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Geithner Needs To Go.

Timothy Geithner needs to step down.

Or, more appropriately, Mr. Obama needs to relieve him of his privilege of serving as Treasury Secretary.

Mr. Obama's statement that you can't have two sets of rules, one for important people, and one for regular people who pay their taxes, rings hallow now that Tom Daschle is out .

The left, which sees no hypocrisy in this, is just smitten with Obama's actions concerning these debacles so far.

The estimable Arianna Huffington, interviewed on MSNBC's Countdown Wednesday night, called it "refreshing" that the President admitted his mistake, while also lauding his superhuman ability to put aside his differences he's had with Mrs. Clinton, holding no grudges. This was juxtaposed with flashbacks to President Bush's news conference where he was asked to name one mistake he had made in his tenure up to that point so far. Nice try.

If you run a business, and have two individuals who committed basically the exact same, let's say, sexual offenses, what would it say about your stewardship if you kicked one to the curb and let one stay on? Would not your judgment be questioned? Would not other workers have the right to question your ability to remain impartial and steady in your decisions? Would not the people who gave you your office, the voters, have the right to demand you take an evenhanded approach to all who have violated the public trust in an administration which you picked?

No one person is more important than the law. That is what we are taught from cradle to grave. This case is no less pertinent.

Both Geithner and Daschle committed crimes. Only one is being admonished for it.

Geithner has to go.


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Comments (15)

When Obamalala was asked if... (Below threshold)

When Obamalala was asked if he would investigate "criminal" activities in the previous administration. He said,"no one is above the law". With his anointed appointed he is making a joke of the process. At least 46% of the voters weren't fooled. Unfortunately, many more were.

No one is above the law. Bu... (Below threshold)

No one is above the law. But some are punished differently than others.

These people avoided paying taxes that are more than many people make and pay taxes on in a year.

A pox on all their houses. And Republicans are not immune from this attitude of "I should be treated differently because I'm a ___ fill in the blank.

Geithner has been confirmed... (Below threshold)

Geithner has been confirmed. He isn't going anywhere....Period. It's a damn shame Daschle withdrew. A damn shame. We need freaking healthcare reform! This grandstanding by republicans is pure bs. When it comes up to re-election, they're going to have to pay the piper for not helping to bring the country out of the mess George Bush created.

Why didn't rethugs call for the impeachment of George Bush? He lied to Congress about weapons of mass destruction to get us into the Iraq War.

Just remember, Eric Holder is in the House!

Holder...Holder ...<p... (Below threshold)

Holder...Holder ...

Hmmm...The Marc Rich pardon rings a bell. So does the reduction of sentence for a bunch of Puerto Rican terrorists. Sounds like the type of credentials a typical dim-witted lefty would attribute to a 'rethug,' eh justice?

Meh - ol' 'justice' ain't worth trying to educate. Seems that it's a mite too stupid to learn.

APB,Just wait and ... (Below threshold)


Just wait and see. Eric Holder....


Obama's apology was worthle... (Below threshold)

Obama's apology was worthless. He said:

"I screwed up in not recognizing the PERCEPTION that even though this is an honest mistake, I believe, on Tom's part, that, you know, ordinary people are out there paying taxes every day and whether it's an intentional mistake or not, it was sending the wrong signal."

So Tom didn't do anything and Obama didn't either. The real problem was that he overestimated his pitiful subjects. He didn't fully appreciate how inadequate their powers of PERCEPTION are. He thought they were capable of understanding that he is virtually infallable. He screwed up in thinking that Americans have enough faith to rely on his omniscience.

What kind of apology is that?

I got a chuckle out of Geit... (Below threshold)

I got a chuckle out of Geitner speaking today lecturing us about "confidence in our financial institutions". It was like a bad SNL skit.

Richardson (impending indictment?), Geitner (tax cheat and liar), Kelifer (nanny/taxes), Daschle (tax cheat II), and now the labor secs got "undisclosed" issues? And what's the deal with Panetta taking $ from defense contractors (just broke this evening)? Oh, and let's not forget the probability of Hillary representing the interests of the US while dealing with people who donated to the Bubba fund, no conflicts there. At least that's what the president said.

His judgement's been so good already what's to worry? How could one guy f*5k up this much in such a short time?

Geithner Needs To Go.-sm</p... (Below threshold)

Geithner Needs To Go.-sm


"Hmmm...The Marc Rich pardon rings a bell."-apb

Yes. Lewis "Scooter" Libby was Marc Rich's friend and lawyer for 15 years. After he, Marc Rich, absconded to Israel, Libby phoned congratulations from Dick Cheney's office in the west wing of the White House. Feel free to google. There was a congressional hearing. Jim Pinkerton (among others) wrote about it.

Allow me. Too good to pass ... (Below threshold)
bryanD - Master of the Shin... (Below threshold)

bryanD - Master of the Shiney Object.

What i find "amusing" is th... (Below threshold)

What i find "amusing" is the talking point that has obviously been sent around dem circles.

I've seen no less than 5 dem "pundits" and "strategists" making the news/talk show rounds say that if Daschle had been nominated first, with Geithner second Daschle would have sailed through as Geithner did.

It would have all been the land of milk and cookies in that case.

It least that's what was cut & pasted into the mush they call brains.

I stand corrected. The Sen... (Below threshold)

I stand corrected. The Senate didn't find Daschle's tax evasion as an "innocent mistake". We never even got that far. But then Obama calls it an "honest mistake"?

I'm still trying to get the new terminology right:

If a Democrat does it, it's an "innocent/honest mistake"

If a Republican does it, it's a "crime"

As far as Justice58 goes ... I don't know why, but it still amazes me every time I cross paths with someone so ignorant, so willfully dishonest.

I really hope Holder/Obamal... (Below threshold)

I really hope Holder/Obamalama investigates GW's administration. What I am sure will come out is how the oversight committees recommended the actions to go to war. You see, the liberals here, mostly Just Ice, doesn't know how the government works. A president can say he is going to go into this country or that with the military all the live long day, but if congress does not approve and appropriate the money, it just can't happen. What an investigation will prove is that the oversight committee members either didn't do their job or they orchestrated the lies. Before you get all giddy about only republicans on the committee, there are plenty of dems also. Careful what you wish for. You just might get it. ww

As I see it, Obama's playin... (Below threshold)

As I see it, Obama's playing with 3 sets of rules - one set of rules for Geithner, one of rules for Daschle, and one set of rules for the rest of us.

In nothing else, Obama's being inconsistent.

The main stream media are v... (Below threshold)

The main stream media are very quick to pass judgement and jump all over,under and on Michael Phelps and the example he is setting to "our children". They are also quick to investigate/pontificate over the mother of the octupelets, as if it's any of their or our business.

Meanwhile, we have a Treasury secretary, in charge of the IRS, who is a tax cheat. Great example for the taxpayers. Oh, wait a minute. He apologized... Never mind.






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