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Hey, Kwame. You just got out of prison. What are you gonna do now?

Move to the most affluent neighborhood in the country!

Kwame Kilpatrick left Detroit on a privately chartered jet Tuesday for an affluent Texas bedroom community that is the antithesis of the city that he must repay $1 million for the text message scandal.

The Free Press has learned that the ex-mayor's family has settled into a red brick, 2,800-square-foot rental home in Southlake, a suburb of Ft. Worth in northeast Tarrant County, near the Dallas-Ft. Worth airport. Forbes.com recently dubbed it "the most affluent neighborhood in the country."

Bryson Sinor, a neighbor, said Monday of Carlita Kilpatrick and the couple's three sons: "She's delightful, and the boys are nice," adding, "I haven't met the husband yet."

No, you wouldn't have. He was still in prison.

Still undisclosed is what job Kwame Kilpatrick is supposed to interview for today as he seeks to build a new life following his perjury pleas and jail term, which ended Tuesday.

The Kilpatricks will find a community very unlike Detroit.


• From 2005 to 2007, Southlake had an average median household income of $172,945. Detroit's average median household income was $29,109.

• The median value of owner-occupied homes in Southlake was $425,500. Detroit's median value was $89,500.

• Southlake was 94% white and 3% black. Detroit was 10% white and about 83% black.

Former Mayor Rick Stacy, reached while golfing Tuesday afternoon, said Southlake "is just a pleasant little town."

It may not be a pleasant little town for long. The hip hop mayor who threw wild parties with strippers is coming to your town to look for a job.

How is Kwame paying for this house in the most affluent neighborhood in the country when he's unemployed and owes the city of Detroit $1 million? What about the privately chartered jet? If they're gifts, he will have to declare them on his taxes. Heck, he might as well not declare them and win seat in Obama's cabinet.


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Just remember with all of S... (Below threshold)

Just remember with all of Southlake's McMansions, a 2800 sq ft house is a shack. Housing is cheap in Texas.

I remember driving down a road in Southlake a few years back and wondering why they were putting up a hotel in a residential area. It was just another home. A very big home.

"Hey, Kawme, you just got o... (Below threshold)
Eneils Bailey:

"Hey, Kawme, you just got out of prison, What are you going to now."


And stick up some convenience stores in the area.

"The hip hop mayor who thre... (Below threshold)

"The hip hop mayor who threw wild parties with strippers is coming to your town to look for a job."

If Kwami feels the need to burn money, hiring strippers is the safe (and after 20 minutes, boring) way to do it. Instead, he could be cruising around town looking for girls playing hookie from junior high school, so let's keep things in perspective here.

As for the Metroplex dealing with some Motor City Mac or something: have you seen Cowboy Cab? It's a cab service out of Dallas. It's been 8 years ago, so maybe things have changed, maybe it was a full moon, but: CRAZY JAMAICAN MUTHAZ!

"an affluent Texas bedroom ... (Below threshold)

"an affluent Texas bedroom community"

What, Rev. Jeremiah Wright's 95% white, million-dollar-home neighborhood didn't have anything available?

It never ceases to amaze me that the people who are first to cry "RACISM!!!" and "U-S-of-KKK" are also the first to seek refuge in a neighborhood of rich white people.

That gig as mayor must have... (Below threshold)

That gig as mayor must have paid real well.

Change is to was in the fir... (Below threshold)

Change is to was in the first paragraph.

Maybe he can get a job in O... (Below threshold)

Maybe he can get a job in Obama's administration. He would at least be easier to vet.

Southlake is baby shit comp... (Below threshold)
Baron Von Ottomatic:

Southlake is baby shit compared to Highland Park. Forbes is off their rocker...

I work in Southlake and I'v... (Below threshold)
Tom Kelly:

I work in Southlake and I've never seen a home of less than 4000 square feet (most are well over 5000). Are you sure he's not in Grapevine next door?

Highland Park has a lot of nice homes but they also have a lot of old cottages occupied for decades by people who couldn't possibly afford them now.

He says he is seeking emplo... (Below threshold)

He says he is seeking employment and has a good shot at landing a job from a Dallas area employer. For someone so wrapped in scandal that seems a stretch.

Knowing a little about Detroit politics, you can bet the offer is from someone who has benefitted from the largesse of Kwame's corrupt political machine. No one would want to rehabilitate that crook unless it could mean more largesse in the future.

Betcha it is a company tied to Compuware that benefitted from an extremeley favorrable tax deal to move from the suburbs to the city of Detroit several years back.

Tom,That's kind of... (Below threshold)
Baron Von Ottomatic:


That's kind of my point. You can't even sniff HP unless you're willing to pony up at least a million dollars for a "cottage". The median home price is double that in Southlake.






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