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Melt the Phones!

The Hill reports that Senator Reid has two Republicans voting for the stimulus which means passage of the $900 billion boondoggle.

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) told reporters Thursday that he has enough votes to pass a more than $900 billion stimulus bill out of the Senate.

Reid said he believes at least two Republicans of "good will" would support the Democratic-crafted package.

"Do we have the votes? I believe we do," said Reid, who expects a final vote on the package will be held on Thursday.

It appears the stimulus would attract only a few GOP votes, however, and Senate Democratic leaders distanced themselves from earlier hopes that the economic recovery could draw more Republican support.

Michelle Malkin has been told that these are the four wobbliest Republicans. Call them and tell them to vote against the bill. We are at the precipice. We must push back. Melt the phones!

Collins (202) 224-2523

Snowe (202) 224-5344

Voinovich (202) 224-3353

Specter (202) 224-4254

Light up these senators' phones and tell them to get a spine and vote NO. It's irresponsible to vote for this bill.

Lorie adds: This comment was just forwarded to me via email:

I've been calling Senator Specter's office (PA) asking him NOT to support the stimulus bill. They told me today that he is planning to support the bill "provided that the programs in the bill will do more to stimulate the economy". What a cop-out! I explained to the staff member on the phone that since the vast majority of programs to receive funding in this massive funding bill DO NOT stimulate the economy, his answer *should* be that he will NOT support this bill. Please people, continue to call Senator Specter in Pennsylvania and urge him not to support the bill! (202) 224-4254.

Update: A reader emails:

The only things that Obama & Pelosi intend to stimulate thru the "stimulus" package are the re-election of Obama and the election of additional Democrats to Congress.
  • That's why nearly all the 2009 stimulants are political payoffs/paybacks.
  • That's why most of the economic stimulants are deferred & missing from 2009; let it tank...it's still close enough to 2000-08 that they can "blame George Bush"
  • That's why the timing for most economic stimulants is set for 2010-2012.

Why would any Republican Senator go along with this?

Excellent question.


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Comments (6)

Collins, spectre and Snowe.... (Below threshold)
retired military:

Collins, spectre and Snowe. What did you expect?

I beleive these guys are in... (Below threshold)

I beleive these guys are in blue states and know They are out a job if they vote against this.

Use overnight Fed Ex to sen... (Below threshold)

Use overnight Fed Ex to send brooms to them, letting them know that we will sweep them out of office next election if they vote for this!

Screw Reid, he lied about t... (Below threshold)

Screw Reid, he lied about the war being "lost," for that reason alone his mutterings should be ignored until proof positive is shown to be true.

Besides, I'll raise his two Repubs with a newly elected Dem Senator "that's trying to slash $100 billion from the stimulus package."

Yeah, I agree w/ Marc--why ... (Below threshold)

Yeah, I agree w/ Marc--why would anyone believe Reid about anything?

The Collins-Nelson gang has... (Below threshold)

The Collins-Nelson gang has a series of cuts up to around $100 billion that would bring the final bill back down to $800 billion. With that, Snowe, Collins, Specter and Voinovich WILL vote for it. No amount of calls to them will stop - they are from blue states. Same goes for Ben Nelson (from a red state but a Democrat).






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