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David Ogden: Dirt Bag

Boy, this guy David Ogden, Obama's pick to be Deputy Attorney General is pretty slimy:

From the AP:

Republican senators challenged President Barack Obama's pick for the No. 2 position at the Justice Department, echoing concerns raised by Christian conservatives about his past legal arguments on pornography and abortion.

The AP just had to throw in the "Christian Conservative" label. I don't think you need to be a Christian Conservative to be worried or concerned by some of this man's past actions and defenses of certain, shall we say, questionable elements.

"Ogden has been an activist in support of a right to pornography, a right of abortion and the rights of homosexuals," said Patrick Trueman, a former Justice Department official during the first Bush presidency who is now in private practice.

While a private attorney, Ogden argued on behalf of Playboy and librarians fighting congressionally mandated Internet filtering software."

Honestly, do you have to be a Christian Conservative to be outraged at the fact that this man argued against pornography filtering in public libraries?

From Fidelis.org:

"Ogden's record is nothing short of obscene. He has represented Playboy Enterprises in multiple cases, Penthouse Magazine, the ACLU, and the largest distributor of hard-core pornography videos. He has opposed filters on library computers protecting children from Internet smut, and successfully defended the right of pornographers to produce material with underage children."

"David Ogden has collected checks from Playboy and Penthouse to fight reasonable protections for parents and children from pornography. Ogden even sued the federal government in an attempt to publish Braille versions of Playboy magazine - at taxpayer expense, of course," said Burch.

Whoa.. Braille versions of Playboy? That's a doozy. Use your imagination for that one.

Here's a statement from Mr. Ogden concerning his take on how a woman should feel regarding the psychological feelings of a woman after she's had an abortion.

From Stop The ACLU:

[I]t is grossly misleading to tell a woman that abortion imposes possible detrimental psychological effects when the risks are negligible in most cases, when the evidence shows that she is more likely to experience feelings of relief and happiness, and when child-birth and child-rearing or adoption may pose concomitant (if not greater) risks or adverse psychological effects."

This man is the best Obama could come up with? Dare I say he doesn't hold to traditional American values regarding pornography and abortion, let alone "Christian Conservative" values.

What the hell is Obama thinking? This kind of stuff is more common sense than ideological. Does Obama believe there should not be pornographic filters on PUBLIC library computers?

This type of pick is not a "mistake". It is purposefully done with the intention of pressing outward the traditional boundaries in place which have come to define common decency in America.

These are just a few examples found over the internet in a few minutes time. DO NOT tell me that Obama and his team missed this kind of information about their number 2 pick for AG.


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Comments (35)

Does it come as no surprise... (Below threshold)

Does it come as no surprise? Obama has picked tax cheats, frauds, lobbyists to fill his Cabinet of Cheats.

This is no different, but then again, maybe Obama doesn't mind if his girls are exposed to porn while at the library...so much for his call for an "Era of Responsibility".

Perhaps Mr. Ogden strongly ... (Below threshold)
James H:

Perhaps Mr. Ogden strongly believes in freedom of speech? That's double plus good in my book.

I'm not saying this guy is ... (Below threshold)

I'm not saying this guy is a genius, but to point to his work as a lawyer reflecting his personal opinions is a big stretch, unless he's independently wealthy.

Lawyers seldom choose their clients - clients choose the lawyer. And once you've had success in a certain field, you are considered an expert and word of mouth probably drives more, similar clients your way. I doubt he set out to become a "porn lawyer", but I could be wrong. One tiny success with a somewhat legitimate Playboy suit, and porn purveyors are probably lining up at his door with all kinds of sleazy suits. Hard to turn them away, with their pockets full of all that porn money. And even sleazes deserve representation, or so the bar association says. Do you also think all lawyers defending murderers are pro-murder?

Also, a client pays a lawyer to file suits - unless he's independently wealthy, the lawyer doesn't decide one day that he thinks porn should be accessible through public libraries and files a suit. Some dirtbag paid him good money to file that suit.

So you'll say "but he didn't have to take those cases". But I will point you to the Model Rules of Professional Conduct, to which attorneys are held accountable. They suggest that distaste is not an acceptable reason to refuse a client. So, maybe the guy just isn't anti-porn and is willing to see if freedom of speech can be stretched for his clients for a nice fee.

ABC and John, really, reall... (Below threshold)

ABC and John, really, really far reaching arguments. Come down to the real world. ww

Oh, yeah, and firms tend to... (Below threshold)

Oh, yeah, and firms tend to frown upon their lawyers turning away paying customers with big cases. And by "frown upon", I mean fire.

This guy doesn't exist in a vacuum ruled only by morals, but I hope he deserves this defense. He may very well be the sleaze you think he is. I just didn't think that drawing conclusions from his caseload alone was fair. I apologize in advance if your take on him is correct.

Hey in a free society, adul... (Below threshold)
Paul Hooson:

Hey in a free society, adult citizens should have the full right to view pornography or any other type of book, movie, play or record album if they so wish. It's not up some church or any government bluenose to pick and choose what literature that citizens are allowed to view. This isn't North Korea here.

Patrick Trueman is real piece of work anyway. This government watchdog sorry excuse for a human thinks that he should decide what others are allowed to view. He's the real creepy guy. Maybe if Mr. Trueman was a little more heterosexual, then he would be more attracted and not repulsed from the lovely female form.

PLAYBOY and PENTHOUSE are both pretty respectable magazines. I don't see a thing wrong with either one. Both have offered some fine journalism in addition to some pretty fine nude pictorials, that are sometimes quite artistic. Some human bodies are a real work of art, unlike creeps like Truman who believes that the human body is evil or some work of sin. That screwball.

I used to write and sing lead for a controversial punk rock band in the late 70's and I've had my share of censorship battles. And I performed a show with Frank Zappa's band before, and Mr. Zappa had to fight music censorship legislation in Congress headed by Tipper Gore and some other senators wives falsely claiming to be concerned mothers. The fact of the matter is that both Democrats and Republicans have been big time sissies in this country in regards to defending the First Amendment and kissing the religious right leaders' ring fingers instead. If some new Justice Department figure means to get government out of the regulation of literature business, then more power to him. Government has no business there.

If there's one thing in life that I can't stand, it's censorship morons like Trueman or Orrin Hatch who want to pick and choose literature for everyone else. When did God appoint them this job?

The Bill Of Rights is supposed to guarantee freedom of speech, freedom of religion, and freedom of assembly.

If you don't like the books, movies, plays or record albums that others make, then make your own for God sake. Don't try to ban the works of others who took the effort to be creative and produce something.

Mark my words. This will be... (Below threshold)

Mark my words. This will be the worst president ever.

abc, perhaps you've heard o... (Below threshold)

abc, perhaps you've heard of the word "no."

Several years ago, right after the dot-com crash, when programmers were scrambling to find any kind of work, a friend of mine was offered a very nice five-figure contract to write SQL code and set up a database for a website - an adult website. Despite being desperate for work, he politely said "no." He wasn't desperate enough to compromise his principles.

Mr. Ogden's clientele actually speaks volumes about his moral integrity. Even though adult magazine and video producers and distributors operate legally, it doesn't mean that their product isn't immoral or harmful. I don't think that an advocate of immorality as assistant AG is what most Americans had in mind when they voted for hope and change.

On the lighter side, it's too bad JayTea isn't around anymore; he could have regularly referred to him as "David Ogden Stiers".

hooson - "The Bill Of R... (Below threshold)

hooson - "The Bill Of Rights is supposed to guarantee freedom of speech, freedom of religion, and freedom of assembly."

Show me in that document where a publicly owned building, i.e. a library, is required to provide access to any type of porn and while doing so very possibly give access to minor children.

Marc, I would also add chil... (Below threshold)

Marc, I would also add child pornography to that. Or how about the woman purposely strung out on drugs and then forced to perform so they can take care of their habit. Paul is for that, you see.

Paul, next time you are watching a movie, yell fire and see what happens. Putz. ww

Paul Hooson's position (pos... (Below threshold)
Mac Lorry:

Paul Hooson's position (post #6) is that of most male liberals. The majority of the American's who voted last November elected Obama, who is arguably the most liberal man to hold that office. It shouldn't surprise anyone that important government positions are being filled by liberals.

A little arsenic in food goes undetected, yet sickens and then kills those who eat it. However, too much arsenic in the food causes those who eat it to vomit up the poison and become alert to those doing the poisoning. The best hope for the nation is that it receives too much liberalism and vomits it up in 2010 and 2012. Maybe the best strategy for conservatives is to let Obama have more rope.

Re #8 - Hmmm, I see the [s]... (Below threshold)

Re #8 - Hmmm, I see the [s] (strikethrough) tag works in preview but not when you post a comment.

It should have read "David Ogden (strikethrough) Stiers", reminiscent of JayTea's "William Jefferson (strikethrough) Clinton."

Yet more pearl-clutching. R... (Below threshold)

Yet more pearl-clutching. Rupert Murdoch is waist-deep in hard core pornography through Dish and Sky networks, and who knows where else. I think "Christian conservatives" should tend to the mote in their own eye regarding the defacto acquiesence of their own party to the abortion industry in the US. And the "adult entertainment" industry. But of course, both "causes" are only fodder for the booboisie as an election gimmick. Thus the trump card of Library Hygiene. Give me a break. Kids play games and watch Youtube. Girls get their thrills perusing/responding to guys at Rupert's Myspace-Facebook. Which can be dangerous, but it's Rupert's so let's talk about Hugh Hefner's cow farm called Playboy. Which is much less of a turn-on than Elle, IMO. NiCe AdS!

Marc, certainly I believe i... (Below threshold)
Paul Hooson:

Marc, certainly I believe in the protection of children from exposure to certain materials not appropriate for their age group or exploitation. However, Mr. Trueman's record is pretty clear with regard to adults. This guy doesn't believe that adults no matter how much education or how wealthy they are, are simply intelligent enough to pick and choose what books, movies, plays or record albums they desire to view. Mr. Trueman wants to decide for them. And knotheads like Orrin Hatch and a few others also think the same as well and want to control what you can view on the Internet and elsewhere. Mr. Hatch has written some pretty pathetic argument pieces in favor of rampant government censorship in the Moonie cult owned WASHINGTON TIMES newspaper before to prove what a crank this guy is on government censorship issues.

And it's completely outrageous for any source such as Fidellis.org to even suggest that under-aged performers are used in industry produced adult content. There are very strict 2257 record keeping laws required by government to certify that every adult entertainment is at least 18 years of age, although most industry companies only use performers over the age of 21 for roles that involve modeling, dancing or acting in adult entertainment productions. Lawyers for these companies hold regular meetings with federal authorities to be sure that the companies that they represent are in full compliance with all laws meant to protect children. And further, legitimate adult companies belong to an organization that reports any examples of child sex abuse or exploitation to federal authorities from some private creep operating out of some apartment in Russia or somewhere creepy.

The adult entertainment industry has no interest in the sexual abuse or exploitation of children, and has turned over any evidence of some private creeps who engage in such outrageous activities to law enforcement or postal authorities. The adult entertainment industry is a legitimate industry with a business trade organization, AVN, and other business organizations and holds regular trade shows in Las Vegas each year. It is a legal and law abiding industry. Any attempts to smear this industry with false claims of child abuse are simply outrageous.

Wildwillie and Mac, I've be... (Below threshold)
Paul Hooson:

Wildwillie and Mac, I've been a businessman since the age of 23, and I know a great deal about how certain industries operate and their trade organizations. I've owned record, book and TV repair shops, and now own real estate properties I acquire and rent for profit.

I know for a fact that in California, any film company including the adult ones, have to purchase production insurance and meet with numerous state regulations and public inspections of their productions. It is plain stupid to suggest that actors on drugs are walking around on these sets. This is a legitimate business industry like any other, and in fact more regulated than most other business is.

The last thing the adult entertainment wants are scandals, so testing for sexually transmitted diseases as well as many other safeguards are in place in this industry.

I might think that most of what they produce are boring crap and always the same old "in and out" thing. But heck, if someone wants to watch a film with their sweetheart to spice up their love life, then more power to them. Many marriage counselors find nothing wrong with such materials and sometimes encourage couples with frigid love lives to view such films as a couple.

I personally subscribe to PLAYBOY magazine myself because it's a pretty good magazine, along with other magazines I enjoy like motorcycle, auto, news and political magazines. In a free country, you should have the right to read what magazine you want. I have no problem at all defending PLAYBOY. It's a great magazine. I think it's pretty sissy when PLAYBOY is attacked myself. But I guess some guys out there aren't too heterosexual or something and don't like females much. But in my case, I'm 53 and have a beautiful 28 year old blonde girlfriend because I love beautiful women myself. But to each their own, I guess.

hooson - "Marc, certain... (Below threshold)

hooson - "Marc, certainly I believe in the protection of children from exposure to certain materials not appropriate for their age group or exploitation."

Dams sure can't tell that by avoiding the question posed.

Holy Crap Hooson! Have you ... (Below threshold)

Holy Crap Hooson! Have you ever commented on a post where you haven't mentioned you were in a Punk Rock Band in the 70's, I think we got it you were in a punk rock band in the 70's, you want us to ask for your autograph, I mean after all you were in a rock band in the 70's. Hey everyone! Paul Hooson was in a punk rock band in the 70's.

bryanD - "Give me a bre... (Below threshold)

bryanD - "Give me a break. Kids play games and watch Youtube. Girls get their thrills perusing/responding to guys at Rupert's Myspace-Facebook. Which can be dangerous,

Yepper, they sure can, you acknowledge that at least.

But they all come under the category of parental guidance and control. Something that can be circumvented if, or when that type of material is allowed to be provided within a publicly owned building.

Chip - "Paul Hooson was... (Below threshold)

Chip - "Paul Hooson was in a punk rock band in the 70's."

And a unicorn wrangler 'til this day.

Paul constantly recited his... (Below threshold)

Paul constantly recited his resume I guess in hopes of impressing us.

Paul, the government has very strict tax laws, but look at the scandals. The government has very strict SEC laws and look what happened. You sure are trusting of the porn industry. ww

Wildwillie, no my personal ... (Below threshold)
Paul Hooson:

Wildwillie, no my personal opinion is that many of the persons in adult entertainment industry aren't living the sort of lives they should be. But it's for no one to judge but God himself. When people don't live right they bring judgment upon themselves by their own actions.

But I'm personally very happy to have my young and hot 28 yearold blonde girlfriend give me all of the "adult entertainment" I can handle. I'd recommend this to any redblooded guy here. Get yourself a hot young girlfriend with a smokin' body. This is even better than motorcycles or fast cars for a guy in his 50's like me.

abc, that's all fine and da... (Below threshold)

abc, that's all fine and dandy. Now explain to us how this type of resume translates into a good AG representing the interests of the general public? You know, that body of people consisting largely of non-porn industry type folks....

Paul Hooson,I'm no... (Below threshold)
Mac Lorry:

Paul Hooson,

I'm not disputing the fact that the adult entertainment industry is a big legal industry, but like the tobacco industry, opponents use the potential harm to children as a way to curb such industries. Republicans have had a hard time winning over young women in the last several elections, so I see the Obama administration appointing a guy who will fight for porn in public libraries as ultimately a good thing if it helps the nation overdose on liberalism and then vomit it up.

Obama stopping domestic drilling will be another plus for Republicans when gas hit's $4 a gallon again. Obama's green energy will be another plus for Republicans when heating and electric bills increase drastically. It won't be long and Obama and democrats will go to war with America's law abiding citizens by imposing draconian gun control in spite of the 2nd amendment guarantee of an individual's rights. Obama and democrats have plans to take away the tax deductibility of IRA and 401(k) plans, which will further alienate working Americans. Obama is even making noise about changing Social Security less than 4 years after he and other democrats said is was financially sound. Just keep the liberal agenda coming and the American people will vomit democrats out of office and give Republicans a solid mandate to repeal their nonsense and make restitution for the damage done.

"Rupert Murdoch is waist... (Below threshold)

"Rupert Murdoch is waist-deep in hard core pornography through Dish and Sky networks, and who knows where else."

And one has to pay for it in the privacy of their own home.

Imagine bringing your children to the public library and while you and your 7 year old daughter are looking for "Bambi" you get the distinct privilege of passing by a bank of computer monitors, and there for all to behold is some creepy guy viewing beaver shots on one of the computers ... because he has a right you know!

Will you be making another trip to the library very soon? I doubt it.

Paul, how does freedom of speech translate into the right to get your porn free on library computers, courtesy of the US government? Since when is not providing the soap box considered "censorship"? You're going off on a tangent. Perhaps to give you another opportunity to tell us about your accomplishments again, perhaps because you can't stay on focus, who knows. But your little rant has nothing to do with porn on library computers or fighting for the right to take nude pictures of your neighbor's teenage daughter without her parent's consent.

Mac, actually the porn indu... (Below threshold)
Paul Hooson:

Mac, actually the porn industry is in serious economic problems as of recently. DVD sales are way down as a result of the world wide recession. In California, some large insurance companies recently decided to stop offering production insurance, halting many filming schedules until replacement companies could be found in order to comply with state laws. And many guys surf for free porn on the Internet on sites such as PornTube, etc., hurting the revenues of some large companies such as Hustler, which recently decided to drop digital rights management of it's pay for download videos according to an AVN industry news release.

Larry Flynt, of HUSTLER, and Joe Francis, of GIRLS GONE WILD, have both recently suggested, but probably not seriously, that the adult industry needs a $5 billion dollar bailout from the government to survive.

Add to all of this the legal problems by a few selective prosecutions on obscenity charges of a few major film producers such as Max Hardcore(Paul Little) or Extreme Associates by the Justice Department under Bush, where some major film companies have lost their assets to the government, executives are in federal prisons, or legal bills are running into the hundreds of thousands of dollars, and many adult companies are simply throwing in the towel and quitting the business.

America will never be awash in a sea of adult entertainment because it only has limited appeal to a small audience, and who seldom spend much money on the material. Few adult entertainment businesses have lasted more than a few years. PLAYBOY is the big exception. Both PENTHOUSE and HUSTLER are hurting financially big time. PENTHOUSE was sold a few years when money got tight and is not the same magazine it once was.

The fact of the matter is that better quality books and movies will always outsell and be more popular than a few dirty ones. Dirty ones are a curiosity to the public. But they soon tire of that stuff, and look for better quality entertainment. Even in Europe with virtually no obscenity laws compared to the U.S., few persons but some tourists even bother to buy much of the adult material available there because it's really a bunch of cheaply produced crap meant only to make a buck and hardly worthwhile to spend perfectly good money on.

Even when I owned some bookstores in the early 80's and sold a few popular magazines, a more mainstream magazine like PLAYBOY far outsold the more raunchy titles like HUSTLER. Hard stuff will never outsell the mainstream stuff that is more tame. The market is just that way. The same is true for rap music. The more mainstream stuff will never outsell the raunch stuff.

The important word not comm... (Below threshold)

The important word not commented on about the libraries is "mandated". Even librarians don't want the government telling them what to do.

Hey, a major typo above. I ... (Below threshold)
Paul Hooson:

Hey, a major typo above. I meant to say that the mainstream stuff will always outsell the raunchy stuff. I got interrupted by a charity call, made a donation, and lost my train of thought.

But fair warning here. When someone runs a pro-censorship post, I'll be there to defend free speech. That issue is big passion of mine.

Just mention censorship, motorcycles, rock music or a few other passions, and it's like throwing red meat in my cage. Good night to all and God bless.

Man these "conservat... (Below threshold)
gracecurl Author Profile Page:

Man these "conservatives" "doth protest too much".

I'll bet the loudest voice, from the above comments, protesting with the biggest word count has a stash of tranny videos hidden out in the garage.

Paul Hooson,Please... (Below threshold)
Mac Lorry:

Paul Hooson,

Please, no more information about the porn industry. I concede that you're a porn expert.

My point on this thread is that conservatives need to let Obama and the democrats impose their liberal ideas on mass. I believe that only a minority of Americas will approve of such a rapid shift toward liberalism and that if the economy is not running in high gear by 2012, the voters will sweep Obama and democrats out of office.

"Holy Crap Hooson! Have you... (Below threshold)

"Holy Crap Hooson! Have you ever commented on a post where you haven't mentioned you were in a Punk Rock Band in the 70's,"-chip

As a site author, it's recommended that some personal background by filled in, so as to avoid the inevitable assumption by the reader otherwise, that the author is some kind of unfit person with Asperger's Syndrome.
Paul passes the test by exhibiting the most personality of all the contributors here. His cautionary mentioning and re-mentioning of his motor scooter accident was rather endearing, when it could have easily have sunken to bathos in the hands of _, _, _, or _.

As for the Paul's punk rock band thing: pretty cool. And Zappa! Elvis AND the Beatles credit the Rueben and the Jets album with giving them a re-invigorating kick in the ass. And the live album (the one with "titties and beer") was a barracks favorite.

" there for all to behold is some creepy guy viewing beaver shots on one of the computers ... because he has a right you know!
Will you be making another trip to the library very soon? I doubt it."-oyster

I go to libraries all the time and have never seen anyone looking at pornographic images. I saw one guy looking at some kind of classified ads site featuring other guys fully clothed. And I've seen TONS of women and teenage girls looking at pages featuring older guys with moustaches. (heh-heh!) Again, fully clothed.
Horny boys get all their eyeballs can handle at school, anyway. They don't need help. Every guy reading this remembers having to walk with their books IN FRONT of them on occasion back in the day (heh-heh!).

"Will you be making another trip to the library very soon? I doubt it."-oyster

No imaginary wanker is going to keep me from checking out such books as
"Romans and Aliens" by J.P.V.D.Balsdon (U. of N.C. Press)

Ain't. Gonna. Happen.

"No imaginary wanker is ... (Below threshold)

"No imaginary wanker is going to keep me from checking out such books as
"Romans and Aliens" by J.P.V.D.Balsdon (U. of N.C. Press)"

Probably so, but will you bring your children?

Good observation. I too wr... (Below threshold)
Whoa.. Braille ver... (Below threshold)
Dodo David:
Whoa.. Braille versions of Playboy? That's a doozy. Use your imagination for that one.
Oh, so that is what Robin Hood's faithful blind servant Blinkin was reading.

[If you don't get it, then watch the movie Robin Hood: Men in Tights .]

If after reading all the co... (Below threshold)
Ziggy in JC:

If after reading all the comments regarding the right of free porn speech, then I would guess all the liberals here would not support any form of " Fairness Doctrine".

The critique of AP using "C... (Below threshold)

The critique of AP using "Chritian Conservative" is fair. the actual objection to Ogden not so much. He was a lawyer doing his job and stretching his work to his personal view is a logical stretch.

BTW, I am by no means a left-wing liberal and don't have to be to think that filtering the internet is a bad concept. I disagree with some of the work his done in other areas but I also happen to agree with some.

Having been in a business where we sold anti-porn filters as a business I would have loved such a law. Problem was the original law was so horribly bad (it left the definition of pornography up to the librarians--who could determine a site like Wizbang was porn for not towing the liberal line) we actually opposed it. It was a bad law.






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