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Ginsburg Hospitalized for Pancreatic Cancer Surgery

AP is reporting:

Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg has undergone surgery for pancreatic cancer, apparently at an early stage.

The court said the 75-year-old Ginsburg had the surgery Thursday at the Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center in New York. She will remain in the hospital for seven to 10 days, said her surgeon. Dr. Murray Brennan. This was according to a release issued by the court.

Ginsburg, a justice since 1993, had colon cancer earlier in her tenure.

The cancer was discovered during a routine, annual exam late last month at the National Institutes of Health in Bethesda, Md.

The court said a CAT scan revealed a tumor measuring about 1 centimeter across the center of the pancreas.

Hat tip: Texas Fred.


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Comments (12)

This is a horrible diagnosi... (Below threshold)

This is a horrible diagnosis as Pancreatic cancer maybe the toughest to beat.

God be with you Justice Ginsberg. My family and I will say a special prayer for you.

Prayers for Justice Ginsber... (Below threshold)
DJ Drummond:

Prayers for Justice Ginsberg.

Any of the court seats most... (Below threshold)
Paul Hooson:

Any of the court seats most likely to change during a four or eight year Obama Administration are the seats seen as on the liberal wing, so it won't change the ideology of the court. But if Democratic presidential control extends beyond that time, then the court could have an ideological shift.

Thank you kindly for the li... (Below threshold)

Thank you kindly for the link back!! :)

It may have have been only ... (Below threshold)
Steve Crickmore:

It may have have been only the inauguration cold but none of the justices looked particularly alert at the ceremony, from Chief Justice Roberts down..Ginsburg looked sick and Clarence Thommas" the greatest living public conservative", according to Bill Kristol was customarily asleep.". Zoom down in this neat photo, to the Supreme Court Justices, just behind Obama.
notiz=Stay on topic.

Wishing Ms. Ginsburg the ve... (Below threshold)
Aye Chihuahua:

Wishing Ms. Ginsburg the very best for a complete recovery and speedy return to the bench.

I pray she is pain free. Li... (Below threshold)

I pray she is pain free. Liberals Steve and Paul, have you no decency? ww

My Dad died of pancreatic c... (Below threshold)

My Dad died of pancreatic cancer. I would not wish that on my worst enemy.

Cool link, Steve. Cheney's ... (Below threshold)

Cool link, Steve. Cheney's footwear appears to be from the Ilsa Koch Collection.

Clarence Thommas (sic)..... (Below threshold)

Clarence Thommas (sic)...customarily asleep.

Could've been a comment on the less-than-mesmerizing speech.

"I would not wish that on m... (Below threshold)

"I would not wish that on my worst enemy."

Agreed. I lost my Dad to pancreas cancer 10 years ago, and his was a very difficult and painful death.

I pray that the surgery is successful and that follow-up chemo takes care of anything that may have already metastasized.

We knew that Obama could have a Supreme Court pick during his first year ... it looks like it will be Ginsberg who resigns first. Since this is a "second strike" with regard to cancer, I would imagine that her prognosis may not be good. Again, my prayers go out to her and her family.

And Democrat judges -- make sure you spend some extra money on a good accountant this tax season.

Wildwillie, I didn't addres... (Below threshold)
Paul Hooson:

Wildwillie, I didn't address the health issue of Justice Ginsberg. I only addressed the fact that if she resigned from the court due to health reasons, or Justice Stevens due to age, that will not change the ideological balance on the court, nothing more. Certainly I wish her well with her health problems.






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