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Must Read Cheney

Politico has a must read piece on Dick Cheney. True to his reputation, Cheney is not backing down and is defending the record of the Bush administration on national security.

The interview, less than two weeks after the Bush administration ceded power to Obama, found the man who is arguably the most controversial -- and almost surely the most influential -- vice president in U.S. history in a self-vindicating mood.

He expressed confidence that files will some day be publicly accessible offering specific evidence that waterboarding and other policies he promoted -- over sharp internal dissent from colleagues and harsh public criticism -- were directly responsible for averting new Sept. 11-style attacks.

Not content to wait for a historical verdict, Cheney said he is set to plunge into his own memoirs, feeling liberated to describe behind-the-scenes roles over several decades in government now that the "statute of limitations has expired" on many of the most sensitive episodes.

His comments made unmistakable that Cheney -- likely more than former President Bush, who has not yet given post-White House interviews -- is willing and even eager to spar with the new administration and its supporters over the issues he cares most about.

Read it all. I know I'll be reading that Cheney memoir as soon as it is published. I have a feeling the American people will have a new appreciation for the fact that Bush-Cheney kept this country safe for eight years when they hear about some of the things that happened behind the scenes.

Update: Jim Hoft reminds us of the evil we are up against with the story of a woman who organized the rape of 80 women so that she could talk them into becoming suicide bombers as the only way to escape shame.


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Comments (16)

Cheney makes excellent poin... (Below threshold)

Cheney makes excellent points. Unfortunately, Obama is so delusional, he probably won't listen.


I almost wish the Dems deci... (Below threshold)

I almost wish the Dems decide to put on some sort of investigation of how the Bush administration prosecuted the Iraq war. It will either be quickly exposed for the exercise in partisan hackery that it is, or the Dems will get their asses handed to them by Cheney, Rice, etc.

Why does Cheyney, to paraph... (Below threshold)

Why does Cheyney, to paraphrase you wingnuts, "hate America."?

Why is Cheyney, to paraphrase you wingnuts, so "unpatriotic""

Why doesn't Cheyney, to paraphrase you wingnuts "support" our president?

Why are so many of you wingnuts, to quote yourselves, "traitors"?

The answer to all the above... (Below threshold)

The answer to all the above of course is: "the shoe is on the other foot."

JFO, apparently you got a w... (Below threshold)

JFO, apparently you got a wedgie from your thong.

Cheney is a self-righteous,... (Below threshold)

Cheney is a self-righteous, egotistical, a$$. He had better things to do in the 60's than go to Nam. He is the epitome of a power and war monger. Just remember the power mad freaks that rule the will show you how little they think you're worth. Cheney has do just that!

I do not agree with some of... (Below threshold)

I do not agree with some of Vice President Cheney's tactics - at least the ones he's stuck with the blame on - like torture and rendition. But I don't doubt his integrity and dedication to trying to prevent the United States from ever being a victim again. Mr. Cheney was an honorable man.

Hey Rick and JFO,T... (Below threshold)

Hey Rick and JFO,

To quote Mr. Cheney, "Go f**k yourselves!"

Chickenhawk Cheney learned ... (Below threshold)
Larry Linn:

Chickenhawk Cheney learned the hard way. Senior Clinton administration officials reportatedly warned their Bush administration counterparts in late 2000 that Al Qaeda posed the worst security threat facing the nation. The Bush administration was slow to act.
They said the warnings were delivered in urgent post-election intelligence briefings in December 2000 and January 2001 for Condoleezza Rice, who became Mr. Bush's national security adviser; Stephen Hadley, now Ms. Rice's deputy; and Philip D. Zelikow, a member of the Bush transition team, among others.

After watching recent event... (Below threshold)

After watching recent events play out, I get the sick feeling that we're going to miss GW greatly in the next 4 years.

Said this before, that this country has shown the knack for having the right person for the right time, in any given situation. Even a cursory look back through our history will bear this out. The stumbles (Carter) merely show us the correct path to take. I still beleive this and conclude that Obama is another stumble.

The fear I feel is that overcoming this stumble may be the hardest task we've yet faced.

Cannot believe the American... (Below threshold)

Cannot believe the Americans will waste their time and money to read Cheney's memoir which will be full of lies. That man planned the war in Iraq for no reason except Haliburton. He never did anything good for his country. Unbelievable he has followers.

Larry Linn try, really try,... (Below threshold)

Larry Linn try, really try, to learn your history. It wasn't until the last days of December that the Bush transition team was allowed in the White House, because Algore was having a hissy fit. Instead of a smooth transition, like the one GW gave Obamalama, a lot of time was wasted because of you liberal I hate the military and myself bunch. ww

Some people in Germany stil... (Below threshold)
gracecurl Author Profile Page:

Some people in Germany still think Hitler was cool.

Is this what happens to the brain when fed a steady diet of Fox News?

Is this what happe... (Below threshold)
Mac Lorry:
Is this what happens to the brain when fed a steady diet of Fox News?

So I take it you didn't watch Obama's first TV interview just because he chose to give it on Fox News. Seems you're just another liberal with a closed mind.

Why does Cheyney, to par... (Below threshold)
James Cloninger:

Why does Cheyney, to paraphrase you wingnuts, "hate America."?

Why is Cheyney, to paraphrase you wingnuts, so "unpatriotic""

Why doesn't Cheyney, to paraphrase you wingnuts "support" our president?

Why are so many of you wingnuts, to quote yourselves, "traitors"?

Why doesn't JFO know how to spell "Cheney"?

James CDamn.....th... (Below threshold)

James C

Damn.....the spell check didn't pick it up. Would you like me to post the whole thing again? I'd be happy to do so. I could just substitute "The Prince of Darkness" for Cheyney [sic].






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