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Breaking News: Obama Administration to cancel 77 drilling leases in Utah

MSNBC reports:

In its first action to overturn Bush administration policies on energy, the Obama administration on Wednesday said it will cancel oil drilling leases on 100,000 acres near two national parks and other protected areas in Utah.

"I have directed (the department's) Bureau of Land Management not to accept the bids," Interior Secretary Ken Salazar told reporters.

The department will $6 million in bids on the contested parcels of land and will reassess the decision to open the lands to energy exploration, he said.

This means more people will lose their jobs and the price of oil and gas will go up. Another bad decision in a string of awful ones.


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Comments (24)

All it would take to change... (Below threshold)

All it would take to change the decision is for the oil companies to commit themselves to heavily supporting the democratic party and other liberal organizations.

"You can't solve the oil sh... (Below threshold)

"You can't solve the oil shortages by drilling - especially when we won't LET YOU DRILL!"

Well, hope and change and all that crap...

Oh, I might also point out ... (Below threshold)

Oh, I might also point out that a lease is something completely different from drilling - the oil company gets the lease, uses various techniques to determine whether there's exploitable oil, and then drills if they figure the reward is going to be worth the cost of drilling and the risk of a dry hole. If there's little chance of oil, the oil company lets the lease expire.

So - they aren't even going to let the oil companies LOOK for oil. Way to go! Let's keep shovelling out money to the ME!

Hey, he has to please Chave... (Below threshold)

Hey, he has to please Chavez and the Iranian Mullahs doesn't he?

Let's see...no drilling either on land or sea, no coal and yet he cranks up the WH furnace because he likes it just like Hawaii.

BTW...how the heck are we supposed to power all those electric vehicles the 'stimulus' package dictates, when we won't be able to provide power for our existing needs?

Well I hope that if there i... (Below threshold)
kbiel Author Profile Page:

Well I hope that if there is oil there, that some one is able to "drink their milkshake". Yes, it would have been nice for the federal government to make some money off of this, but let's face it, even if it did we wouldn't see one tax cut or see the money used efficiently. So screw'em. Let's see some slant drilling and drainage from privately owned land and create a few new millionaires along the way.

Anyone one who didn't see t... (Below threshold)
P. Bunyan:

Anyone one who didn't see this coming is as ignorant and uninformed as 99.5% of the people who voted for Obama, the man who promised that energy prices will "skyrocket" under his policies.

In the near future we will be looking back fondly at the good old days when gas prices were still under 5 bucks a gallon and unemployment was under 25%.

And the MSM will still blame Republicans.

Well that explains why gas ... (Below threshold)

Well that explains why gas just went up 4 cents this morning. Two days ago it dropped by 2 cents.

Mr Hope and Change and the rest of the Democrats in Washington aren't going to wake up until reality walks up and kicks 'em right in the balls.

Problem with that, Garandfa... (Below threshold)

Problem with that, Garandfan, is that we're ALL gonna get that impact - and they'll be wearing a cup, nicely insulated from the results of their 'wonderful ideas' for the restof us.

We're F*%@%d... (Below threshold)
Pretzel Logic:

We're F*%@%d

"We will take time and ... (Below threshold)

"We will take time and a fresh look at these 77 parcels to see if they are appropriate for oil and gas development," Interior Secretary Ken Salazar told reporters.

Well duh!

And just who does this nitwit think will conduct this "fresh look" if the most qualified experts in the field have just been prohibited from determining whether or not the formally leased areas are worth exploring?

"QUICK someone get me a [non-tax paying]Fresh Oil Field Look Czar," said Barack Hussein Obama.

Screw the people. Politics ... (Below threshold)

Screw the people. Politics comes first. Barry, 2009. ww

This is very irresponsible.... (Below threshold)

This is very irresponsible. We're committing suicide in this country every day will allow Obama to continue running the show. I'm not one to make extreme sugggestions (very often), but we need to impeach Obama, STAT.

jason, there's no other way... (Below threshold)

jason, there's no other way to put this.

Your a lunatic.

What a shocker. I'm only am... (Below threshold)

What a shocker. I'm only amazed that there were intelligent people in this country who believed his rhetoric about caring for people and keeping jobs. Here's an interesting article about Obama's view on outsourcing American jobs...he's for it.


Get ready for the worst president ever.

Jason -Much as we ... (Below threshold)

Jason -

Much as we may disagree with what he's proposing, it's LEGAL for him to do this.

Not SMART, mind you, but LEGAL.

I think he's finding out that his fantasies of being King of the United States aren't exactly turning out how he expected.

Buy electric cars ... hmmm<... (Below threshold)

Buy electric cars ... hmmm

Like I've said Wiz... (Below threshold)
gracecurl Author Profile Page:

Like I've said Wizbang= carbon paper+8 tracks.

You people are so far in the dark, so propagandized by oil company bullshit.

Maybe learn a little about the future of energy and quit being a dupe,a sap, a sucker.

Grace, the sap was the indi... (Below threshold)
Zelsdorf Ragshaft III:

Grace, the sap was the individual who marked the ballot for Obama. They believed the lies he told. He is a communist who hates America. His first mentor (Frank Davis) was a communist, his grand parents were leftists, all of his associates are leftists of the radical kind. Saul Alinski was one of his heros and the fool believes in global warming. He is a one term President. Hopefully he will do less damage than that fool Carter.

Maybe learn a litt... (Below threshold)
Mac Lorry:
Maybe learn a little about the future of energy and quit being a dupe,a sap, a sucker.

Sounds like good advice; you should take it.

Gracecurl -You see... (Below threshold)

Gracecurl -

You seem very knowledgeable about the future of energy here in the US - what are your views?

Well, I say you seem knowledgeable, it's basically just a ploy to see what you think you know as compared to the reality of the situation facing us.

So what are your thoughts on it?

wow, I guess I never realiz... (Below threshold)

wow, I guess I never realized that creating even MORE unemployment could help the economy.

I'm so sick of this bs. We've got a long term ahead of us, kids. Obama hasn't even been in office a month yet, and he's already ruining peoples lives.

I guess Drill Baby, Drill w... (Below threshold)

I guess Drill Baby, Drill will come back big time in the 2010 campaign.

After all, oil prices can only go higher in the next 18 months.

Maybe then we can get more natural gas as well. It's an excellent source for electricity generation.

Gee, Grace we know what the... (Below threshold)

Gee, Grace we know what the "future" of energy is.

The problem is that "the future" isn't here yet. We need massive advancements in energy storage to buffer non-baseload sources, a smart grid to hook up to all those wind and solar farms for when they reach grid parity, and a charging infrastructure for vehicles to replace the current gas station infrastructure.

The problem is it would be nice if the country didn't sink into a depression while getting there.

We need oil, natural gas and coal NOW. Any radical shock like O is attempting could kill the patient before he is cured.

As a Canadian from Calgary,... (Below threshold)

As a Canadian from Calgary, I am very happy about this. Obama will increase the price of oil, and bring more prosperity to Calgary.

I'm so glad we have a Conservative government up here!






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