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The Rest of the Sarah Palin Wolf Killer Story

Alaska's aerial hunting policy was explained during the campaign, but either those on the left don't understand it or they do and they just want to score political points against a rising GOP star. I suspect Ashley Judd, who has joined a campaign against aerial hunting, is mainly looking for some free media. (I haven't seen her in anything that wasn't a political ad in quite some time.) For those who need a refresher, Noel Sheppard reminds readers of the reason aerial hunting of wolves is allowed in Alaska and the reason bounties are offered. As shocking as it might be to some, it is not because Sarah Palin is a sadistic bloodthirsty monster.

What's astounding here is that nowhere in the ad is the viewer apprised of why the wolves are being hunted, or the history beyond this policy. Instead, as graphic video rolls of a wolf being shot, Judd says, "Using a low-flying plane, they kill in winter when there is no chance for the wolves to escape."

Ummm...that's the point. After all, the wolves aren't being hunted for sport. They're numbers are being intentionally reduced to increase the population of moose and caribou which Alaskans depend on for food and wolves prey on.

So in these tough economic times Ashley Judd wants to take food off of Alaskan tables? That makes as much sense as those who believe Palin wants to shoot wolves from airplanes for the fun of it.

Noel Sheppard provides a ton of information on the practice including this from the Wildlife Conservation division of the Alaska Department of Fish and Game:

Wolves and bears are very effective and efficient predators on caribou, moose, deer and other wildlife. In most of Alaska, humans also rely on the same species for food. In Alaska's Interior, predators kill more than 80 percent of the moose and caribou that die during an average year, while humans kill less than 10 percent. In most of the state, predation holds prey populations at levels far below what could be supported by the habitat in the area. Predation is an important part of the ecosystem, and all ADF&G wolf management programs, including control programs, are designed to sustain wolf populations in the future.

The Alaska Board of Game approves wildlife regulations through a public participation process. When the Board determines that people need more moose and/or caribou in a particular area, and restrictions on hunting aren't enough to allow prey populations to increase, predator control programs may be needed. Wolf hunting and trapping rarely reduces wolf numbers enough to increase prey numbers or harvests.

Currently, five wolf control programs are underway that comprises about 9.4% of Alaska's land area. The programs use a closely controlled permit system allowing aerial or same day airborne methods to remove wolves in designated areas. In these areas, wolf numbers will be temporarily reduced, but wolves will not be permanently eliminated from any area. Successful programs allow humans to take more moose, and healthy populations of wolves to continue to thrive in Alaska.

Sheppard also provides information about the reason for bounties and some quotes from the Defenders of Wildlife Action Fund website which reveal the motivation behind the current campaign against Palin.

Update: Best anti-Palin site to make people want to vote for Palin.


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Comments (37)

Ashley Judd is a mediocre a... (Below threshold)

Ashley Judd is a mediocre actress, has a reputation for being hard to work with, and appears to be consumed by envy of her more successful relatives. Politics is a natural outlet for such a "celebrity"...to say nothing of the underachieving gender-war feminist woman's typical reaction to the beautiful, traditionally minded, and highly accomplished Governor Sarah Palin.

Regarding wolf hunts: PETA ... (Below threshold)

Regarding wolf hunts: PETA types hate it, hunters abide it, no one else wants to think about it.

Regarding Palin: her job is to erase
from America's collective memory bank.

And here we've been told al... (Below threshold)

And here we've been told all this time that oil wells were killing the caribou.

Considering that her mother... (Below threshold)

Considering that her mother's family is from Kentucky, it's hard to imagine that Judd doesn't have a number of old friends or family members who regularly hunt. She ought to know better. But then again, the longer that one lives in Hollywood, the lower one's IQ seems to become.

I don't hunt, but it is a tradition that runs strongly in my family. When I run across people making the typical "Bambi killer" comments about deer hunting, I simply ask them which they would prefer -- hunted animals, who are (usually) killed instantly and used for food, or animals who die prolonged and agonizing deaths from disease or starvation, their corpses left to rot in the woods or on an open plain?

And bryanD, it's "P-O-T-A-T-O-E". As Mikey from Monsters Inc. says, "If you're going to insult someone, do it properly."

Judd needs to realize that ... (Below threshold)
Pretzel Logic:

Judd needs to realize that there are animal control measures in every state. Most of them are hunting seasons. Regulated from year to year. There are likely measures within 100 miles of the many houses she owns, so she is able to inhabit them every year.

It's amazing that they fact... (Below threshold)

It's amazing that they factored Palin in the ad. Talk about obsession. Does PETA think vegetarians are only dems? They are a stupid bunch.

Judd should have asked why Obama was having a Superbowl Party while Kentuckians were freezing to death. ww

They will seize any excuse ... (Below threshold)

They will seize any excuse to heap more ridicule on Palin.

What's astounding here is t... (Below threshold)

What's astounding here is that nowhere in the ad is the viewer apprised of why the wolves are being hunted, or the history beyond this policy. Instead, as graphic video rolls of a wolf being shot, Judd says, "Using a low-flying plane, they kill in winter when there is no chance for the wolves to escape."
Because the WHY hasn´t much to do with the HOW.
It´s not about WHY, it´s not OH STOP IT, it IS please dont do it THIS WAY...because THIS WAY really sucks. Look at THIS, look at the CRUELTY in THIS KIND OF KILL. Find a better way.
If you must cull, then cull humanely.
Your ignorance and inability to focus on the reason for this exposee is MIND BOGGLING. You, who wrote this article, are as dim as Palin herself. Only stupid people can´t see through a smokescreens, and can´t smell the red herrings, can´t use a bloody searchengine and research the facts for themselves.
How dare you assume we are all as doltish as Palin and her cronies.
You should be ashamed to TRY to take down something noble.

...and Palin should be asha... (Below threshold)

...and Palin should be ashamed to go partying and STALKING OBAMA while 800 people in EMMONAK starve and freeze to death. She hasn´t EVEN VISITED. SHE HAS NOT MENTIONED IT,

Hey, Palin, can you see BRISTOL BAY FROM YOUR HOUSE?

again, michael, this ad is not against HUNTING, many hunters belong to WILDLEFE DEFENDERS, It is against the nature of the kill. AERIAL SHOOTING is NOT HUNTING. Judd´s ad is against aerial preditory practices, NOT HUNTING. You can´t call THAT hunting, it´s an insult to real hunters who respect nature AND their kill.

Deo makes alot of claims wi... (Below threshold)

Deo makes alot of claims with no proof of those claims but expects us to do all the leg for them. Forget it. And apprently Deo and Ashley Juggs want the Alaskian people to starve. After all there was mention of culling humanity. Hate to break it to you Deo, but you wont last very long if you had to fend for yourself. Ive done the research you worthless peon.

Oh and Deo, we dont have to assume you are doltish as Palin. You have proved that you are just as dumb as Joe Biden by your own words. Stay out of Alaska's business and ruin your own communist state.

No, facts...DID THE PEOPLE ... (Below threshold)

No, facts...DID THE PEOPLE OF ALASKA vote to stop it, TWICE? Yes, they did, and the JUDGES, bought and paid for, OVERTURNED the wishes of the people. THEY WENT OVER THE HEADS OF THE ALASKANS who voted NO, STOP NOW.
I have made no claims without substantiation, USE YOUR SEARCH ENGINE, CLUELESS DAVE.
LORI BYRD is truly a birdbrain and you eat the spin like Palin pablum...well, suck it up.
Well done, Ms. Judd...and DEFENDERS of WILDLIFE. BYe, yáll.
notiz=Buh bye bird brain

Perhaps Deo and Ashley can ... (Below threshold)

Perhaps Deo and Ashley can pack up some rifles and gear on a snow machine and go DO IT DIFFERENTLY? They can go out there and hunt for sport instead of slaughter?

I think that sounded like volunteering to DO IT RIGHT to me.

Of course the funny thing i... (Below threshold)

Of course the funny thing is that the opposition is keeping Palin in the public eye, as if that will hurt her political ambitions in the future.

They must be really afraid.

New troll deo is more like ... (Below threshold)
John Irving:

New troll deo is more like DOA. Is any rational person going to try to filter that mishmashed sandpit of mangled English and capslock spasms to see if theres a single nugget of intelligence?

Go hug a wild wolf, deo.

By the people, for the peop... (Below threshold)

By the people, for the people, that is how she is suppose to govern. If Alaskans voted NO to this type of culling, this is what Palin is suppose to represent. If Alaskans themselves find fault in this type of culling, there has to be another way.

People who advocate for wild life do so for ONLY 3 REASONS. 1. The species is close to or at risk of extinction, 2.It is done inhumanely. 3.There is no viable reason for the practice.

No where in the add by Judd, does she condemn Alaskans for hunting to put food on the table. IT IS THE MANNER IN WHICH IT IS DONE.IT IS INHUMANE.

Before you point the finger and say we don't understand,therefore the "need" for "The Rest of the Sarah Palin Wolf KIller Story," we surely do understand. If the caribou are low in numbers, measures should be made to limit the amount of caribou hunt by humans. I am sure caribou is not the only meat Alaskans eat.They have done this in the past for deer where I come from.

There has been relocation programs for different type of preditory animals in the past and instead of her putting a $150 dollar price on their head to kill these wolfs, Let her spend it relocating these animals and giving these men their thrill of the hunt by catching and relocating.

I will go one step further than Judd in saying, only take what we need.We humans are the worst preditors. When are we humans going to realize it is US that cause the extinction of a species. We are destroying the earth by destroying theirs. There is a natural cycle of things and long before we populated any area, the natural course of things was balanced. We are causing extinctions of wild life. We are depleating our natural resourses. We are destroying our rainforests.We are the ones poluting the earth. We have to stop killing the earth because we are killing ourselves.

Deo's posts are so stupid t... (Below threshold)
Mike G in Corvallis:

Deo's posts are so stupid that they have to be the work of a moby. Not even thirteen-year-old "progressives" are that dumb. I picture some fifty-year-old guy cackling over his keyboard, trying to think of creative spellings for expressions of absurdly misplaced sympathies.

Look at THIS, look at the CRUELTY in THIS KIND OF KILL. Find a better way. If you must cull, then cull humanely.

I know! Let's continue to use steel-jaw traps! Or poisoned bait! That'll be so much more humane.

Nearly as humane as what the wolves do to caribou.

And now we have "humane" ch... (Below threshold)
Mike G in Corvallis:

And now we have "humane" chiming in with the same sort of drivel. Ashley Judd must have taken out an ad in Tiger Beat.

"People who advocate for wi... (Below threshold)

"People who advocate for wild life do so for ONLY 3 REASONS. 1. The species is close to or at risk of extinction, 2.It is done inhumanely. 3.There is no viable reason for the practice."

Oh, that is too funny for words. ONLY three reasons? Of course I suppose "no viable reason" could include "meat is murder" and "we don't need to consume animal protein."

Better to limit human consumption?

Oh SURE it is, because it's so much better for the environment and for animals if humans eat feed-lot beef and wolves eat baby caribou.

Humanes motto: Kill Humans.... (Below threshold)

Humanes motto: Kill Humans. Way to go whacko. ww

Rising GOP star? She cost ... (Below threshold)
Jon Marshall:

Rising GOP star? She cost the presidency to McCain and there's people mental enough to call her a rising star?

One word: Dinosaurs.

You know this practice is i... (Below threshold)

You know this practice is illegal, right? If it was so humane, why would the federal government in act the Airborne Hunting Act of 1971? There has been two votes by Alaskans in 1996 and 2000 that BANNED the aerial shooting of wolves. THE PEOPLE OF ALASKA VOTED THE BANNED THEMSELVES. State legislators overturned the will of the people and allowed this practice to continue. The U.S. Congress has been asked to work to pass the PROTECT THE WILDLIFE ACT which will close a loophole in federal law. This loophole from 1971,is what the current legislators of Alaska have used to get around the Federal las and allow the continued shooting of Alaskan wolves and other wildlife from airplanes and helicopters. The bill would amend the Airborne Hunting Act of 1971 and to clarify the conditions in which states can use airplanes and helicopters to aid in the management of wildlife. It bars states from using aerial hunting to artificially boost game species populations, and place a specific, new restriction on inhumane aerial hunting. This violates all principles of fair chase and sound wildlife management.

to mike: steel traps, tainted bait was stopped by people like Defenders of Wildlife who thought those methods inhumane too. if you read my post i said there has to be another way...my opinion is relocating these wolves. it would give people jobs, allow repopulation of the caribou and moose if the counts are in fact low for those who live off the meat, and move the wolves to places where it isn't populated by humans or wild life that are decreasing in numbers.

to synova: in reference to point 3, "no viable reason." i should have clarified, i make reference to people who hunt big game that are on the near extinction list just to add a "head" to the wall, or the sportsman that leaves the animal there to rot in the sun. As far as limiting humans,if the count of caribou and moose is so low, it should be regulated by the government how many caribou can be killed each year per person,and to hold poachers accountable. this is what i ment by limit humans. They regulate the deer hunt where I am from. Having us eat fed-lot beef or hormone injected chickens is another good issue that should be debated.

TO WILD WILLIE: you really need to learn how to read... i did NOT say kill humans,i said by killing the earth and its resourses, we are killing ourselves.

Those who disrespe... (Below threshold)

Those who disrespect Gov. Palin are only disrespecting themselves. If there were a compilation (and there may be somewhere) of all the unprecedented vitriolic slander directed at this absolutely charming intelligent and RESPECTFUL woman, it would deserve a place of honor in a Hall Of Shame.
I have come to the conclusion that certain types of people need scapegoats and sacrificial victims to satisfy some kind of atavistic sadism that compels them to attack what is beautiful and good. Any NORMAL human being, would be able to see that Sarah Palin is a down to earth good person and agree or disagree with her policies and positions, afford the high respect that is her DUE, that she DESERVES, for her honest work on behalf of the American People and her lifelong efforts to live in a loving, intelligent and moral life..

It seems that women and min... (Below threshold)

It seems that women and minorities that dare to be conservative get exceptionally vicious treatment. The biggest fear of those on the left has to be of Democrats losing their dominance among women and minority voters. If Republicans can attract more women and minorities they would be hard to beat. I think that is the reason. Palin was very popular among some voters that would tend to go Dem -- blue collar union workers, for example. She must be defeated and the way they do that is not to attack her on ideas, but to personally slime her. That is why they paint her as a vicious bloodthirsty killer rather than as someone who holds a policy position they disagree with.

Jon Marshall proves himself... (Below threshold)
John Irving:

Jon Marshall proves himself that unique kind of idiot, one who manages to be 180 degrees from the truth the entire time.

Sara Palin was the reason McCain got as much support as he did, and mouthbreathers like Marshall helped with their continuous slander.

Look, we get it, strong conservative women frighten you, now go back to snorting at your trough waiting for Obama to toss some slop your way.

Rising GOP star? SheMcCa... (Below threshold)
James Cloninger:

Rising GOP star? SheMcCain cost the presidency to McCain


Science has proven for deca... (Below threshold)

Science has proven for decades that wolf-hunting harms rather than helps ungulate populations. Wolves predate sickly, old or already dead caribou and moose, and leave the healthy ones who can defend themselves alone. The aerial hunting of wolves only hurts the wolf populations and the reputations of smart, responsible Alaskans

I suggest that Judd and the... (Below threshold)

I suggest that Judd and the DOW bunch go to Alaska, live trap a wolf pack or two, and take them back to Hollywood. I hear wolves make excellent household pets.

John Irving proves himself ... (Below threshold)
Jon Marshall:

John Irving proves himself to be that kind of idiot, one who insults and judges people based on a single statement. The world doesn't have to agree with you, good sir.

Palin fanboys are amusing, I get to stand here in Canada and well....laugh at them.

David,I don't know e... (Below threshold)

I don't know enough about hunting or wolves or caribou or moose to know who is right about the effectiveness of wolf hunting, but at least you are arguing the issue. That is good and adds to the debate -- minus the comment about smart, responsible Alaskans. The attacks on Palin as bloodthirsty and wanting to kill just for the sake of killing are over the top, hysterical and in my opinion, politically motivated.

And re your "smart and responsible Alaskans" comment -- it is possible for even smart, responsible people to be wrong on some issues. Smart, responsible people can disagree even though both sides might have good intentions and valid points. All I know about the issue is what I have read from the Alaska Dept. of Fish and Game and other similar sources. I am happy to consider both sides of the argument, but the attacks on Palin completely change the focus of the debate from one on the issues to one on political motivations and make the Ashley Judds of the world sound more concerned with stopping Palin's political career than with saving wildlife.

KILLING ANYTHING IN A CRUEL... (Below threshold)


Marshall, you made yourself... (Below threshold)
John Irving:

Marshall, you made yourself clear in your first statement. You posted nothing but lies and slander, and are upset when someone calls you out on it.

folks need to realize that ... (Below threshold)

folks need to realize that in Alaska, there are alot of areas of the state that are untouched by man. In a state like Alaska, arial killing is necessary. Anywhere in the lower 48, well now your talking another story... human population hinders such acts. The biggest problem with laws in this country, they are not always made of common sence, but more so by ideals of a world that will never be... perfect.

Those folks at PETA really amaze me. Do they get out of their cars and cry everytime a bug hits their windshields? I mean give me a break. Anyone with common sence knows that The Game and Wildlife Commission is not going to cause wolves to go extinct, and that simply controlling the population is necessary. In a state like Alaska where Moose and Carribue are a big part of everyday human consumption, as beef and chicken are in the lower 48,it really doesnt take to many brains to realize that this is necessary.

But when people lack enough meat in their diets, i guess it affects common sence. Maybe those like Ashley Judd, should go back home to Kentucky and pick a fight with the State of Kentucky for their hunting seasons on deer and other wildlife, while so many of my friends are out of their homes and will be without power for about another 2 to 3 weeks thanks to Mother Nature.

And for anyone that thinks the state of Alaska should hire people to ground hunt these wolves, i have a better idea... put PETA out there with a gun. Can you see it, the visuals are amusing!!!

Anyhow, Sarah, your doing a great job!We've never been more proud of you!!


gee..stick a microphone und... (Below threshold)

gee..stick a microphone under the mouth of some goofy liberal twat and ya get this drivel. She should stick to the casting couch and taking her clothes off for the crew.

Dear John Irving:B... (Below threshold)
Jon Marshall:

Dear John Irving:

Bite me. I'm not upset, I laugh. Palin is laughingstock and deserving of all she got from the media and more.

If she stayed in her hole, she would have avoided all this. But the shotgun wielding dolt from Alaska is now known to the world for what she truly is: An idiot.

There you have it.

Ashley doesnt need "publici... (Below threshold)

Ashley doesnt need "publicity". She is a terrific actress, and has no jealousy of her family members. You obviously dont know her. Palin however, is pissed at the world because she lost. She lost because nobody can take her seriously. She is an idiot. Slaughtering animals is never correct. Get a grip. Dodging issues is never correct either. Sra Palin doesnt even come close to having what it takes to run Alaska, much less our country.

i think its a easy why to h... (Below threshold)
will reas :

i think its a easy why to hunt in alaska

i think its a easy why to h... (Below threshold)
will reas :

i think its a easy why to hunt in alaska






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