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D. C. Follies, 21st Century Edition

Late night comedians couldn't have asked for a more fertile source of fodder than the first two weeks of the Obama Administration.

The Oath of Office was flubbed and had to be redone; the National Mall was trampled into oblivion and littered with 130 tons of garbage during The Greenest Inauguration Ever!TM; President Obama can't tell the difference between a door and a window, and he apparently forgot his own admonition that 72 degrees is an unreasonably high indoor temperature during winter. And what about that ever-growing list of asterisks being added to his straightforward ethics reform promises? Then there is his grotesque, debt-laden, pork-filled "Stimulus" bill that is so transparently full of favoritism and paybacks ... ugh! I have to laugh to keep from crying about that one.

And then there are the "personal problems" that continue to dog prominent Democrats, especially White House appointees.

First on the list is good old Sen. Chris Dodd, Chariman of the Senate Banking Committee, infamous "Friend of Angelo" and recipient of sweetheart mortgage deals through Countrywide and its disgraced former CEO, Angelo Mozilo. Dodd promised to publicly release his mortgage contracts; instead, he investigated himself, declared that he did nothing wrong, and promised to refinance his Countrywide mortgages.

Timothy Geithner, former President of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, failed to pay $34,000 in income taxes on compensation he received from the International Monetary Fund. Geithner is now Secretary of the Treasury.

Tom Daschle failed to pay over $128,000 in taxes on services given to him. He also earned over $2 million as a policy adviser for the high-powered DC law firm of Alston and Bird LLP, where he acted as a consultant on matters involving public policy -- even though he isn't a lawyer:

The Alston & Bird Web site says that he focused "on advising the firm's clients on issues related to all aspects of public policy." Did that mean slogging through endless meetings explaining the intricacies of how to bend the legislative process to the clients' will? Did he make the right calls to get this done? Or was most of his value to these firms the simpler fact that on their payroll was Tom Daschle -- once one of the most powerful people in Washington, and with everything breaking the Democrats' way, likely to be so again?

Tom Daschle is President Obama's nominee to head the Department of Health and Human Services. But obviously he would never dream of using inside connections and favors to influence government health care policy, right? And besides, everybody makes a few mistakes. No big deal. All is forgiven. (UPDATE - see below)

The latest disgraced Obama nominee is Nancy Killefer.

On paper, Killefer brought impressive credentials to the two jobs Obama selected her for: deputy director for management at the Office of Management and Budget, which requires Senate confirmation, and a new White House post, chief performance officer for the entire federal government, which does not require confirmation.

Killefer oversees McKinsey's management consulting for government clients. During 1997-2000 in the Clinton administration, Killefer was assistant Treasury secretary for management. As such she was the chief financial officer and chief operating officer for the Treasury and its 160,000 employees and led a modernization of its largest component, the Internal Revenue Service.

Alas, Nancy Killefer was forced to withdraw her nominations after it was revealed that she failed to pay employment taxes on household help.

This is comedy gold, folks. There is easily enough material coming out of the White House to keep a weekly series fresh and edgy. What are the producers of That's My Bush! doing these days? Don't they recognize good ideas when they see them?

You know what we need? Remember the short-lived 1980's series DC Follies? It featured lifelike Sid and Marty Krofft Puppets of various celebrities and political figures who gathered regularly in a Washington, DC bar run by comedian Fred Willard.


I'd love to see something like that again. Yes, I know that during the last eight years, Bush Derangement Syndrome rendered most of Hollywood incapable of producing political comedy that could be successful, simply because most Americans won't buy into anything that is continually immersed in crude, vulgar personal attacks. But now that Bush is gone, is there anyone in Hollywood (besides Jon Stewart and Steven Colbert) willing to give the Obama Administration a run for its money on a weekly basis?

It's not like they would have to try very hard ...

ADDED: (h/t to commenter Chip) An obviously "deeply concerned" Tom Daschle is out of the running for HSS Secretary. The Clinton First 100 Days was like the Royal Changing of the Guard compared to this mess. Sheesh.


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Comments (14)

Daschle has withdrawn, so s... (Below threshold)

Daschle has withdrawn, so sad....nahhh I can't do it, LMFAO. The most ethical government evah!

Thanks for the Killefer tip... (Below threshold)

Thanks for the Killefer tip - she's now #19 on my list of questionable hirings and nominations so far. I'm sure it will continue to go up. I think my paper has mentioned 4 or 5 of them.

Barry's administration is l... (Below threshold)

Barry's administration is looking like the keystone cops. Is anyone surprised? ww

pea[brain]3000, brian, just... (Below threshold)

pea[brain]3000, brian, justice58... anyone?

Anyone of you out there?

Don't look for the late nig... (Below threshold)

Don't look for the late night folks to say anything. Some of that egg will be on their faces as well....seeing as they supported The Chosen One.

Although it might make for some very interesting and pointed letters to the producers of those shows. :o)

Anyone of you out there?... (Below threshold)

Anyone of you out there?

Yep. Daschle's an idiot, as are all of the other Dems and Reps either embarrassed or incarcerated for their greed and stupidity.

Before Vladimir "Mr. Sensit... (Below threshold)
James H:

Before Vladimir "Mr. Sensitive" Putin came to power, Kukly was popular in Russia. And Avenue Q is certainly popular enough to make me think such a thing could be commercially viable in the US.

Also, puppets can often get away with commentary that actual, physical human beings can't. In A Reporter's Life, Walter Cronkite remarks as much when he writes about his experience opposite Charlemagne on "The Morning Show."

Provided it's funny and is a more or less equal-opportunity heckler, I'd love to watch a new DC Follies puppet show.

Where are the Wizbang Blue ... (Below threshold)

Where are the Wizbang Blue stories about Obama Follies? Oh I guess they aren t Republicans so they get a pass.

brian - "Yep. Daschle's... (Below threshold)

brian - "Yep. Daschle's an idiot, as are all of the other Dems and Reps either embarrassed or incarcerated for their greed and stupidity."

You seem to have the opposite opinion to that of Barack Hussein Obama and his newly anointed Treasury Sec.

You seem to have the opp... (Below threshold)

You seem to have the opposite opinion to that of Barack Hussein Obama and his newly anointed Treasury Sec.

Barack Hussein Obama's opinion is shared by 10 Republican senators, as well.

You're scaring me, M.L.!</p... (Below threshold)

You're scaring me, M.L.!

Sid and Marty Kroft being assigned their own Tag by you, I mean.

Let me head it off: Obama, Talking flute, H.R.Puffenstuff.

In defense of Obama: I don'... (Below threshold)

In defense of Obama: I don't believe he specified in the 72 degree statement whether he was refering to heating or cooling. He has spent a lot of time in Hawaii where the heat is cheap and the cooling consumes the most energy.

I don't need a television s... (Below threshold)

I don't need a television show to enjoy the comedy of Barry's administration. Treasury=Tax Cheat, Holder=Political Favors, Biden makes fun of Roberts for messing up the swearing in and then he does the same, Kentucky citizens freezing to death while Barry has a Super Bowl Party. I mean, you can't write this stuff. Barry is in his third week. Wow! Get the popcorn. ww

When you're an Obama worshi... (Below threshold)

When you're an Obama worshiper, Obama's follies are not funny.






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