mean i know some can make anything fit where their political agenda is concerned, but this is really grasping for straws.

The real reason the MSM is ... (Below threshold)
Mac Lorry:

The real reason the MSM is not covering this disaster is because it undermines the AGW scam. You know, the one the stimulus bill earmarks millions to for those doing "correct" science.

In the war against progress and freedom those in Kentucky are just collateral damage.

I am going to hazard a gues... (Below threshold)

I am going to hazard a guess - no link, just personal opinion: Red State voters on the whole tend to be more self-reliant than Blue State voters. No screaming/whining, no story.

Palinsevil, I thin... (Below threshold)


I think the real comparison is those working their way out of a problem versus the poor disenfranchised who sit on their lazy fat asses whining about no one coming to their rescue.

Hmmmm, funny you don't hear the same howls from Gulfport and Biloxi that was heard from NO.....gee, how come?

April, you forgot Charlie R... (Below threshold)

April, you forgot Charlie Rangel and the Mayor of Baltimore.

I got an e-mail this week t... (Below threshold)
Baron Von Ottomatic:

I got an e-mail this week that went something like this:

How is it that two million people can make it in and out of Washington DC in a day for Obama's inauguraton; but 200,000 people couldn't make it out of New Orleans before Katrina with four days notice?


One story I heard was that some sort of welfare checks always come on the first of the month and lots of folks didn't leave because they were waiting for their monthly "stimulus" to arrive...

A e - Obama has actuall... (Below threshold)

A e - Obama has actually talked quite a bit about the need for infrastructure improvement and creating a better electrical grid..."

Oh look... a shiney bright object!

That aside nitwit, Barack Hussein Obama's spending targeted for elec grid improvement has little to nothing to do with those strange little wires leading to your and everyone elses homes.

You know those things that tumble to the ground, along with power poles, during massive ice storms.

That aside nitwit, Barac... (Below threshold)

That aside nitwit, Barack Hussein Obama's spending targeted for elec grid improvement has little to nothing to do with those strange little wires leading to your and everyone elses homes.

You know those things that tumble to the ground, along with power poles, during massive ice storms.

Not only that, Marc, but a better electrical grid is not going to help people who need help NOW. Imagine the additional grief George W. Bush would have received if his response to Katrina was to to say, "don't worry, we're working on better levees for future storms."

So, Michelle Roberts, ... (Below threshold)

So, Michelle Roberts,

You stated, "Nobody ever tell you a chain is only as strong as it's weakest link? We're all in this together. Like it not, if Obama fail, America fails. We don't have time for petty politicized battles."

Based on this philosophy, I'm assuming you exhibited this same stance towards President Bush so as to avoid "petty politicized battles"?

Palin-hater, have you ever ... (Below threshold)

Palin-hater, have you ever been in an ice storm? I didn't think so. There's the same lack of necessitities such as drinking water, food, waste facilities plus the danger of hypothermia, or to spell it out for you, loss of life or limb.

You should be ashamed to be flaunting your hypocristy, ignorance and callousness.

#15 (DaveD) Actually, Red s... (Below threshold)
Scarecrow Person:

#15 (DaveD) Actually, Red states are more reliant on the government than their Blue counterparts. (http://www.taxfoundation.org/research/show/22685.html, http://taxprof.typepad.com/taxprof_blog/2004/09/red_states_feed.html) But don't let facts get in the way.
#16 Because Biloxi and Gulfport, while devastated more immediately by the storm, did not have floodwaters in about a 400 sq mile area for over a week like the New Orleans metro area had, and people weren't stranded with no way to get out afterwards.
#18 (Baron Von Ottomatic) I got the same email, except mine said 2 million niggers. And of course, they always get the number of days wrong, as Katrina was not forecast to hit New Orleans directly until 2 days prior, and they ignore that it was the largest and most successful large scale evacuation in the history of the US with almost 90% of the people leaving the metro New Orleans area.

It is kind of sad that people would rather compare the suffering of people in catastrophes and decide who was worse or who "deserved it" more rather than buck up and help the people affected or stay the F out of the way of the people who are trying to help.

palinisevil - "So let m... (Below threshold)

palinisevil - "So let me get my head around this logic. You're comparing a type 5 hurricane to an icestorm for political reasons? I mean i know some can make anything fit where their political agenda is concerned, but this is really grasping for straws."

Cute moniker BTW. If by "cute" you mean partisan hack.

First of all use the correct terminology, hurricanes are classified by category, not "type."

Secondly Katrina wasn't anything close to a cat 5 as it was first widely reported to be a cat 4 but later analysis placed it at cat 3 and very possibly a cat 1 storm.

Facts be damned right, or were you just "grasping at straws?"

And finally, if you fail to grasp the idea an ice storm can't be devastating, well... get a clue.

Where the hell is Sean Penn... (Below threshold)
Son of a Pig and a Monkey:

Where the hell is Sean Penn and the red, plastic cup?

Obama: Kentucky? Is that e... (Below threshold)

Obama: Kentucky? Is that even a state? Do people live there? Let them eat cake. I'll have more of the Wagyu steak.

Let's face it, Democrats do... (Below threshold)
Ken Hahn:

Let's face it, Democrats don't care about non-Democrats. To them we're subhuman and unworthy of concern. The Kentucky rednecks, bitterly clinging to their Bibles and guns can freeze. Most of them are Republicans anyway and Obama can sort out his own. This sometimes makes them appear racist, but they're not. It sometimes makes it appear that they hate based on class, but that's not really true. To Democrats, they are the master party, which trumps race and class. If you don't support Democrats you can just go and die, or at least pay your taxes and shut up.

With the exception of useful non-Democrats like Bernie Sanders and the talking heads of the lapdog media, they despise us. They know if we had any brains we'd be party of their wave of the future. So if we want anything, we can just beg like good serfs.

Honest Democrat is a contradiction in terms.

Well, isnt it clear,<... (Below threshold)

Well, isnt it clear,

Fauxbama hates white people(unless they are donors).

Fauxbama hates rural people(unless they are donors).

To: PalinsevilFrom... (Below threshold)
Son of a Pig and a Monkey:

To: Palinsevil

From: Obamas a Muslim

With such a plainly stupid NIC, you won't be taken seriously by anyone, except your fellow Whorington Post Kool-aid drinkers.

Can't wait to see my co-wor... (Below threshold)

Can't wait to see my co-worker, who said she cried herself to sleep for three months after Katrina, tomorrow. After all, she's actually from Kentucky. My guess is she doesn't give two hoots about any of them since she can't pin this on Bush.

Marc, to help you continue ... (Below threshold)

Marc, to help you continue to educate the liberal trolls, (I don't know if that is possible), Hurricane Katrina came on shore EAST of New Orleans and was a cat 3. The idiots that were stuck in NO were dems and the dem state and local leadership did not have a clue.

What is Barry doing to make sure the Kentuckians are being taken care of? Haveing an elitist party. The deaths of these citizens are on his hands. ww

Maybe he's too busy checkin... (Below threshold)

Maybe he's too busy checking the taxes of all his other potential appointees, eventually all these tax cheats in his cabinet is going to get just the slightest bit embarrassing.

Oh, and anyone reacting to the trolls' inability to get subtleties - there are better ways to spend your time, I'm thinking.

Let's face it, Dem... (Below threshold)
Let's face it, Democrats don't care about non-Democrats.

So true. You can belong to the Klan and talk about White Nig** your ok.
Make a toast at party with an R and your run out of town.

Sup[port the Troops by bringing them Home!
But while they are away their votes do not count.

MSM the Democrat Attack Machine would be stating that Bush did not care about Kentucky because they were not wall street fat acts if this occurred under his watch.
The true Partisan who look at every thing through political lenses are the Dems and the MSM.

ww - "The idiots that w... (Below threshold)

ww - "The idiots that were stuck in NO were dems and the dem state and local leadership did not have a clue.... What is Barry doing to make sure the Kentuckians are being taken care of? Haveing an elitist party.

All were Dems? Just another in a long story of tripe posted by you.

That said, and not to defend Barack Hussein Obama in any way, the Gov asked for and received Fed Emergency status on Wednesday the day after the storm hit.

However, as this report from Saturday shows FEMA was still not up to handling the entire job.

Local officials were growing angry with what they said was a lack of help from the state and the Federal Emergency Management Agency. In Grayson County, about 80 miles southwest of Louisville, Emergency Management Director Randell Smith said the 25 National Guardsmen who have responded have no chain saws to clear fallen trees.

"We've got people out in some areas we haven't even visited yet," Smith said. "We don't even know that they're alive."
Smith said FEMA has been a no-show so far.
"I'm not saying we can't handle it; we'll handle it," Smith said. "But it would have made life a lot easier" if FEMA had reached the county sooner, he said.
Pass the Wagyu steak, and t... (Below threshold)
The Big O!:

Pass the Wagyu steak, and turn up that damn heat, I'm freezing in here!

Crackers dying in an ice storm in Kentucky? Did they vote for me? No? Well [scratch nose with middle finger] them, then!

"So let me get my head arou... (Below threshold)

"So let me get my head around this logic. You're comparing a type 5 hurricane to an ice storm for political reasons? "

Why don't you ask the 42 dead that question?

"Rick Moran doesn't mince w... (Below threshold)

"Rick Moran doesn't mince words: "It's got to be that Obama hates white people and wants them to die!""

Yeah, that sounds about right.

The most unusual thing abou... (Below threshold)
Baron Von Ottomatic:

The most unusual thing about Hurricane Katrina was how its effects were entirely localized in New Orleans. It always struck me as somewhat amazing that such a massive storm didn't affect Mississippi or Alabama.

Oh, wait, it did indeed affect an area larger than Great Britain. But somehow only historically corrupt and Democrat-run Louisiana managed to really put the "disaster" in natural disaster. Or maybe they were just really eager to place the blame somewhere else?

Scoring political points off disasters and human suffering may be unseemly, but that didn't stop anyone back in 2005. Imagine the outcry if Bush went forward with his plan to watch a friggin' football game while thousands suffered.

The foot's on the other hand now.

Bill, the AP story linked t... (Below threshold)
April McCabe:

Bill, the AP story linked to by the blog post belied your bs meter. Please read it, O ilLiberal party hack.

The point, Bill, was that FEMA was slow to respond and was absent far into this disaster, even if they began crawling over the affected state en masse this morning. And that the response of the Media and Liberals is *hypocritical* at best.

Do you Libtards not have simple reading comprehension skills that you missed the point of the blog post, which was supported by sources?..AP article..hello.

Can you people on the Left read at all?

That would explain alot about how you arrive at your point of view.

Also, whoever posted the link to the statistics of blue/red state dependence, your link isn't working. No surprise, no source from a Liberal in support of a statement..

BTW, Many local rescue efforts have stated they don't want people unfamiliar with the area in charge of rescue efforts.

It seems obvious the Americ... (Below threshold)

It seems obvious the American media is not concerned with natural catastrophes that occur to ethnic Europeans.

They extensively covered Hurricane Katrina (which affected ethnic Africans), and the Bangladesh disasters, but they merely take a passing glance at this tragedy.

The same applies to all of those celebrity 'philanthropists.' They were so eager to exploit the other incidents for charity events and other for-profit affairs....why are they so silent now?

If anyone still doubts that the mainstream media is against the European, open your eyes. America is en route to becoming a Second Rhodesia.

You might want to forget ab... (Below threshold)

You might want to forget about the major networks as far as any news coverage this week that doesn't come from the Super Bowl.

Local news coverage indicates that FEMA isn't totally sitting on its hands.





Shut UP! Lord have mercy, ... (Below threshold)

Shut UP! Lord have mercy, please will you all just SHUT UP! It's cold, we're only now starting to get cell phone service up, landline service is spotty, we had no way to get fuel and food for days and you are all trying to score cheap points. Who gives a crap! You can't find anything about what's going on or when power's coming back and who is okay or who needs help because the media isn't reporting jack that doesn't come from some spokesman an easy phone call away at some government center.

Shelters don't do a lot of good when they don't have heat. People can huddle together. Yea. Trees have been ripped up from their roots by the weight of the ice. People have been sleeping in their cars so they don't abandon pets to the cold. I put all three of my kids in the same bed with a dog so they wouldn't freeze to death in the night. You try keeping children warm when the overnight low dips to 12 degrees.

It doesn't usually get this cold here so people in general are not prepared for this kind of thing.

The ice has melted now but the water situation is bad. Power will come up slowly and we can get in to Wal-Mart now. Out-of-town crews are arriving to help and sell supplies. Families are calling around trying to check on each other. Every time we have a big outage like this it comes down to how far out on a line are you? They can get the "city" back up but folks in the county will have to wait for three separate crews to be available to restore power - 1 crew to clear the downed trees, 1 crew to put the pole back up, and a third crew to repair/replace the line. The first days crews drove around *cutting* dangerously low-hanging lines so they would not block roads.

Unless Obama has a chainsaw and knows how to run it, I don't care what he eats and who eats with.

Ah i see now, the partisan ... (Below threshold)

Ah i see now, the partisan politics of everyone on here only applies to liberals? LOL

Nice to see the right doing what they do best, making personal attacks instead of answering the topic.

And as i said it's funny how partisan politics can make any opinion seem like fact, no matter how full of BS that opinion is. I say this because the MSM i looked at seemed to be reporting the ice storm, us liberals must get a different MSM to conservatives.


Sorry to burst the bubble of hatred with facts.

Standard liberal claptrap. ... (Below threshold)

Standard liberal claptrap. The issue is not whether the MSM is covering the weather situation at all, but how the MSM is covering it, specifically how the MSM is covering FEMA's response and Obama's response. Try to stay on point.
And when you're complaining about personal attacks, don't label disagreement with your position as "hatred." It's hypocritical and silly.

Palin does not have the abi... (Below threshold)

Palin does not have the ability to understand a post. She is zero for three. ww

obama is a dulusional screw... (Below threshold)

obama is a dulusional screw head. it's very scary.

vote for an incompetent dum... (Below threshold)

vote for an incompetent dumbass- get an incompetent dumbass

lESS THAN ONE MONTH AND I D... (Below threshold)


palinisevil - "And as i... (Below threshold)

palinisevil - "And as i said it's funny how partisan politics can make any opinion seem like fact,"

Do you mean like the "fact" Katrina was a cat 5 storm? That "fact" is opinion, demonstrably so, yet you make a sad attempt at foisting it off as something it's not.

To say nothing about you using a moniker on what is generally regarded as a right leaning website that's plainly partisan.

And BTW, you do hold some proof Palin is evil, right? Or is that "above your pay grade" to decide and a sign of your over abundant childishness?

To Palinisevil:Fir... (Below threshold)

To Palinisevil:

First of all, Katrina was a catagory 3 when it hit New Orleans, and it wasn't the hurricane itself that flooded a city that was built below sea level (go figure), it was the levees that broke. Democrats have been running that city for years, what's up with that? Apparently, the media has decided to stay out of Kentucky since that state went for McCain/Palin. Plus, too much going on at the White House now that we have a Messiah. Hope and Change.

#41. I feel your pain. It g... (Below threshold)

#41. I feel your pain. It got down to 18 degrees three nights in a row last week. Very exhilarating! We are having to haul water 24 miles round trip for livestock twice a day. We are told there will probably be no power for another three days. (Makes you appreciate your ancestors.) However, living in "Tornado Alley", we are somewhat prepared for power outages and blocked roads from downed trees. We are a self reliant bunch here in northwest Arkansas. As power is restored, people are passing along their generators to those of us without. Thanks fellow Ozark Americans! Good neighbors and good friends are taking care of each other. I just wish I could wash some clothes. Oh well, I'll just recycle last weeks duds and spray on a little more Jean Nate. It's all about personal responsibility, ya know. We will survive.

Marc, i've never claimed i'... (Below threshold)

Marc, i've never claimed i'm not partisan. I am, i'm a lifelong Democrat. It just makes me laugh when others on this "right leaning website" claim others are partisan. We're all partisan here, if anyone says they're not, they're a liar.

And why don't you ask if the person who said "obama is a dulusional screw head" has any facts. Seems right wing facts never need to be corroborated. *eyeroll*

But "Palin is evil" it's simply my opinion, as was the "screw head" remark someone elses opinion. Facts don't work well with opinion, they never do. I would have thought you'd know that?

Evil,While it's un... (Below threshold)


While it's understandable to be partisan some or even most of the time, it is not acceptable to be partisan all of the time. And sometimes, facts are the facts and opinion does not weigh in at all.

Fact....Bush and his administration were raked over the coals for Katrina/New Orleans by literally every media outlet and just about every liberal mouthpiece able to get in front of a microphone. We now know that the unprepared and relatively ineffective Democratic Governor of Louisiana and Democratic Mayor of New Orleans were far more to blame for what happened (mostly fact with a wee bit of opinion) to the people of New Orleans. In fact, or maybe my opinion, the morons who originally built New Orleans on swampy soil resting an average of 6' below sea level are more at fault than Bush was.

The other thing I find very interesting is that it took over 5 days for any meaningful federal support to make it into the area. I would have thought the compassionate President Obama would have moved heaven and earth to save lives...since he and many of his advisors were some of the loudest voices against former President Bush when it came to Katrina.

I think it's highly unfair ... (Below threshold)

I think it's highly unfair to compare the current ice storm to Katrina... last numbers I read 26 people died so far, which is tragic, yet nothing in comparison to 1,826 people who died in Katrina. Please consider this before comparing tragedies... I agree, it is unfortunate that the media isn't covering the problems, but also consider the millions of AFRICANS who are dying in Darfur/Congo/Zambia.... where is their press coverage? Is Obama racist against Africans because he doesn't address that?






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